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22nd Nov 2010, 19:33
Well done to the cabin crew of DJ1313 Hobart to Melbourne this morning. You dealt with the medical emergency suffered by one of the passengers professionally and without fuss or bother. :ok:

22nd Nov 2010, 21:59
would you get that service with Qantas?

I'm sure they would. But this thread is nothing to do with Qantas! :=

Tail Wheel

22nd Nov 2010, 22:55
The problem started around T/D. I was not aware of the problem but the cabin crew called for medical assistance and a doctor on board the flight attended. They were administering oxygen for the remainder of the flight. Para-medics called for on arrival.

Professionally handled and credit where due.

23rd Nov 2010, 00:50
Well done to the crew. QF diverted into HNL the other day for a medical.

23rd Nov 2010, 02:58
May happen all the time, but its good to given credit when its due, goes to show the flight attendants are more than just what management seem to think of them.

Also a question some of you may be able to answer. Do all the airlines still have defibs and doctors kits onboard? I guess Qantas and VB would have them, but what about the LCC's?

23rd Nov 2010, 06:28
I guess Qantas and VB would have them, but what about the LCC's?

I assume this is a wind up? Last i checked VB was a LCC. Or is this a case of certain VB poeple still thinking they're a QF equal or AN substitute. :ok:

23rd Nov 2010, 09:11
What a sad indictment on PPrune that you can't even give a compliment to someone without causing a $hit storm and some to$$er arguing whether his willy is bigger than yours, or whether VB or QANTAS is a LCC....

23rd Nov 2010, 09:35
A medical emergency can present many challenges in flight.

Great to hear that it was well handled, and finger's crossed for a +ve outcome for the pax concerned.

23rd Nov 2010, 10:20
I've deleted the post because it is indeed a real thread drift and I would not want it to sour what has been rightly recognized as a professional job by the crew on the day. As the thread title alludes, well done.

These regular and very very rarely unreported (lol) incidents often result in very positive outcomes for the passengers of whichever airline it occurs on.

Such is the standard of regulated cabin and flight crew training for such critical occurrences that we can fly safe in the knowledge that our cabin crew are selling pringles or handing out cardboard boxes one minute, and could be saving lives the next.

Well done to the crew.

23rd Nov 2010, 10:55
In stark contrast to how the medical was handled on a SIN-DRW flight recently - absolute abysmal crew performance (borderline criminally negligent) and the poor fella died.