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19th Oct 2010, 03:32
Stumbled across this story on stuff.co.nz today.

Looks like the loony who hijacked a Jetstream flying from Blenheim to Christchurch is appealing her nine-year jail sentence in the NZ Court of Appeal. Apparently as a refugee escaping the "horrors of Somalia", she has never fitted into NZ society, and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, on-going adjustment difficulties, and behaviour disturbance.

Never mind about the victims of her crimes, particularly the crew who by all accounts did a sterling job to get on the ground without any fatalities, and were seriously injured in the process, resulting in one of them being unable to continue with his career. The scars are going to be with him for life... I wholeheartedly hope that this hijacker gets no reduction in sentence.

Hijacker to appeal sentence - crime - national | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/4247431/Hijacker-to-appeal-sentence)

19th Oct 2010, 03:37
she has never fitted into NZ society

Well send the stupid *$%@~ back to Somalia then. She clearly doesn't like it here and is costing us probably around 100K a year to keep in jail, and fully supplied with lawyers and other benefits.

Seeing as how a Kiwi jail (complete with heated floors and Sky TV) is several orders of magnitude more luxurious than anything she could ever hope to live in Somalia, we are doing her a favour...

Mr. Hat
19th Oct 2010, 05:12

19th Oct 2010, 07:57
and I bet we're all paying for this appeal with legal aid to this outstanding example of citizenship....


19th Oct 2010, 08:18
"Abdille has 27 previous convictions and she was on bail for threatening to kill and possession of a weapon at the time of the hijacking."

Just the sort of refugee that should have been sent packing after the first convictions.

What sort of a judicial systems does it take to give these people bail on a threatening to kill and possession of a weapon charge??? and with a history of offences that she has accumulated in how long in the country???

Flt.Lt Zed
3rd Nov 2010, 05:53
This outstanding example of citizenship was back in court 6 days ago charged with 'assault with intent to injure' after throwing boiling water on a prison guard.
Add another couple of years at taxpayers expense.

3rd Nov 2010, 06:10
Want to be outraged more Flt Lt Zed? Our utterly hopeless Justice system allows multiple sentences to be served concurrently, meaning, whatever she gets for that vicious assault, any additional years will just run at the same time. So, in 6 years, after time served, and having done her 2/3rds sentence, she will be out to commit more vicious assaults. In my experience, the level of brutality goes up after a prison sentence.

And yes Sqwark, we will definately be paying for her legal representation, it is written that we are all able to have legal help....unless of course you can "afford" it:hmm::rolleyes::mad:

In summary, chuck the b!$(h out, back to Somalia you go. No doubt the liberal, left wing, tree hugging, pinko, commie loving, lefties will jump all over this issue and we'll be stuck with her. I pity the next victim, because as sure as day follows night, there will be one. :ugh:


Metro man
3rd Nov 2010, 08:38
New Zealand should insist on ALL immigrants even those arriving on refugee programs being able to fit in. Don't meet that requirement, then kiss the passport/residency goodbye and back where you came from.

It may not be politically correct to say so but those most likely to integrate well are people from civilised countries who speak English and have the skills to earn a living and contribute to society.

Bringing in people of a totally different culture, with no marketable skills what so ever, who don't share western values, won't obey the law and who will be a burden on the welfare system for generations to come just doesn't make sense.:confused:

Somalis are trouble wherever they end up in the world.

Somali crime wave

Although there are only about 3,500 Somalis in Perth, they are responsible for a mini crime wave. Numerous violent crimes committed by Somalis have hit the headlines over the past three years.

The Somalis have introduced violent car-jacking to Perth. The perpetrators, mostly with links to the African Kings, a dangerous criminal gang, have carried out a series of violent carjackings, assaults and robberies. Some examples:

* Somali refugee Abdirak Mohmd Hassan was jailed for seven years after being convicted in the Supreme Court of Western Australia on 28 May 2004 over a series of violent carjackings, including two knife-point attacks committed between October 13 and 25, 2002. In sentencing, Justice McKechnie said Hassan's carjacking crimes indicated a disturbing pattern of criminality "largely alien to our society".

* Then in August 2005, Hassan again faced a Supreme Court trial over another violent carjacking. The victim, a young student feared she was going to die after the car she was driving was hijacked by Hassan and another Somali.

* Somali refugee Dhaqane Alim, 19, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Western Australia on 6 February 2004 to charge of armed robbery with violence in company. The court was told that on 20 May 2003 Alim and two co-offenders followed the victim from the Burswood train station before mugging him. Alim's co-offender, Jye Horton, who also faces an armed robbery charge, threatened the victim with a 15 cm knife while Alim grabbed the man's arms and rifled through his pockets, stealing a mobile phone and a wallet. The court was also told that Alim was a member of the African Kings street gang.

* On 22 March 2004 five men were taken to hospital after a violent clash between Somali and Aboriginal groups armed with knives and clubs in Perth's Northbridge area. One Aboriginal man received seven stab wounds and a suspected punctured lung after being attacked by a group of Somali men.

* Police were called to break up a violent brawl between a large number of Africans and Aboriginals in the Perth suburb of Mirrabooka on 27 December 2005. Police Commissioner O'Callaghan said police were called out 14 times in the last 12 months to similar brawls between Africans and Aboriginals.

3rd Nov 2010, 13:05
I think that any person who is allowed residency,refugee status or any sort of study/work visa etc and is found guilty of a crime especially a violent one and in this case apparently a repeat offender should be deported to their place of birth.No free food and accommodation and if possible charge her for her air fare and and that of the escort and his wages for the time taken.

However,MetroMan do you see the irony in your post.
Your location is Asia yet you say this
those most likely to integrate well are people from civilised countries who speak English
Bringing in people of a totally different culture..who don't share western values

Metro man
3rd Nov 2010, 21:01
I was of course refering to immigrants suitable to settle in New Zealand.

Where I am in Asia, the main language is English and the government is highly selective about those allowed to settle here. Basically immigration must benefit the country and the population race ratios must stay the same. ie the locals aren't going to allow a different culture to take over.

4th Nov 2010, 21:35
Metro Man I was of course referring to your statement about civilised countries and what your definition of that was.

You talk about civilised countries and about the requirement to speak English but live in Asia and even if it is Singapore where you live I'm sure the government would love to hear that English is their official language.It might be an administrative language but not the national language.
Do you also think that immigrants to NZ and OZ who are from western cultures but who do not speak English are not civilised or desirable?

My point is that there are several contradictions in your post and whether they are intentional or accidental is something only you would know.

Metro man
4th Nov 2010, 22:30
Immigrants to Australia or New Zealand must be willing to learn English and should be from a background that will enable them to fit in and contribute to society. In Australia, Greeks and Italians came, learnt English and assimilated.

Bringing in people who won't obey the law and refuse adopt the values of their new home won't work. Japan, Singapore, and many Middle Easten countries won't allow a different race and culture to take over.

Saudi Arabia won't allow mass immigration of Christians and western culture, Japan doesn't want foreigners settling there at all, Singapore allows immigrants who will benefit the country but is carefull to maintain the current race ratios among the population i.e. currently 75% Chinese is going to stay that way.

Controlled, selective immigration is an enormous benefit to a country. Just look at the UK though as an example of what happens with uncontrolled mass movement of people.

4th Nov 2010, 22:38
I think you've missed my point again.

What do you think about people from asia migrating to NZ?

Metro man
4th Nov 2010, 23:43
People from Asia who are able to contribute to New Zealand, are law abiding, willing to fit in and adopt NZ values should be allowed in. But not in such numbers that the fabric of society is altered.

There are inner city areas in the UK where you just don't see any whites.
Do you want to end up a minority in your own country ?

5th Nov 2010, 03:38
People from Asia who are able to contribute to New Zealand, are law abiding, willing to fit in and adopt NZ values should be allowed in.
That's not what you said in your first post Metro Man
Bringing in people of a totally different culture, with no marketable skills what so ever, who don't share western values, won't obey the law and who will be a burden on the welfare system for generations to come just doesn't make sense.
Having an each way bet are we:hmm:
But not in such numbers that the fabric of society is altered.
So what you are now saying is that Asians are OK as long as there are not too many of them.

Who decides how many is too many ????

I wonder if Asians where you live have that same sentiment about expats like yourself living in their country,especially if they knew your thoughts.