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10th Apr 2001, 06:13
Hi guys, ATC here ,looking for a pilot point of view.
Now that we have had so much sunshine blown up our a***'s about being the best,that when I open my mouth my wife gets a tan,I have to ask:-
Do you think that the Airline group will reward us for our diligence and service to the company in order to keep us?
or will we be seen as a bunch of moaners who hark back to " the good old days when aircraft were safe", and try to instill the company ethic?
I particularly welcome comments from post/new British airways, as this is the comparison so often referred to, is it better /worse? Is company loyalty rewarded...and what do you have to do to be LOYAL?
If your interested I have published a similar post in the ATC section...feel free to join us!

10th Apr 2001, 06:32
UK ATC is great, keep up the good work!


CYYZ Air Canada Pilot

10th Apr 2001, 12:23
Life in the commercially run world is run by accountants. Anything that does not directly affect the balance sheet is irrelevant. I doubt they will even have a view on staff, as long as it is as cheap as possible. Perhaps we could have a socialist goverment that believes in preserving national assets!
Over to 2 Jags for comment!!

one four sick
10th Apr 2001, 12:27
The best ATC in the world. But hey, we need a fast lane from over London into the Midlands, there's always somebody farting around in some inferior machine and we could soooooooooo easily overtake - PLEASE LET US DO IT.

Sleeve Wing
10th Apr 2001, 15:06
Hi Wheely.
Its all about attitude really.
So long as you can remember that you're as important as a paper clip, you'll have no problems.
All they want is a licence to plug into a seat, be it flight deck or radar room.
Whose licence doesn't matter as long as its current and cheap.
Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it ?
Sleep easy.

;) ;) ;)

10th Apr 2001, 15:52
Buzz and Sleeve speak wise words;
Like any large company, the executive board of the AG will expect NATS senior management to run the system as efficiently as possible.
The only difference between the old and new NATS management will be, I suspect, that if the the existing management aren't up to the job, then they will become the old to be replaced by the new. ;)
I strongly suspect that the staff at the sharp end will see little difference in the way things are run, and see even less of the top neddys who will be too busy being very important somewhere else. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

10th Apr 2001, 18:36
Wheelybin - On a more philosophical point I think that it is sometimes easy to confuse loyalty with commitment. I like to think that I am committed to my job. I feel that I have an obligation to do my job to the best of my ability and provide as much intrinsic quality as my capabilities will allow. On the other hand loyalty is about faithfulness or devotion. Loyalty on its own provides that the employee will faithfully turn up for work every day. It doesn't necessarily mean that they will commit themselves to the success of the company. Semantics for sure, but if I was an employer I know which type of employee I would prefer.

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