View Full Version : Volcanic Ash Tracking into YPKA

9th Nov 2010, 08:32
QF were tracking in/out of YPKA today via Rafey and Telfer...due Volcanic Ash alert...Virgin and Alliance seemed to be flying the normal inbound/outbound tracks...

chimbu warrior
9th Nov 2010, 08:47
Volcanic Ash Graphics 6 (http://reg.bom.gov.au/products/IDD65295.shtml)

Seems like they were just wasting fuel. If they were serious about avoiding all risk of a volcanic ash encounter, they would not go north of Carnarvon.

Maybe Virgin and Alliance flew lower.

Capn Bloggs
9th Nov 2010, 09:35
...Virgin and Alliance seemed to be flying the normal inbound/outbound tracks...
At what levels, TE3?

9th Nov 2010, 09:40
Forecast between FL400 and 500 Capn Bloggs.

Capn Bloggs
9th Nov 2010, 09:57
Thanks Mono. I was curious what levels TE3's volcanologists were flying at. ;)

9th Nov 2010, 10:35
Didn't get the levels sorry Bloggs, and was merely an observation, not making a point, more interested in what was happening :)

9th Nov 2010, 10:48
A qantas dictated policy, not the individual captains decision.

mates rates
9th Nov 2010, 21:21
Yes, they can't afford the publicity of any more engine failures !!

Capn Bloggs
9th Nov 2010, 21:53
Fair enough, TE3. :ok:

I see the authorities have cancelled the ash cloud visa. It has retreated and is now sitting just off the coast, where all good ash clouds and foreigners, aka Eastern States types, should be. :}

Mr. Hat
9th Nov 2010, 22:36
Q400 will fly underneath it wont it blogs:}...

10th Nov 2010, 00:52
Most eastern stater's I know are happy to keep clear, now if only we could keep they strange WA types in their own back yard.
Has anybody been for a walk down Hay Street Mall in the last couple of years.

I simply don't get it, its a weird place.

10th Nov 2010, 01:13

pretty bold is you thinking we would want to go there anyway :E