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12th Dec 2010, 22:45
Hi troops,

Could one of you learned gentlemen point me in the right direction as to where it states that new equipment purchased from the USA issued with a 8130-3 may be installed into UK registered aircraft in lieu of an EASA Form 1.

I recall reading some years back about a JAR/EASA Form 1 "or acceptable equivalent" but cannot remember where.

The price difference between buying new in the USA and in the UK is quite remarkable but getting an EASA Form 1 is not always that simple, almost as difficult as trying to get an answer out of our AMO. ;)

Thanks for any assistance.


13th Dec 2010, 01:19
Take a look here:


13th Dec 2010, 03:38
Take a look at this AIRCOM it might help:

AIRCOM 2010/05: Changes to the U.S. Federal Regulations Regarding Export Certificates of Airworthiness | Publications | CAA (http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=33&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=detail&id=4074)

13th Dec 2010, 06:42
If you can't achieve a additional FORM ONE (sometimes the certificates are possible, but only on request), then the FAA 8130-3 needs a dual release. In field 19 (18) the point: "Other Regulation specified in block 13 (12) " must be marked and in field 13 (12) of the Form.
In Field 13 (12) the wording: " [Name of repair station] certifies that the work specified in Blocks 12 and 13 was performed in accordance with EASA part 145 approval and with respect to that work, the aircraft component is considered ready for release to service under EASA approval number [insert number].

In both cases need the MRO/MAN also a EASA-Rating.

This also works the other way round, so a FORM ONE-part can be installed on N-Reg. A/C with a dual release and a FAA remark in Field 12(13).

Weekly Leaks
13th Dec 2010, 08:30
New equipment from USA does not need dual release FAA 8130-3; only repaired (maintained items)

13th Dec 2010, 08:47
Form 1(dual release) is only required if the part is used.
You can get all the relevant info regarding the acceptance of FAA Form 8130 in CAP 562 Leaflet 1-12.

Weekly Leaks
13th Dec 2010, 14:17
Or MIP-G here (http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/repair/become/media/MIP_Guidance_MIP-G.pdf) (page 10, para 11)

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