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20th Oct 2010, 10:53
If you had recently lost your job, became unemployed then went on TV and stated that you would like to see every child in Africa obtain a decent education, broadband to be available to all in Africa, you did not live in Africa and you were not African....what job might you be seeking?

unstable load
20th Oct 2010, 14:56
Lead vocalist for U2??

20th Oct 2010, 15:07
MP for Kircaldy more like.:rolleyes:

20th Oct 2010, 15:07
Ex-President of the United States?

oh. wait

20th Oct 2010, 15:11
Admiral of the Fleet.
Should be able to fit the Fleet in my bath in a few weeks.
I could stay at home then.

20th Oct 2010, 15:19
My guess, as a "economic expert" non autistic, not prone to fits of temper, (Kirkaldy was close :D)

...Head of the IMF.....and I am convinced he meant it. :cool:

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