View Full Version : Arming cabin personel with weapons only they can use.

21st Nov 2001, 03:59
I've tried to get this message out to a few news organizations but maybe they're influenced by the NRA and didn't print it. If we are going to arm Pilots (and I think we should) why not use the technology developed a few years ago in making sure that the only person that can fire a particular weapon is the registered owner of that weapon. If I recall there were more than a few systems that detected the hand print/pressure, thumb print etc of a registered owner of a weapon and only allowed that person to fire that weapon. If the weapon was taken away or the owner disabled, the weapon would not fire. this seems to be a simple solution. If the technology isn't state-of-the-art yet develop it further so it works well, arm all cabin personel (in case one airline employee whacko decides to take over the plane as someone did on a commuter carrier a few years ago here in Ca. others are still armed) and let it be known to one and all, that all cabin personel are armed with weapons that only each individual can fire. Anyone want to comment on this, or help spread the word to the powers that be about using these types of weapons for airline saftey?