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Sump Monkey
16th Nov 2010, 22:38
Birdstrike out of JNB:

http://www.smh.com.au/travel/bird-st...t-to-turn-back-20101117-17wit.html (http://www.smh.com.au/travel/bird-st...t-to-turn-back-20101117-17wit.html)

The strike caused considerable damage to the engine on the Boeing 747's, meaning the aircraft will remain in Johannesburg indefinitely.

17th Nov 2010, 08:41
3 weeks ago it would not have made the news...

Worrals in the wilds
17th Nov 2010, 09:22
...the aircraft will remain in Johannesburg indefinitely.

What, like forever? Ever and ever? Oh well, maybe they could turn it into a restaurant or something. :}
I agree with topend3, birdstrikes never used to be worth a SMH article. Yet again, Qantas reap what they sow. They have to expect this sort of attention for a while, even for events that are beyond their control.

17th Nov 2010, 10:44
And Im stuck here in Jo'burg because of it :(
Knew when I landed in Jo'burg and saw the QF tail in the maintence hanger that I was in trouble lol.

Any idea on what was damaged? The link won't open for me

17th Nov 2010, 11:29
The Qantas spokesman said bird strikes are a rare occurrence for commercial airlines.

"The Hudson [River] issue was a bird strike issue, but with large aircraft like a 747 they are usually able to handle it."

Not that rare, must be at least one every day through out the network I would have thought.

A little bit of honesty goes a long way. I personally don't believe anything that comes from managements mouths, and that's not restricted to QF.

What's this large aircraft are able to handle it nonsense all about?

17th Nov 2010, 11:34
That if it takes one in the engine like it did, its not going to come screaming out of the sky since it has 3 left. With that load on board can they carry on with 2?

17th Nov 2010, 11:38
Well if thats what they meant they should have said aircraft with 4 engines can " sometimes" if they're lightly loaded and everything is going their way afford to lose 2 engines. Last time I looked 777 and 330's were large aircraft.
Any two engine jet can lose 1 and not come screaming out of the sky. I'm not sure how a 747 would go on two, be interested to hear from some one with performance figures. I find it hard to believe Boeing would design an aircraft that exceeds the performance requirements excessively. More likely to use that extra performance by adding more fuel/freight or pax. Granted they weren't carrying many pax, but it is still around a nine hour flight and no mention of freight, ( unscreened of course) I suspect a 747 may, again may, maintain a lowish altitude on 2, I doubt they would climb on two unless very light, and clean.

I suspect that's not what they meant it is simply bullshite.

17th Nov 2010, 11:49
Yeah its a 12hr flight with 150 something pax on board. Even with freight it would be pretty light.
All things going well and the engine remains nice and intact without bits and pieces hanging off, cause stupid amounts of drag, it should be able to fly on 2 should it not?

17th Nov 2010, 18:20
Just as a quick side, how does carriers like v aus do these flights with 777? Do they have extended etops?

17th Nov 2010, 21:26
Reported birdstrikes have been generally increasing since 2002. In 2009, there were 1,340 birdstrikes reported to the ATSB. For high capacity aircraft operations, reported birdstrikes have doubled from 2002 to 2009. However, taking into account an increase in aircraft movements, this increase is modest and is probably accounted for by a generally improving reporting culture within this time.

Well there you go, that's pretty rare. Just like road accidents, not winning lotto, management lying.

17th Nov 2010, 23:36
V Oz used a different route on the JNB flights due to ETOPS requirements (hence they cnxed it due to it being unprofitable).

18th Nov 2010, 02:04
Don't forget density altitude.
JNB 5500' on 2 engines??
Would not want to be there myself!

18th Nov 2010, 05:31
V Australia use a 180 min EDTO of 1340nm on the JNB route which adds about 2 hours to the flight time! Yet another reason BG & SW are no longer employed!

While we are there let's get the small cargo door installed. We can be the only airline in the world with then. Idiots!!!

18th Nov 2010, 05:56
While we are there let's get the small cargo door installed. We can be the only airline in the world with then. Idiots!!!

Not having before known about this cargo door option on 777's, I did a quick google and airline pic database search. The small aft cargo door is in fact in service with several operator's.

18th Nov 2010, 06:47
So there is more than one idiot in the world then.