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2nd Dec 2010, 18:24
Can any Qantas pilot please shed some light on the loading on QF64 on 4 December. I'm hoping to ID travel on this flight for some R&R.

I'm aware of the embargo on Qantas flights, but according to the information I received from the company I fly for there is no embargo on this specific route.

Thank you in advance

2nd Dec 2010, 19:47
5 first
1 Business
1 Prem Eco
0 Econ (including over sold factor)

3 people listed 2 of which have access to 1st class.

This from staff travel site which is not always to be believed.

2nd Dec 2010, 20:20
Thank you Capt SNAFU,

Now it's up to the standby gods...:ugh:

PS: Any change for the figures on the 5th? I promise that's the last request

2nd Dec 2010, 20:47
The embargo was lifted a few days ago. The seats on the 5th are only slightly better with 4 staff of standby. Good luck!

2nd Dec 2010, 20:56
Thank you Capt SNAFU and Offchocks, much appreciated