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10th Apr 2001, 03:58
I have heard that Easyjet where going to be setting up operations out of Cardiff because there rivals Go are now in Bristol.

10th Apr 2001, 03:59
were going and their rivals.

10th Apr 2001, 04:35
Do they really need pilots? Went for recent interview, all seemed promising after day in Luton.Told "wait by phone" the next day. Heard nothing, o.k., but what cost for a phone call of rejection?
I'm doing the rounds at the moment but I have to say , that compared with other companies professional recruitment agencies, that "Easyjet" do not sell themselves well at interview!
Application duly withdrawn!!

Ivan Ivanovich
10th Apr 2001, 12:49
I have a theory for why they are apparently taking on so many overseas pilots: these pilots haven't been in the country long enough to have seen that bloody awful "Airline" program on ITV.

10th Apr 2001, 15:10
Ho Gorilla

Maybe if you had a high profile like, hmm let me think, I know...Tony Underwood, they would have phoned you the same day.

Call me sceptical if you like

10th Apr 2001, 16:03
Evan - how about sceptical & stupid ?

southern softy
11th Apr 2001, 02:39
looks like the usual list of inadequate failures who were not GOOD ENOUGH to get a job with easy are about to go through the usual slagging process. Take it the gorilla plus one or two others did not pass the test..... from this approach...... Good. :)

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11th Apr 2001, 06:37
Ivan Ivanovich, you obviously give foreign TV more credit than they deserve; unfortunately "Airline" is aired in many other countries, including the Netherlands where so many of the easyForeigners come from! :). So it must be something else then :).

Ivan Ivanovich
11th Apr 2001, 12:51
Having made my comments about the "Airline" program, the most recent show depicted easyJet in quite a good light, actually - I thought. Well, this is comparitive to other episodes.

I think it's good television, but not necessarily as good for easyJet, anymore.

11th Apr 2001, 14:28

Did I hit a raw nerve with you? It was a jokey comment and in no way was it meant to reflect Gorillas abilities, however for some sad reason you took exception to it.

You are the weakest link....Goodbye

11th Apr 2001, 14:49
Well, thank you very much Southern Softy!
I was just wondering why I did not receive a phone call when I had been promised one. I fail to comprehend why this should make me an "inadequate failure".
If "success" in your terms meant that one day I might have to sit next to a narrow minded, arrogant, "I'm all right Jack" biggot like you then I will gladly stick to my little turboprop.
I wish you every happiness in your aviation career but would respectfully suggest that a CRM refresher course might do you a great deal of good.
Chill out.....perhaps it's the hours you've been working!!

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11th Apr 2001, 14:57
easyJet do respond to all applicants, usually via e-mail, to let them know if they have been succcessful or not. I suggest you contact them directly to let them know you have not heard anything.

11th Apr 2001, 16:04
Easy at Cardiff might well be true, as saw on the local news about Cardiff's future a few weeks ago. The chief exec's looked extremely pleased and said that an anouncement would be forthcoming about new routes from Cardiff airport and hinted at another airline. If true this is very good news for Cardiff and local pilots.

11th Apr 2001, 16:23
Certainly would be great to see easyjet at Cardiff since the airport needs a shot in the arm from someone serious and yes the traffic is there, but of course it is quite seasonal because at the moment as it is largely IT. easy could do well by picking the right routes - especially as the current range of routes ex CWL is so limited and I know of two new ones that would certainly work with a 73'. Dare say they could even get some pretty good grants to go there as well from the WDA?

11th Apr 2001, 16:29
There are also some good rugby players in Cardiff

11th Apr 2001, 16:30
I too, went to their interview day, with a promise of being contacted the following day, however after not hearing anything for about 2 weeks I contacted easyjet, only to be told that the person dealing with contacting people had been on holiday!, I didn't get the position, however, a week later an email arrived inviting me to apply for one of their interview days!

11th Apr 2001, 21:01
Cardiff, would make sense. Would follow TBI's other airports at Belfast Int and newly acquired Luton.

Could then link Cardiff to Amsterdam, Glasgow, Belfast, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Nice.

I remember Luton were trying to get an airline sponsored by TBI called 'Fly European' to link Luton with Cardiff with BAC 1-11's 2 years ago.

Fly Europen operated for a while internally within Sweden from Skavsta (Another TBI airport).

12th Apr 2001, 00:22
I would have said unlikely.

Low cost carriers require for their economics
to work a big catchment area for their base so that they can pretty much ensure they can sell virtually every seat - hence Easyjet at Luton (london) and Liverpool (manchester conurbation).

Cardiff itself is quite a small place. If it was an english city it would hardly be noticed. Tends to get a higher profile than it deserves cos it is a capital city (sort of!) Further Cardiff airport is on the wrong side of town and infrastructural links are bad.

Bristol for go strikes me as a bit of a gamble but at least Bristol is a big city and airport can draw people from Swindon,
SW, M5 halfway to BHX and East Wales even if
road links are equally poor to the airport itself.

Would have thought Easyjet could find lot better places to try first e.g. GLA/EDI
NCL, or SOU ( if the runway is big enough)

12th Apr 2001, 04:25
Seems eminently sensible,in demographic terms. Relatively speaking you have an 'isolated' identifiabley distinct grouping ,who (also in relative terms) are 'cash rich'. Add to this a population of 750,000-1000,000 within 45 minutes to 1 hours drive from CDF ,makes one wonder why it has not already been accomplished !.Maybe its as Kylie says 'cos CDF ' ain't really a proper city !!!!!!

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12th Apr 2001, 05:35
Cardiff is one of the fastest growing cities in europe. The Airport is in the top five fastest growing airpots they are just about to finish the extension onto the terminal and are in the middle of building a rail link into the airport as well as plans of a dual carriage way from the M4 direct to the airport.

I hear stelios is complaining about the landing fees at Luton and since TBI own Luton and Cardiff I think a deal as been made, and that is if Easyjet fly out of Cardiff, TBI will lower Easyjets landing fees at Luton.

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12th Apr 2001, 14:58
Minogue you are wrong about Cardiff, it has an immediate catchment area of 1.5 million people, is home to over 350 US owned companies and countless European owned. The greater catchment area covers the whole of South and West Wales right down to Pembrokeshire since there is no other airport of credibility there (yet!). As has been stated elsewhere it is a vibrant place and economy and the WTB and WDA are doing and spending a great deal to make the place grow. TBI too are doing a great job. It is true the approach (road/rail) to CWL is awful but plans are in place to improve this.

Of course CWL will never equal the catchment area of LTN so it would be folly to assume the airline would even consider moving its base there.

I knew Stelios before easyjet started and when it was a twinkle in his eye and he was running a fleet of tankers, he was told by the experts then that Luton would never work and 'it was the wrong place', despite this he was determined to start there and look what has happened. He would have no fear in taking the risk at Cardiff and rightly so.

Finally I am not Welsh but have studied the Cardiff market over the last three years in detail both charter and scheduled, I assure you it is among the fastest growing in the UK..... easyjet + Cardiff = recipe for success. Let's hope they do it.

12th Apr 2001, 21:49
I have heard on the BBC Wales news that the plans for Easyjet to fly out of Cardiff are close to being complete and that operations may be starting in the summer.

13th Apr 2001, 00:02
Just spoke to the top neddy at CWL and either they genuinely know nothing about it or are being very coy on the whole subject. Anyway hope it happens!!!

13th Apr 2001, 03:35
Yeah on the bbc Wales news he said they were in final stages but would not comment much on it, I think they are trying to keep as quiet as they can until it is finalised.

Have spoken to their ATC as well they seem sure it will be happening soon, but it's still hush! hush!

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