View Full Version : AirNZ issues RFP for Air NZ Aviation Academy/Institute

21st Oct 2010, 02:22
Air NZ is today sending out Requests for Proposal to NZ flight training organisations to become partner providers for it's Aviation Academy/Institute.

The start of the AirNZ pilot cadet scheme??
What will become of the traditional career path and those already on that path?

Successful providers will be announced Feb 2011.


21st Oct 2010, 02:33
If it's anything like Lufthansa or BA then the airline will hope to cater for all it's recruitment requirements from it. If they don't have then numbers for their requirements or get caught out during expansion then they may still get the traditional GA or military. But it isn't looking good 5yrs down the track if you're sitting in GA or regional looking to end up with them.

Wonder why they're doing it? Experience levels at regionals?

Dizzy Llama
21st Oct 2010, 03:17
Wonder why they're doing it?

same reason as most of the other schemes - $$$$$$$

21st Oct 2010, 04:30
I can think of two providers that will there boots 'n all complete with their great PR machines and all the bullshirt that goes with them.

Why is Air NZ doing it?
Can't think of one good reason why they would need to do it.

21st Oct 2010, 05:41
Since when has gold collar management needed a "good" reason to do anything?

21st Oct 2010, 08:02
hmmm the only training organisation left in NZ that doesn't have AirNZ pilots as shareholders or club members is probably Kaitaia aero club..go Kaitaia!!:ok:

21st Oct 2010, 09:59
ahhh, so Air NZ Main finally eat their hat on the stance of "you can't possibley be skilled enough to fly our planes with less than 3000+hrs" ??

21st Oct 2010, 10:07
Just look at Air Pacific guys/girls 23-29 yrs old F/O 747, 767,737 after being S/Os progression 2 yrs minimum it can work...straight from otter/islander 1000hrs min requirement I think it is with a Fiji passport