View Full Version : Has Australian security been relaxed?

20th Nov 2010, 02:51
Was flying Qantas Melbourne to Sydney during the week and was upgraded to business class. When I unwrapped the cutlery I noticed a metal knife rather than the plastic ones we've had to endure for the past many years. Have the rules changed? What else, that was once banned, is now allowed on planes?

20th Nov 2010, 03:45
A believe a change was passed several months back, and now Qantas has taken the opportunity to reintroduce the metal knife inline with the Domestic Refresh.

Knitting needles are now allowed, that weren't previously.. few other things but can't remember...

20th Nov 2010, 04:21
Had a passenger in Perth who was found with bullets in his carry on by Perth security. He had travelled from Melbourne 3 days earlier with the bullets in the same bags but had just forgot about them.
I think there are worst things out their than a cutlery knife. :hmm:
No issue with the new rules.

20th Nov 2010, 05:22
Bullets? That's nothing, I've had Vegemite confiscated....now THAT'S a highly dangerous carry on item!!:rolleyes::ugh:As a crewmember that day too...:hmm:

20th Nov 2010, 05:36
Well it is about time, some of these banned items are silly, banning them was never going to stop terrorists hijacking an aircraft. :rolleyes:

Some years ago now, admittedly before 9/11, I carried a loaded revolver on to an International flight out of JFK NY by bypassing all the security, sure the terrorists could do the same. ;)

Don't think they would rely on knitting needles and metal cutlery. :=

20th Nov 2010, 05:54
Be aware though that you can't take your own metal knife. The airline needs to supply it for you.

20th Nov 2010, 06:05
I flew back from LAX on Qantas in J on Wednesday and I still had a plastic knife...

I flew J class on Delta earlier in the week and they issued metal knives. It's interesting that in the country where "homeland security" can be extreme - they allow knives...

20th Nov 2010, 07:55
The handle end of all the cutlery is more a weapon than the blade :hmm:

20th Nov 2010, 08:29
Metal cuttlery was put on a list of items to be removed from the prohibited items list in the aviation white paper.
Now just need some common sense to be extended to the screening regime wrt flight crews etc.

21st Nov 2010, 01:54
I had the pleasure of using said metal knife recently with a crew meal. Apart from the endearing quality of not snapping in half when applying pressure, it is less effective at its task than the plastic one! ;)