View Full Version : Will qantas survive another 90 years

george K
6th Nov 2010, 09:59
Happy Birthday QANTAS

Have to say another 90 years is seeming unlikely

With a failed business plan (off the 2 brand strategy), an ageing fleet , huge employee disengagement, arrogant senior management , and huge passenger distrust the principles that made QF are long gone.

HudsonFysh, Paul Mc Ginness and Fergus McMaster must be looking down from above in disgust !!!

6th Nov 2010, 10:12
Awesome, another qf bashing thread.

Kickem while they are down.. Survive another 90? Good God, aviation wont be anything like what it is now, just like it's now nothing like what it was 90 years ago!

Rumour? News? Mods?

6th Nov 2010, 10:22
What do you mean ROH111???

Good God, aviation wont be anything like what it is now, just like it's now nothing like what it was 90 years ago!

What do you really mean?
Yes you are correct, an Airline that was built from the ground up 90 years ago by Engineers and pilots establishing a reputation for technical excellence through adhering to the concepts of training to a standard not a cost is most certainly nothing like it was decades ago ,hell ,Qantas isn't even a shadow of it's former self from even 7 years ago ,thanks to Dixon's cost cutting. However the very things like technical excellence of it's staff, "the essence of Qantas" the safety aura that is continually alluded to, is now nothing but a legacy myth! The very faculities that created this aura of safety no longer exist 'in house", just about every thing has been either offshored ,outsourced or franchised. The Qantas of today is nothing but a hollowed out shell, and this Qantas mantra of "safety" that little Alan and the rest of management hide behind is quickly being seen for the PR exercise that it has now become as more and more concerned people shine the light of truth on these executive cockroachs.
How many more of these "incidents" need occur before people lose all trust in managements empty platitudes and the travelling public start to think that maybe Qantas' "luck" has truely just about run out?

If we keep going following this Bean counter mindset of cost cutting in order to improve airline executive bonus', the "We put safety first" mantra of little Alans will attain no more traction than the "little boy who cried wolf, once too often"!