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22nd Oct 2010, 06:47
So how many Rex guys have 330 slots?

22nd Oct 2010, 08:14
Ahhhhhhh, just curious but why would ANY Rex guys have a "slot" in VB on their new A330's?

I may be an outsider but that would seem a tad optimistic!!

22nd Oct 2010, 08:52
Yes I think the number would be Zero.

22nd Oct 2010, 10:05
Sounds like Buzzy knows something! :suspect: :}

Going Boeing
22nd Oct 2010, 10:19
Maybe SAAB is bringing out a shortened version of the 340 to be called the SAAB 330 - the REX guys will be first in line for those jobs. :rolleyes:

I suspect that Buzzy is just enjoying a spot of fishing, :D

22nd Oct 2010, 10:47
Know where you're coming from Buzz :ugh:

22nd Oct 2010, 21:41
Not to mention that VB might want to employ guys with at least some Jet experience!!!

Yep, I think this is a good wind up!!

22nd Oct 2010, 22:14
have heard this also in the crew room (nearly as reliable as the tsv refueller)

22nd Oct 2010, 22:57

23rd Oct 2010, 01:19
Don't know the reasons but it is the case.

23rd Oct 2010, 01:38
I know exactly where Buzz is coming from. Very interesting indeed.

23rd Oct 2010, 04:09
Yes I can understand all the disbelief and notions of fishing etc. Further disengaging an already disengaged workforce seems unreal. Then again RH seems happy to smoke a thousand of his workers just to help a couple of his queens!


23rd Oct 2010, 05:50
CASA is watching (and waiting)

• First A330 pre-application-Okay that didn’t go well at all
• Second on Oct 29th-“Okay, we have something to offer; Skitch ‘em Rex!”

Forget the Queens and the EK mates club, get some experienced and qualified A330 introduction personnel or it will all end in tears :{

23rd Oct 2010, 05:57
nitpicker330 Not to mention that VB might want to employ guys with at least some Jet experience!!!

Why start now????

23rd Oct 2010, 08:06
I heard from a good source 4 CX 330 F/Os have resigned to join VB to fly the A330. Apparently they start at the bottom of the seniority list.

23rd Oct 2010, 10:09
So, the REX (soon to be ex-REX) Turbo-prop Captains going to VB to crew the A330, will they be S/O's (long-haul) or F/O's?

23rd Oct 2010, 11:59
No SO's for the A330 as it is for domestic ops only.

Red Jet
23rd Oct 2010, 19:54
Someone / Anyone; PLEASE put KRUSTY out of his misery and give him a job on a non-propeller driven flying machine! His obsession with this subject is not good, not good at all, I tell'sya!!

23rd Oct 2010, 20:07
Thanks for clearing that up F111

Not quite sure what you're on about Red Jet. No obsession, just thought it a reasonable question.

By the way, the subject of the thread is REX and the VB A330. Have you got your slot yet? :)

23rd Oct 2010, 22:50
Anyone who thinks the A330 will be domestic only is deluding themselves.

Have a quick think about it. The 777 has shown itself to be too big for Virgin, whilst the 737 was never intended to be medium haul international product.

If Virgin is to move further into medium haul international (Asia) then it will need a mid sized widebody to do it.

Now, i guess it may not be the A330, and could be a 787 or A350, but my money is on the A330 heading up into S.E Asia in the near to mid term future.

I would suggest that those taking under the table deals to (secure?) their future on a widebody, should give a fair amount of thought to the implications of flying yet another Virgin aircraft on international sectors whilst being governed by a domestic EBA (or common law contract). Didn't work last time, probably won't work next time.

I would think the unions would be giving this subject more than just a little consideration.

23rd Oct 2010, 23:21
Interesting times virginexcess.

Anyone from REX like to comment on the offer?

24th Oct 2010, 00:13
Confirmed - 4 CX RQ A330/340 SFO's heading to VB. Possibly another giving notice this week.

24th Oct 2010, 05:05
Vb 330 are ONLY Domestic at this stage, but like any good poly that could all change at any time, think the word is " fluid"

24th Oct 2010, 05:22
If the history at QF is anything to go by, I think the statement is:

There are no plans at the moment to send the A330 on international routes.

That there may be plans tomorrow, the next day, or next month is entirely irrelevant. :ugh:

24th Oct 2010, 05:51
And they wonder why we drink!


24th Oct 2010, 07:50
So let me get this right then.

No time on type or widebody command experience required to become a check captain, just relationships with management pilots..........yet non type qualified incumbent F/O's overlooked for CX guys, who presumably are being hired to babysit the new check captains.

A bit of a variation on V, where experienced widebody/international F/O's were hired to babysit the VB guys coming across, and have subsequently had their careers put on hold due to no promotion path. Actually, no it's not. It's exactly the same as V.

I am very interested to see what the CX guys have been told Re promotion prospects. I find it difficult to swallow that RQ CX F/O's would give up a job with CX to join at the bottom of the VB seniority list to await their turn at a ejet command. I'm thinking some promises have been made that can probably only be kept on common law contracts.:confused: Probably along the lines of what was told to the V F/O's, which was; "no problem, you'll have a 777 command in 6 months to a year".

Seems Virgin are intent on pissing just about everyone off.

This could make for some interesting repartee in the crew room!

24th Oct 2010, 08:35
What's all this talk of seniority? We have seen time again how important it is not in VB!!!!!

24th Oct 2010, 11:11
Just talked to someone that actually knows about this. Rex guys were put on a waitlist for a position with VB not given a position on the A330. No external FOs to go onto the A330 apparently they will all be internal similar to the B777. There isn't even a set contract/EBA for the positions so a bit hard to offer to anyone right now.
Wasn't aware of the CX pilots and if they are on the way to VB it is for the B737 which has a course later this year.