View Full Version : Another Jetstar Base to close ?

6th Nov 2010, 06:18
I have heard several rumours , some from quite reliable types , that Jetstar is about to close yet another base - not sure if its Perth or Brisbane.
Does anyone know which base is to go :\ and when or why ?

6th Nov 2010, 15:11
If they were that reliable, why don't they know which base (if any) it is?

6th Nov 2010, 20:25
How many aircraft are BNE based?

dash 27
6th Nov 2010, 20:27
Australia :}

6th Nov 2010, 22:36
Most likely Darwin, as most of the flights can be handled by Singapore based crews!

7th Nov 2010, 00:10
That was apparently the reason behind the proposed closure ,cheaper overseas pilots crewing the flights, most likely out of Perth to Sing and Indon - there will not be much left for the Aussies soon. Now there's a familiar theme.

The Green Goblin
7th Nov 2010, 01:38
I heard it was Perth :ugh:

13th Nov 2010, 00:51
I feel really sorry for anone who had a base close on them and moved to Perth just to have it happen all over again . Better to buy a Winnebago than a house if you work for JQ.

15th Nov 2010, 08:33
Where are all the new pilots being sent at the moment? How hard is it to get a SYD base? Not applying, just interested. Thanks all.

17th Nov 2010, 08:48
Id say Perth as JQ110/109 went over to 3K111/112

And JQ114/115 is operated by 9V aircraft

So the only flight out of Perth operated by Aussie crew that base here is JQ116/117 to DPS

17th Nov 2010, 11:33
. Better to buy a Winnebago than a house if you work for JQ.
more like a "wicked" camper van.:E

17th Nov 2010, 12:19

17th Nov 2010, 12:47
per dps sin return and per mel adl per return

WB Bach
17th Nov 2010, 12:47
JQ NZ Contract you'd be sleepin on the street, so no big deal, just roll up the swag and move on... ! Waltzing with J*, waltzing with J*, you'll come a waltzing, be shafted, with me.....:)