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9th Apr 2001, 12:34
Has anyone heard anything about SKY Airlines in TURKEY. Aparently there supposed to be a charter company who have just leased 2 B737/400 from Ireland. Does anyone know anything, are they a reputable flyer?.

Anti Skid On
9th Apr 2001, 16:59
Havn't heard of them, but there is Pegasus (73's to UK and Germany) and Onur Air (MD83's & A300's).

You after a job out there? - the Turkish economy is in the cr@pper, with 50 - 60% inflation, not an ideal environment for a start up!

Jump seated once on an Onur Air MD - captain was ex-Phantom pilot from military, FO was eastern block (Khazackstan/Azeryjan?) FO had very limited English, which was interesting as Captain was handling pilot and doing RT.

9th Apr 2001, 17:22
Well thas Turkey. The pilots dont have no fear of flying no mater what condition there in