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sir fizzy
9th Nov 2010, 21:02
Around july 2010, this strange object captures the sky over the airport, can you explain it? any theories or info or comments?
YouTube - Spettacolare: "UFO" Sorvola la Cina - Luglio 2010 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OL3eLJEr_A)

12th Nov 2010, 15:42
My guess is, its a comet, but not a Dan Air one!!!

13th Nov 2010, 02:17
Chinese Rocket launch

15th Nov 2010, 11:10
Linerider/Hamrah are right; It's a rocket launch, complete with staging (saw one like this whilst airborne a few years back - very unsettling when it happens unannounced and you are only 200 km from the launch site).

FWIW comets don't move at anything like that rate across the sky, don't change their appearance that rapidly and more importantly there hasn't been a comet visible from Earth that bright in several years.

15th Nov 2010, 23:38
Bloody awful muzak on the otherwise spectacular footage.

26th Nov 2010, 11:20
my guess here would be the Russian military satellite"COSMOS 2469" being launched. (launched on the upload date of the video).
SPACEWARN Bulletin 683 (http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/spacewarn/spx683.html)
COSMOS 2469 Satellite details 2010-049A NORAD 37170 (http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=37170)

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