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27th Nov 2010, 18:26
JETSTAR flight attendants were in tears after hearing a loud bang, followed by flames coming from an engine on a Christchurch to Sydney flight, a passenger says.

A nearby passenger told flight attendants that dark smoke and flames were coming from one of the engines, she said.

"Some of the stewardesses were up the back in tears and kept moving past passengers to look at the engines ... and I think that worried some people."

Read more: Bang, flames, tears on Jetstar flight | News.com.au (http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/bang-flames-tears-on-jetstar-flight/story-e6frfku0-1225942239718#ixzz16VpJH0J4)

I've never seen a news article mentioning that Qantas flight attendants cry during emergencies. Sure, they probably get more practice than most, but these young kids, with little life experience, who are out there being flighties, need a check up from the neck up. Have some faith in those up front, we train for this... or maybe they know something about the flight training we dont..?

27th Nov 2010, 18:46
With due respect, I think a wrinkly 50+ yo QF crew member has had enough knockbacks in life:{ to harden then up compared to a drop dead gorgeous 22 yo who does not need to put in any ground work at all....:p

PS. What do you expect with 3 weeks training.

Transition Layer
27th Nov 2010, 23:05
"Drop dead gorgeous"

Really? Have you seen the girls on the latest Jetstar ads? I'd rather put my d*ck in a blender!

28th Nov 2010, 01:02
Clearly professionalism isn't a strong point.

28th Nov 2010, 01:21
they've probably been awake for 20+ hours..... and could well not even be Australian..... but it is what u get when you hire young 20's to do a "professional" job.....

And yes....there is a LARGE difference between Qantas and Jetstar... Although the media seem to confuse the two quite often and somehow conveniently sometimes.....

28th Nov 2010, 01:37
I seem to remember that the hosties on the Qantas B747-338 that broke its landing during a tight turn in Rome years ago, got some bad publicity in the press. There was a story about the crew being in tears and pushing past some passengers in the rush to get out. Whether it was true or not, doesn't really matter anymore, as I said, there was some bad press for the QF hosties on that particular "incident".

Also I remember, that particular landing gear fitted to EBW was one of the first to be outsourced by Qantas as they started down the road to taking maintenance functions out of the airline. On that occasion, the pool set of gear they recieved back from the overhauler was of a lesser standard than what Qantas had sent away for maintenance.

The old adage "You get what you pay for" is coming home to roost.

Its just a pity that it doesn't apply to the some of the managers in QF & JQ.

28th Nov 2010, 03:28
Really? Have you seen the girls on the latest Jetstar ads? I'd rather put my d*ck in a blender!

I could loan you a cheese grater?:E