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13th Nov 2010, 23:43
Very short of Capts in Perth over Xmas.

Management pleaded for anyone with previous command time to "step up". I've heard at least 1 lucky FO off the A320 is being "fast tracked" to help out with a 3 week course to the left seat! Accom / Car all thrown in to sweeten the deal!

Looks like the glory days are returning and we will see our career prospects back to where they were a year ago!

Gotta love a "quickie" Command course:)

14th Nov 2010, 00:10
And down go the standards even further, all supported by Jester Pilot.:yuk:

14th Nov 2010, 00:28
Doesn't merit work wonderfully well. No wonder the LCC HR departments are so keen to see it's continued use. It really does have a dollar value in keeping our expectations lowered because they can appeal across the company to someone who is 'meritorious' enough for the upgrade rather than promoting in seniority and trg well.

Captain Sherm
14th Nov 2010, 05:07
I must have missed something. Why is it necessary that this pilot or his company is lowering standards? He/she is current on the A320, meets the standards required, has previous command time.....why isn't a 3 week command course enough? That's only the entry level to start OE training which would be probably 100 hrs minimum-say 50 sectors I suppose.

Someone enlighten me please?

14th Nov 2010, 05:35
3 weeks???

Why dont you ask how long a command takes at QF

Toruk Macto
14th Nov 2010, 05:42
3 week command coaurse v's Qf command coarse, I know what the share holders will prefer!

14th Nov 2010, 06:45
Hey Toruk,

Re-read Jetstarpilots post. It was for anyone with previous command exp. The requirements were actually for previous 320/330 command experience within the group, so that means they have already done their Command "Coarse". Its a temporary requirement only!

Toruk Macto
14th Nov 2010, 06:55
If someone was to apply with 320/330 command time , could they expect a quick command if things get busy ?

14th Nov 2010, 06:59
I am fairly sure the reason they were asking for previous group exp is because of the short time frame. There are plenty within the seniority list who more than meet the command requirements, but as they would need to do an initial coarse, the timing would be too slow.......thats how I read it anyway!

scam sniffer
14th Nov 2010, 06:59
Hey Toruk.

In your case it would be extended to at least 6 weeks. Three for spelling grammar etc, then 3 for the course proper.


Toruk Macto
14th Nov 2010, 07:04
Ha Ha . If 3 weeks was all it took I would sign up today. That's to fix my spelling.

14th Nov 2010, 08:21
scam sniffer...

Re the 6-week course you proposed, which includes the 3-week spelling/grammar module............Mustang 47 looks like a candidate for that one too. :8

14th Nov 2010, 09:20

Fair bump......play on!

Although I had my tongue firmly in cheek with "Coarse"...:ok:

14th Nov 2010, 10:40
Management pleaded for anyone with previous command time to "step up".

There's no mention of type there. WOW in 3 weeks my previous multi crew metro time will put me right on top of the game!

This is another reason terms and conditions continue to detoriate in this country.

Once upon a time airlines would invest in their employees, now they look for the cheapest to convert.:ugh:

14th Nov 2010, 10:41
Looks like the glory days are returning and we will see our career prospects back to where they were a year ago!

Gotta love a "quickie" Command course

Do you mean the glory days of being gifted all the "non-profitable" QF routes? Love to help out again but sorry, we don't have much left to give.

14th Nov 2010, 10:52
You got it....those glory days. The ones where thanks to JQ the routes unprofitable under the dinosaur ways of the legacy mainline operation can be run profitably by mainline's ugly yet very necessary step-sister. Both airlines within the one group, each beneficial to the other and way better than having Tiger or VB pick up the routes from outside the group.

Yes, those glory days.

14th Nov 2010, 11:05
Airbus A320 39 3.7 years On 194 airlines operating this type of aircraft Jetstar ranks 52
Airbus A321 6 4.5 years On 63 airlines operating this type of aircraft Jetstar ranks 17
Boeing 747 27 16.2 years On 101 airlines operating this type of aircraft Qantas ranks 41
Boeing 767 26 17.7 years On 107 airlines operating this type of aircraft Qantas ranks 67
Boeing 737 17 18.5 years On 294 airlines operating this type of aircraft Qantas ranks 96
Says it all really. Or was that time to command in each airline? Or did someone mention relative maintenance costs? Or was the word neglect?

14th Nov 2010, 21:45
The same blokes, pushing the same lines, displaying their ugly prejudices once again.

For a laugh have a look at Jetstarpilot's previous posts and draw your own conclusions about what sort of bloke he is. Man are you angry or what? I don't think you're going to be the keystone to positive pilot unity in this lifetime. :sad:

14th Nov 2010, 22:02
Genex, have you applied any independent thinking there or just been reading the brochure?

eg: 2 * 767 each day, CNS - NRT, always with high loads, just given away to a low yielding operation, not favoured by the Japanese market. I'm sure you'll try and spin that one but it is what it is.

Have a nice day.

14th Nov 2010, 22:04
You're right. The uninformed here on PPRUNE shouldn't question J*'s safety and training culture at all. We can let their own do that:

A Jetstar training captain and former air-accident investigator has raised concerns about safety standards at the low-cost airline....

...a Jetstar pilot and a former senior investigator at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said captains had stood down some flight attendants because of their lack of safety training for the A321s, which was a ''symptom of the reduction [by Jetstar] in resources and training''.

....was a fleet investigator in Jetstar's safety department when one of its aircraft made an aborted landing in Melbourne on June 21, 2007.

Although he said there was not a ''deliberate attempt to conceal information'', there were ''no protocols that required the ATSB to be informed of subsequent information'' about the incident.

His role as a fleet investigator was a part-time position as he was also a first officer.

.....said his investigation into the Melbourne incident was limited by a ''lack of resources'' in the department.

....'As a part-time investigator I was not provided with a computer and had to provide my own, and I was not even allocated a desk,'

Nothing to worry about with the 3 week command course then folks. J* has it all under control. :suspect:

Keith Myath
14th Nov 2010, 22:23
There should be a flood of complaints to Bourke Street from bypassed FOís who meet the current OM1 command experience requirements.

EBA 19.3.5

If Jetstar promotes a pilot over a more senior pilot, the more senior pilot will retain his/her position on the seniority list and will be advised in writing of the reasons prior to publication of the allocations. If the more senior pilot disputes Jetstarís assessment, and the pilot prima facie meets the criteria for appointment to the position concerned and has bid for that position (including a standing bid), they may elect to dispute the matter and Jetstar may be required to demonstrate why the pilot should not be paid the salary applicable to the position concerned.

Should be easy money due to Jetstarís lack of forward planning, (has anyone laid eyes on Jetstarís forward planning department)? Or have the JPC been complicit in allowing this to happen Ė stand by for 6 promotions to cushy jobs.

EBA 19.3.6

To the extent that it is necessary to overcome immediate problems of crew shortages arising when additional equipment is introduced, Jetstar may need to utilise pilots out of order of seniority. Jetstar will consult with the JPA on each such occasion on the conditions that will be applied.

Mstr Caution
15th Nov 2010, 04:37
Looks like the glory days are returning and we will see our career prospects back to where they were a year ago!

That's just fantastic news!

It almost makes me forget about:
a.The overwhelming vote of no confidence in the J* CEO.
b. Offshoring of pilots to New Zealand & Asia.
c. The dead dog MOU.
d. Senate enquiry into training standards
e. poor engagement levels.
f. Stagnation of career opportunities in mainline with 15+ years to command.

The sun sure is shining upon us.

15th Nov 2010, 06:06
To add to Mstr Cautions list

g. The results of the latest safety survey where everything in the garden is lovely except for

...On the other hand, Flight Crew expressed some areas of concern...

17th Nov 2010, 02:39
A temp upgrade and transfer out of seniority to cover a shortage that cannot be filled from any other base OR is it to avoid paying out another forced move when Perth closes?