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Pterois Volitans
25th Nov 2010, 02:55

Following the recent "selection" for AME to LAME upgrade and A330 type course. The persons selected are out! I thought this was going to be a fair and transparent proccess...........how wrong:rolleyes: One of the blokes that got a place has only just returned to QF in the last 18 months, has very little SOE on type,(Unsure what he works like) has never held a A/C type before,but the best bit..............his father was and still is best mates with CW. So a fair process..........it think NOT!:mad:

Rant over!!! but feel free to comment!

25th Nov 2010, 03:32
Get used to the discrimination over the course of your career. Barstardry is the name of the game at Qantas. Master it and you too can be a manager.

ps. that is my honestly held opinion.

25th Nov 2010, 06:52
I hate to say this but Fed Sec is right. Best thing to do is talk with your feet and head on over the road to VB or Jetstar. Whats the level 4 take home pay at QF these days? I think it might be some 30K less p.a than the 120K at VB.......

26th Nov 2010, 07:07
Nice sentiment empire but VB and J* aren't really throwing type courses to anyone who walks in the door.

And believe it or not the grass aint greener over the other side of the airport.

Arnold E
26th Nov 2010, 09:51
Recent advertisements for B2 LAMES in Brisvagas.
Can anybody give me the drum???
Wot's the story .:confused::confused:
PS. That's VB

Arnold E
26th Nov 2010, 10:15
Get used to the discrimination of the course of your career. Barstardry is the name of the game at Qantas.
Is it not YOUR job to stop this????

26th Nov 2010, 11:21
Is it not YOUR job to stop this????

Yes, just as it is the role of the United Nations to deliver world peace.

The laws on discrimination in this country can so easily be sidestepped that you may as well not even have the laws. Don't worry though, each year Qantas will employee one indigenous Aussie and a female mechanic just to be a good corporate citizen.

26th Nov 2010, 11:43
Don't worry though, each year Qantas will employee one indigenous Aussie and a female mechanic just to be a good corporate citizen.

...and push the fact that they are in printed propaganda regularly! :ok:

28th Nov 2010, 00:58
don't forget that the female will be nominated and probably win apprentice of the year. Maybe might even get to hang out with JT!

28th Nov 2010, 21:28
You lot think it is your right to be trained. Training is a privilege and goes to those who go that little bit further. It's not just about fixing the aircraft now but doing those extra things that make the organisation run smoothly.
Management is trying to make this company successful in the long term for all our benefit and if someone gets more courses then others then there is a reason for it!

28th Nov 2010, 22:59
nosebleed, you are either a woman, manager or someone that has not been around the traps long. I can't believe that you actually think that way!

29th Nov 2010, 00:53
Maybe a sex change could better my career path.

29th Nov 2010, 01:17

Training is a privilege and goes to those who go that little bit further.

I'm sorry, but I'm not deep throating anyone.


29th Nov 2010, 08:19
although favoritism is evident in every workplace period, I'm sure theres more to the story then whats implied by Pterois Volitans. Sounds like these courses don't come by that easy. Pterois Volitans I'm sorry to hear you did not get picked for this type course. at least your in the industry though, I have just been emailed a thanks but no thanks email from qf hr re apprenticeship, so now ill need to wait another year before I go through the process again.

29th Nov 2010, 09:12
G'day Barra
Maybe you should reconsider your career path.
Honestly looking at the industry now, if I was starting out all over again, i think i would go for a building trade?
No nightshift, not restricted to work just in airports or hangars.
Quite probably better pay, and the chance of starting your own business.
Just have a read of what's happening in some of these threads, and have a serious think about it.

29th Nov 2010, 09:26
unionist 1974 what is the name for a creature that lives under a bridge ?

The Bungeyed Bandit
29th Nov 2010, 20:04
Hey Barra, I couldn't agree with QF22 more. There is no way I would advise anyone to enter into the airline aircraft maintenance game.
As for the start of this thread, CW is only practicing the nepotism he was shown when he first started at QF. After all, his old man was a manager at QF too. Let's face it, it's easier for him to make a decision who to pick if he uses nepotism. God knows, along with everyone else, that he's unable to make a decision on anything.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

30th Nov 2010, 03:47
Hi qf22 & tbb, you probably are right!! and although I failed this time I really dont wanna give up on it yet I am 25 and i'v stffed around engouh and I really wanna settle down ay.

I will be looking more into this forum and talk to as many ppl as I can.
but sometimes and depending on who you talk to you get contradicting views.

anyways thanx for the heads up. its threads like this that give me insight that helps me prepare for what to expect.

Pterois Volitans
30th Nov 2010, 07:03
Thanks for all your feedback,
Nosebleed999, I have to agree with your points. You have to show a willing to get involved with projects or extra duties outside your position.

However I can inform you that this is not the case with who was selected! Since he returned to QF he has done nothing!!! except "smoke a good pole" :yuk: I know of other engineers that have done open days etc and even obtained excel awards in the last 18months and have been over looked for the training!:ugh:

And just to add complete insult to the whole process...............they have been awarded the quota positions as well!!!:mad: Nice bonus!

30th Nov 2010, 09:42
G'day Barra !

If you're hell bent on working in aviation your could go the military option?

I don't know what the prospects of adult entry is into the RAAF or Army these days?

That will settle you down, basic training will sort you out for sure !

The training is good, although I don't think CASA recognises the military syllabus now, but you can sit the CASA basics yourself.

Experience on rotary wing wouldn't be a bad option, i think you would find a good job on helicopters after your 6 years service? ? ?

Any way there is no harm in giving it a go ! the worst that can happen is you won't get accepted there either. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Good luck whichever path you take !

1st Dec 2010, 01:00
@ PV, Don't think excell awards are anything special. I personally have seen a nomination TOTALLY fabricated and the guy win it. Sadly, unless you are prepared to get on your knees you may be waiting a while for your course!

1st Dec 2010, 08:27
Casa do recognise Military qualifications, you have to sit a CTC examination though.

1st Dec 2010, 09:18
yeah I'm pretty much set on aviation as its really a passion for me like nothing else. I have the navy in my sight I have been to a job interview but they said they wont take me yet and gave me 3 months to talk it through with me mrs as she's not keen on the whole life style change that come with it.

pv I don't know much about the culture @ Qantas but I work for a major bank and we have the same politics especially when it comes to promotions. personally I think its BS!

nil further thx
6th Dec 2010, 05:59
Religiously get pissed at the "Rowers" when the boss is there......

Take the Leading hand to the strippers with the boys, shout him a night with a pro.......

Get friendly with the maintenance managers daughter.....

Then knock her up......

You'll be on an A380 course sooner than you know it!!!

I'd wager you'd be sent to Toulouse for an all expenses paid....2 year holiday as well.

Best of luck. ;)

11th Jan 2011, 15:09
Excel awards are a joke(i wouldn't accept one if i got it). Take a look at most of the people that have got them (suckhole knobs) and the things they have been nominated for. Total joke. :):)

qf 1
11th Jan 2011, 18:29
Pterois Volitans (http://www.pprune.org/members/308467-pterois-volitans) you pointed out HIS background and why he may of got the coarse,whats yours ????? first how long have you been in the industry, r u a pastry chief by trade,r u competent,the list goes on.