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6th Nov 2010, 04:23
It must be because management are otherwise occupied that the Qantas Birthday bash at Mascot was so poorly`organised.One Connie,one leased 767,an A380 and an A330.None had any aircon operating and were stifling.Three hours to wait for a walkover of the A380.No displays regarding Qantas history and a 5 minute appearance by Travolta.No merchandising apart from some caps.Even Hughie thought it was ordinary and rained on it for 30 mins.
The 75th Birthday was so much better.The CC were too busy talking to each to answer questions from children.
Someone should put this corporation out of its misery

6th Nov 2010, 04:28
How did all that fit in a phone-box?


6th Nov 2010, 04:30
No dashy? Afterall, we ARE the money making cow of the Qantas group per size ratio.

Wait... I just answered my question why there isn't any sitting around on the ground.

6th Nov 2010, 04:38
yeah bubblehead, they must be a squadron of them ferrying all those 380 pax around.:cool:
trust all is well in the Qlink end of things:ok:

Galley Raider
6th Nov 2010, 04:49
Typical of the recent 'tokenism' we have come to expect from management.
Reminds me of the typical safety week/eXel award/long service presentation where the manager brings along a nice little cake for a shift of 100+ engineers.

Yes, I do want to have my cake and eat it too!

6th Nov 2010, 05:02
Hot inside the A/C?
Ahh yes, but think of all the spoonfuls of fuel they saved by not running the APU's. :ugh:
More bonuses!!

6th Nov 2010, 05:08
They must have misplaced my invitation.

6th Nov 2010, 05:11
Come on guys wise up, the move to Singapore HO is on.

First pilots, followed by engineering and who knows what next.

The bonus is that engineering is also close to all other ports.

If this wasnt so serious it would make a great soap opera, even if in a telephone box!!!

6th Nov 2010, 05:47
There was a Q400 next to the A380 with orange animals stuck on the side.

6th Nov 2010, 05:55
The $64,000 question: will they survive to celebrate their 100th anniversary?

I hope they do but perhaps their structure and operations will be very different to what it is today...:ooh:

6th Nov 2010, 06:10
Sorry K.Boom Yes there was merchandising, bought stuff for my daughter. There were hats, Posters, toys, shirts, key rings etc. and Qantas history was there where it always is next to q cafeteria. Small room up the stairs, with static displays etc. Agreed air con could have been on for the static displays but obviously they wanted to turn people through the aircraft quickly. Queuing for A380 a joke with no barricades etc. Pulled the pin on that one after 3O min. Cabin crew on 767 & A330 we went on we're fine and chatting to visitors. Free water, hats and some food appreciated, transport was well managed. Not sure what more you expected?

Ken Borough
6th Nov 2010, 07:38
ALAEA FedSec wrote

They must have misplaced my invitation.

After all that you have written about QF and its Management, I am gob-smacked that you thought there would have been an invitation for you, or that you'd be want to be seen on any Qantas property.:\:\.

There was an historical display but it was fairly well hidden! It was in what used to be the Senior Staff Dining Room, just south of Admin 2. Very interesting it was - hats off to those old blokes who put it on.:D

6th Nov 2010, 07:46
The guy was joking.

tail wheel
6th Nov 2010, 08:31
They must have misplaced my invitation.

I'm very surprised - after all the nice things they've been saying about you lately! :} :}

6th Nov 2010, 09:22
After all that you have written about QF and its Management, I am gob-smacked that you thought there would have been an invitation for you, or that you'd be want to be seen on any Qantas property.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wibble.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wibble.gif.

I bet you weren't mentioned in the official speaches.

6th Nov 2010, 09:31
Ka boom you pathetic whimp.

If it was so bad, turn around and walk out. Go talk to someone face to face about this "poorly organised" event. You're a coward who hides behind computers to voice your opinion. Be a real girl and start to talk to people face to face.

Running an APU in a closed hanger such as with the A330 would have been dumb. Hence the GPU's. 3 hours to walk around the outside and have a great look at the interior and flight deck of an A380.. gee, it's a tough life isn't it mate. You're lucky you got tickets. Many people I know missed out.

JT's 5 mins was just that, 5 mins, is it not enough? Pay him his hourly rate to hang around and give you a hug next time. What more do you want him to do? A stage musical of Grease?

And the CC I saw, were awesome. Letting kids make some PA's pretending to be the captain and strapped them into the FA's seats...

What is your problem? Get a new job.

6th Nov 2010, 09:46
maybe you just have low expectations.
Happy you were happy.Does not mean your opinion is right for everyone attending the do.

hey Ken lighten up mate it was pretty clear it meant to be a joke.

6th Nov 2010, 09:59

I just don't understand it... why when reputations have already been tarnished would you and your cronies put the boot in further to tarnish the mothership's reputation??

From what I gather:

A tarnished name = less bums on seats = less profits = more "feasability studies" into replacing your arse??

Pull ya head in I say! There must be some other way??

6th Nov 2010, 10:38
Not everyone's experience is the same.
ROH's experience was clearly superior to mine
Guess I will just have to lower my expectations.
I merely expressed my point of view.
Unless I am mistaken Australia is still a democracy and individuals are still provided the opportunity to express that point of view.
BTW I did walk out because after an hour my six year was bored.
Perhaps it was a day just for grown ups

6th Nov 2010, 10:47
Well, I enjoyed myself... got through the A380, 767 and A330 with no queues whatsoever early on; then got a great vantage point to watch JT's 707 taxi in! All the crews I saw seemed pretty happy and helpful all day.

teresa green
6th Nov 2010, 11:27
Well my invitation must have been lost as well, and after all I have done for them! Just shows you. Happy birthday QF, you have been thru some sh%t times, WW2 where you lost aircraft and crew, the pilots strike in the 60's, and the loss of a Connie, in the 80's you nearly went broke, you thrived in the nineties when TN and QF became one, and then you were sold off to shareholders, which for want of a better word, you changed forever. In the new century a Joey was born, "Jetstar" which has been a great success, and meets a market that was necessary for these times, and in 2008 we nearly lost you to a bunch of carpetbaggers in the MACBANK, which after the Global Crisis, would have probably seen your demise, (unless the govt of the day stepped in) and 36 thousand people would have lost their jobs, and this great country, their national icon. Thankfully that QF luck held out, and continues to do so (just). Perhaps QF this is the time to thank your great staff, be they tech crew, cabin crew, engineering, ground staff, because they have shown great loyality and more often than not you have not shown them the same. So raise your glasses to all the people who made QF what it is, from the earliest days, and may you fly straight and level for years to come, despite your failings you are a much loved icon in this country, and will probably continue to be so for years to come. Amen.:D