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21st Nov 2010, 15:00
Hi Is anybody aware of the new ruling of DGCA stating that only pilot with valid (before the date of expiry) license can appear the various categories of exams??As far as i know, some of my friends have given exams with licenses where the dates have expired,so that they can get their recency and renewal of license done together.... i am concerned more regarding the CPLCG exams.... as foreign licenses don't have much validity

25th Nov 2010, 19:22
For past 2 sessions you would have seen that DGCA has started giving a lot of rejections, giving reason as 'NOT ELIGIBLE' or 'FLYING HOURS NOT AS PER DGCA'. One should go for the meeting with the Officer who flies down from HQ at various Metros, with all the possible printouts as well as the certified copies of the credentials. Usually the Officer agrees and accept the case. For people who have done flying abroad, atleast get the foreign issued SPL and the logbook, for people doing flying from India, even the Indian DGCA issued SPL will do.

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