View Full Version : Jetstar Bus Diverts to SIN

3rd Nov 2010, 05:15
Has anyone got any info about the Jet* bus en route Phuket-Oz which diverted into SIN Monday with major problems in the automatics?

I heard it on Radio Oz but there seems to be nothing written anywhere.

3rd Nov 2010, 05:36
Yes it's all suspiciously quiet.

However rumour doing the rounds up here is that it was in an extensive ITCZ cloud band, experiencing significant static buildup (St Elmo's fire) and then suffered multiple TAT probe failures, resulting in multiple ADIRU failures, resulting in reversion to direct law flight and a diversion to SIN.

If true, comparisons with the Air France accident over the Atlantic will be inevitable.

Capt Kremin
3rd Nov 2010, 06:10
Interesting if it is true. QF/JQ A330's have the Goodyear probes that aren't supposed to be susceptible to that.

Mstr Caution
3rd Nov 2010, 07:21
Must have caused some delays around the network.

A friend arrived back from Thailand today, some 36 hours behind schedule.

3rd Nov 2010, 09:16

Sounds more like the Capts TAT probe (which feeds ADR 1 &3), the aircraft would then be no longer RVSM compliant (no autopilot). About a 30 min fix to change one over if the part is in stock.

Capt Kremin,

TAT not Pitot, the TAT is used to Mach number calculation and TAT indication on the lower ecam.

3rd Nov 2010, 14:03
multiple ADIRU failures??? How many do they have??? It's just a useless bus...:zzz:

3rd Nov 2010, 16:01
That's interesting.

I was flying through the same airspace last night (south thailand and malaysia) in my A330 and experienced some really awesome St elmos's. Radios were scratchy and weather radar was all red (until i went to manual gain).

It was a little weird (and i have been flying around here for 16 years).

I shall have to investigate more.


4th Nov 2010, 01:55
in my A330

You guys must be getting paid too much.

Transition Layer
4th Nov 2010, 04:13
According to the QF engineers in SIN, it lost both TAT probes.

Was still parked at a remote stand there on Tue night.

4th Nov 2010, 04:24
'You guys must be getting paid too much.'

I wish ;)

It was mine for a couple of hours, but then i had to give it back :(

4th Nov 2010, 23:08
There are volcanos over there doing their thing. Think that some of the cr*p they're chucking out may be contributing to the problems????