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Waghi Warrior
24th Oct 2010, 00:13
Last night at about 8pm two Air Niugini Fokker 100s were forced to hold to the north west of the airport while ground personal tried to restore power to the runway lights and the ILS. A few hours before a major thunderstorm went through the area causing blackouts. From what I understand both the aircraft, one from Brisbane and the other from a domestic port were not informed of the problems with the airport until they contacted the tower at 50 miles out. There no doubt would have been holding requirements on the airport due to weather, but no one was advised that the runway lights and the ILS was U/S.

As a result the two aircraft had to hold until the runway lighting was restored. From what I believe both aircraft didnít have alternate fuel to go anywhere else, as there wasnít a requirement to carry it, they both held for about 40 minutes before they could land safely.

One has to ask the questions, is Jacksonís Airport up to ICAO standards with this kind of thing happening, also what about the intelligence of the PNG Airservices staff, ie ATC, someone should have advised the pilots or Air Niugini operations the minute the lights went out. What happened to the backup power, is the generator U/S because all the fuel has been stolen or has it simply ran out of fuel or oil.

Having flown in PNG for many years now I have seen some pritty weird and stupid mistakes happen, but this incident is by far the worst I have witnessed. Two RPT jets flying around at night with no fuel to go anywhere else, because there wasnít a requirement to and being told on arrival that the runway lights and the ILS have both failed is totally wrong.

Did anyone else hear about this incident?

24th Oct 2010, 01:13
Goes to show that a requirement for an RPT jet to carry an alternate for a single runway destination (esp in PNG!!) would be a good idea.

Waghi Warrior
24th Oct 2010, 01:35
You are not wrong there, I'm starting to think it would be a good idea to carry alternate fuel for every airport, regardless if it is a single runway, highlands or due to weather issues. These guys obviously nearly come unstuck last night due to no fault of their own.

I saw a Japanese B767 tanker in POM a couple of weeks ago, maybe PX could acquire one of those to assist in times of need.

25th Oct 2010, 22:30
Anyone operating to a single runway destination, at night, without a back door, in THIS part of the world needs their head read.

Its not about fuel policies, its about common sense and something that seems to be disappearing: AIRMANSHIP...

PIC still decides the fuel figure.

25th Oct 2010, 23:20
Before you jump on the 3rd world country wagon...the same thing happened at Darwin in May09- worse than 3rd world-RAAF.

Ricky Bobby
26th Oct 2010, 02:37
I have heard from one of the PIC's that he had fuel for Nadzab and made the decision to hold until he had to divert.

26th Oct 2010, 18:54
So when is CAA / Airservice planning to fix the problem?
Or is it upto LNG?
Otherwise nogut moni :cool:
How is Kikori new runway coming along? :rolleyes:

27th Oct 2010, 10:16

You are correct the lights were out for a considerable time. I am not sure why as no CB's in circuit area that I saw. I have to say I always chocker fuel when I fly in there at night. I guess I lived in PNG for too long and always expect the unexpected. Brings to mind a question I have. Does anyone know the PAL freq for the HIALs if there is one?

The next night the female centre controller had an open mic on 123.4 for about 15 minutes while she chatted to her mates on the phone. I just thought it was Ops normal for PNG. Some one called Brisbane on HF and they rang her to fix it. She wasn't fussed at all and took another 5 minutes to sort it out.


Waghi Warrior
27th Oct 2010, 12:56
ALLAH,I agree about your comment in regard to airmanship but some of the aircraft can't physically carry the fuel for a suitable alternate,especially if the closest alternate has any WX holding on it,combined with commercial pressures this can make the issue quite a headache for a PIC,especially when the operational support can fall down from time to time.

Grogie,what HIALs are you talking about ? There aren't any,they have been decommisioned or stolen,runway and taxiway lights tasol. What is of concern is given the amount of aircraft that overfly AYPY in the hours of darkness,how would PNG Airservices and all the other associated services be able to handle a full on emergency at night if an overflying aircraft had to divert to Port Moresby due to an emergency ?

28th Oct 2010, 10:32

Mate I have to say it brings to mind the old rule about holding an alternate for an airport at night where there is no one in attendance as that is about the level of attention you would get if something happened from the Wantoks. As they say"Emi No Savi". At the risk of repeating myself, in PNG Expect the Unexpected. Remember in the old days when no flight of any description was permitted after last light. In my opinion that is the way it should still be up there.


AQIS Boigu
28th Oct 2010, 10:40
POM is also used as an en-route and ETOPS alternate for a lot of airlines going over the top of PNG...

High 6
28th Oct 2010, 13:09
And they probably charge a hefty sum for the overflight charges etc... Going into the CAA "retirement fund" no doubt. It's a blood shame actually. :ugh:

28th Oct 2010, 16:48
I thought all these problem were raised when ICAO came to town?

8th Nov 2010, 09:59
You will find that both the f100 s would have had fuel for Nadzab however for those of you who have not flown in png you need to understand how unattractive the concept is to divert back over the Owen Stanleys at night to an even less reliable Nadzab and burn an extra couple of tonnes doing so.
What has been a problem in the past is the remote switching being u/s so when the power does go out there is no auto switching to the standby power so the tower has to track down old mate to switch it manually.
Im not sure if this was the case the other night as I was fortunate enough to allready be in the bar by then however its not the first time and proberly not the last, hence Air Niugini's generous fuel policy.