View Full Version : Why So Much Qantas Bashing ?

10th Nov 2010, 02:06
Having a go at Qantas has become a sport
Why is that?
When did start?
Somewhere between 911,SARS and the attempted sell off of Qantas something went wrong for Qantas.
The brand began being trashed.An emotional disconnect between Qantas and the travelling public occurred.Almost resentment.
Massive cost cutting
Aging Aircraft
Cargo Cartel
Poor choice of IFE
Disengaged staff
Poorly maintained Cabins
Continuing safety issues
All these issues are down to the decisions made by management.Management that diplayed disdain for customers and staff.But on the other hand had an enormous sense of entitlement.How can an employee,Dixon,come to the conclusion that he and his upper echelon of executives should be entitled to over $60m for selling something that is not theirs to sell?
No one in the current executive seems to have the will or the interest in stopping Qantas' slide into corporate oblivion.
As much as employees are disengaged that have not united their voice and sounded their displeasure to management.
If employees want to save Qantas now is the perfect time to start the campaign.Media,politicians and shareholders all need to be informed of exactly what is going on in the place.Or more importantly what is not going on.
The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that the problem exists.
Qantas executives dont seem to know that a problem exists
Someone should tell them before its too late

10th Nov 2010, 02:29
The culture at Qantas is based on fear intimidation and bonuses.
Employees used to be included and encouraged to participate in the business by making suggestions on how to improve things.
The Qantas Staff Suggestion Scheme was fantastic for facilitaing this.
The scheme was demolished by an outside consultant and employees are now kept at a distance.
If you dare highlight a shortcoming you become a target.
So its heads down and stay down.
Joyce was interested initially.That seems to have waned.Perhaps the problem is too big and too entrenched

10th Nov 2010, 02:33
Yet another pointless thread about Qantas?

DEFCON4 has answered your question quite succinctly. :)