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28th Nov 2010, 18:21
Qantas appears hell bent on destroying the brand, reducing every aspect of it's operation to low cost carrier quality whilst retaining its mad mad mad over the top pricing.


Recently flew to Singapore on QF and a mate flew Singapore Airlines. He flew business return for the same price that I flew premium economy ONE WAY !!!

I then flew Air Asia on a brand new A320 to Indonesia for $ 90 singapore dollars


Domestic checkin is now below the standard of any airline I have ever seen with the whole automated crap. Its terrible, frustrating, and if u r a paying Qantas club member your lining up with everyone else to get to a real human. Even Jetstar has proper checkin. This is the last straw for me.


What can I say, they have destroyed their reputation for safety. Nobody believes the spin, too many serious coincidences, I believe because of the erosion of quality maintenance overall e.g. third world maintenance.


Seriously -- who designed that dinosaur......Telstra ??????

Qantas Club:

Same old food every day with just no variation. Breakfast -- no variation just crap. For gods sake don't server the camanbert straight from the fridge so we need a chainsaw to cut it. What happened to our priority checkin that we pay so dearly for ? You say it's there but it's not.

Dear Qantas,

I just want to let you know that I have been a loyal customer for many years, but the reasons that I fly with you are being eroded so quickly, as the quality of your competitors operations increases rapidly. You are so bad that I couldn't even send you an email to tell you this because you hide your email addresses from your clients, and I don't do web mail forms on hard to use web sites.

dragon man
28th Nov 2010, 18:59
You are correct. Day by day the brand slips further. Started by Darth finished by Joyce. KPIs and bonus's are all that matter. In 10 years there willl be little if anything left. Very sad. Will be the stuff for case studies in how not to run a business.

Jack Ranga
28th Nov 2010, 19:15
Will be the stuff for case studies in how not to run a business.

Too true

Why in God's name would you promote the CEO of a low cost carrier to CEO of Qantas? Defies belief, clearly out of his depth, his press work is embarrassing.

28th Nov 2010, 19:39

My little brother travels frequently SIN- Australia and goes with the best priced 'major' on the route. Recently he's been travelling QF because they've got the best fares.

Spoke to a QF club member the other day who raved about how his check in took about 10 seconds. He tapped his card at the reader and put his bag on the conveyor. He commented that security took longer than checking in. (This was Sydney check in, not yet available in MEL but the building work is under way). Even if you're not a club member, there are enough check in kiosks that you can tag your bag yourself and have the bag on the conveyor belt well before you'd normally even reach a check in agent.

Since QF's spat with the engineers finished a couple of years back I've seen fewer hold items and MELs than at any stage in the previous 13 years. That's line engineering though. I can't comment on deeper level stuff. I'm not sure of the current engine failure rates but last I knew they were about half of the worldwide average. Maybe that's slipped a little, maybe it hasn't and QF has just had a recent run of highly public ones.

QF Club:
I recall reading that the menus were about to change (weekly?) to align more closely with the in flight product. I can't help you out with cold camembert though.

28th Nov 2010, 19:59
This is one of the more amateur posts I have read.

Yeah....not having to line up to check in is terrible. It is a real pain having to put a sticker on your bag and put in on the belt. The whole process takes 3min!
Then again, you obviously are having difficulty using the system. I don't really know how because I reckon my 85 yo grandmother would be able to use it with ease.

Comparing Jetstar and Air Asia to Qantas is so stupid it's not worth discussing.

If you are going to go online and have a cry then at least sound like you know what you are talking about.

28th Nov 2010, 20:08

$ 3500 return business on Singapore Airlines. compared with $ 3000 one way for premium economy on QF.......

Safety -- watch it, there's no such thing as coincidence.

Checkin -- I refuse to check in with a robot. If I am flying Australia's premium airline I want to check in with a real person. It's called customer service.......

I really used to only fly Qantas, faithfully, as it was just better. Now it's not at all better, and in many ways worse. The new checkin is not to my liking at all, its making customers do the job that the airline should be doing themselves.

If you get what you pay for then Qantas should certainly provide customer service.......

Here's their admission of their own failing. Good airlines don't post this sort of crap at their checkin, even bad ones don't....

We understand that travel can sometimes be frustrating. We would greatly appreciate all travellers' cooperation in being considerate to our staff and fellow travellers

If you airline has it's act together and isn't aggravating it's pax, then travel is not frustrating.

Just from a customers perspective, I have already been trying other airlines, so no matter how you choose to spin the positives, I am just one customer who is voting with feet, and I hate to have to do that, I really do.

28th Nov 2010, 21:15
$ 3500 return business on Singapore Airlines. compared with $ 3000 one way for premium economy on QF.......

Just checked a number of random dates of travel and found the difference in Buisness class prices only about $200 between QF and SQ. Of course that will vary based on seats available but its not that big a difference, some may also have short memories regarding Singapores safety record.

I really used to only fly Qantas, faithfully, as it was just better. Now it's not at all better, and in many ways worse.

I used to fly Ansett and Qantas regularly and Ansett was a far better service domestic. Qantas has not changed much since and actually may have slightly improved. If you are comparing Qantas service to Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger than you have no idea what you are talking about and have not used the full range of services available to you.

28th Nov 2010, 21:27
As a side note, if you are worried about offshore maintenance, I would not travel on any foreign carriers.

28th Nov 2010, 21:32
The biggest problem QF face is not safety or check in or food.

Its the attitude dished out to the customers from the cranky cabin crew.

Pax should not be made to feel as though the cabin crew are doing you a favor every time they get you a drink.

Love the 380 premium economy, best product around. Price was good. Non mainline staff were friendly. But the CC on the clapped 744 coming home ruined the entire experience.

28th Nov 2010, 21:33
I thought this was a PILOT website. :cool: You will achieve more communicating directly with QF than you will on here. If email doesn't work, there's always the option of a letter and a postage stamp :ugh: