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10th Apr 2001, 16:39
I wanted to post this as a response to ouzo re "Racism at Easyjet" but I realized this topic ought to be presented as a different one altogether.
I have Filipino colleagues who I used to work with in my former airline. When our airline closed, we all found ourselves on the same 'jobless' boat. Me & my other 'white' friends were only jobless for a while coz soon after we got jobs but my 'brown' friends didn't have the same luck.

I thought at first that they just want to stay at home for a while since they've been away from home for a long time. But when 1 month became 2...then 3...then 4…I started to worry. They're nice, friendly guys who are very professional & dedicated to their work. Our previous company never had a single problem w/ any of them. Besides the only reason they're working away from their families is because they fought, & still are fighting, for their principles (Remember the PAL pilots' strike?).

Then I learned they applied to an airline who unfortunately never replied to them. I also learned that this airline preferred 'whites' to 'browns' no matter what your nationality or flying time is. They accepted "less-than-1000hrs-whites" but rejected "more-than-5000hrs-browns".

Asking around about their flying skills from other pilots they flew with, I also confirmed the sad fact that most of the "less-than-1000hrs-whites" compare miserably to their brown counterparts. They said they prefer to fly with the latter. Flying cannot, and should not be judged by the color of your skin.

This airline accepts anybody & does not require a specific nationality or passport like most EU airlines but they seem to favor the fairer race. If this isn't racism then tell me what is.

I HATE RACISTS!!! Anywhere they may be! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

10th Apr 2001, 17:23
>>Me & my other 'white' friends were only jobless for a while coz soon after we got jobs but my 'brown' friends didn't have the same luck.<<

Come to the U.S. and you'll find the situation reversed. "Diversity" is a major factor in airline hiring, the further you are from a straight white male, the more diverse you are.

Check out this recruitment calendar from Northwest for an example:


Also, see United's commitment to such organizations as the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum:


Send your brown friends to the U.S., they are in high demand on the aviation job market...

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