View Full Version : ATIS at ABZ

Left On The Greens
10th Apr 2001, 16:07
Why is it that the ATIS at ABZ is read so fast, and the format differs from other systems.

Could the ATIS voice please slow down, it drives me mad.

Why have NATS not installed a computerised system, after all the tower is a marvel !

Big Buddha
10th Apr 2001, 17:23
ABZ is fine, now who would like to admit to giving the EDI ATIS the same freq. as LHR?

10th Apr 2001, 19:06
The ABZ ATIS is recorded manually, so on any day it could feature six or seven different voices, all of which read it at their own particular speed. Another common problem with it is the volume being too low - it gets obliterated by the ADN ident. I understand it is quite common for inbound aircraft to try and get it from the departure ATIS frequency, which, although on a weaker transmitter, is clearer when you eventually get withn range.

Most of the ATCOs at ABZ are as unhappy with it as the drivers who have to try and decypher it.

It seems that the only way an automated system will be installed is if enough drivers complain about it in writing (MOR).

And apparently, capital investment is directly proportional to the proximity to NATS HQ. As the most "distant" NATS unit, Aberdeen gets tuppence ha'penny! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif