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8th Apr 2001, 21:01
Reports are coming in of a fire in the terminal at Schiphol which is believed to have started in the Burger King.

8th Apr 2001, 21:08
flame grilled burger perhaps?

Juliet November
8th Apr 2001, 21:08
I feel another yank-bashing thread in the making !


Scottie Dog
8th Apr 2001, 21:49
Must be quite serious as no traffic being accepted until 1900z.

Red or green?!
8th Apr 2001, 21:54
At this moment the news reports an explosion followed by a major fire on 'Schiphol Plaza'. Travelers are being evacuated. Apparently no injuries!


Tristar Freak
8th Apr 2001, 22:31
Why should there be any Yank bashing Juliet November? Burger King is a British company and Schiphol is a Dutch airport.

From the Schiphol website:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">There was a fire at Schiphol Plaza. Due to the enormous smoke congestion various parts of Schiphol are momentarily not accessible. Passengers have to contact their airline for further information. Further information follows.

8th Apr 2001, 23:03
Rough translation:
The fire that started this evening in Schiphol has been brought under control. The fire was reported at 1745(local) in the shopping center Schiphol Plaza. The fire is believed to have started in Burger King. According to the Fire Brigade, it is possible that an explosion occured. A spokesman from Schiphol said that the Fire Brigade had the fire under control.

The building where the fire occured has 4 floors. It is unknown if there any injuries but ambulances are in attendance. The fire is in the new wing of the airport. The arrivals hall, departure hall and the railway station have been evacuated. Hundreds of people are standing in the area in front of the airport. According to the local radio station Radio Noord Holland, the staff of the Burger King and passengers are being accomodated in the Sheraton Hotel at the airport.

Railway traffic to Schiphol has been suspended and all approach roads have been closed. the fire brigade has shut off power to the airport. Air traffic has been delayed. Departing traffic can take off but arrivals have been limited.

If you can understand Cloggynese:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">De brand die begin van de avond uitbrak op Schiphol, breidt zich niet verder uit. Op de luchthaven is omstreeks kwart voor zes brand gemeld in het winkelcentrum Plaza. Het vuur zou zijn ontstaan bij Burger King. Volgens de brandweer heeft zich mogelijk een explosie voorgedaan. Een woordvoerder van de luchthaven Schiphol zegt dat de brandweer het vuur onder controle heeft.

Het gebouw waar de brand woedt, telt vier verdiepingen. Het is onbekend of er mensen gewond zijn geraakt. Er rijden wel ambulances. De brand woedt in de nieuwe vleugel van de luchthaven. De aankomst en vertrekhal, evenals de stationshal zijn ontruimd. Honderden mensen staan op het plein voor de luchthaven. Volgens de regionale radiozender Radio Noord-Holland worden personeelsleden van restaurant Burger King en gestrande passagiers opgevangen in het nabijgeleden Sheratonhotel op de luchthaven.

Het treinverkeer op Schiphol is stilgelegd en de toevoerwegen naar de luchthaven zijn afgezet. De brandweer zou de stroom op de luchthaven hebben afgesloten. Het vliegverkeer wordt door de brand belemmerd. Vertrekkende vliegtuigen mogen wel opstijgen, het inkomende verkeer wordt beperkt.</font>

Also: http://www.omroep.nl/nos/nieuws/

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9th Apr 2001, 00:33
Same company which also had a fire in T1 at Heathrow recently as well. Must be quite a few nervous airport authorities out there if they have a BK on the premises.

10 West
[email protected]

9th Apr 2001, 00:54
...So there's a chance that LTN might go up in flames,eh.....?!

Juliet November
9th Apr 2001, 01:01

Mea culpa, was under the firm impression that BK is an american company. However, grave as the situation may be, I do hope you understand that the nature of my post was not intended to be taken similarly serious.

But this sparks another question: Why would anyone from an alleged sensible country ever buy such an icon of American Culture (is that an oxymoron ?)


9th Apr 2001, 01:30
All your own work Flypuppy? I'm Impressed :)

9th Apr 2001, 01:42
Sounds like its less than 25M from the Fire they had a few weeks ago!!!

pax domina
9th Apr 2001, 01:58
Juliet, Juliet, oh charming Juliet - any chance of you carrying a large sign with "Juliet November" emblazoned on it, so that if you are in my general vicinity in the upcoming months, it will be easy for me to avoid you, and and your witty remarks? Not that I may not be giving you a wide berth already, if you have a cigarette in your hand. Ta very much.

Flypuppy - how about de Klompentaal? :)

A few days ago, the lot I had hoped to fly with EIN-LGW close down for reorganisation (any suggestions for how best to get myself from Noord-Brabant to LGW gratefully accepted), and now the fire at Schiphol - two days after I book a flight for AMS. Beginning to feel like a bit of a jinx . . .

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" was a part of my school curriculum, was it a part of yours?

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Juliet November
9th Apr 2001, 02:18

You will need a very good set of binoculars for that one, since I shall be nowhere near your general vicinity on said date. Nice try though, and you are welcome.


9th Apr 2001, 03:10
Too bad it didn't get IDG Cayman, Ltd's. offices at the KLM Gen Av Terminal.

9th Apr 2001, 05:05
Filed at 4:23 p.m. ET

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Thousands of people were evacuated from Schiphol international airport in Amsterdam Sunday after an explosion and fire in a fast-food restaurant in the passenger terminal.

The fire department said the blaze started in when a french fryer overheated in the airport's Burger King -- billed by the company as its busiest outlet in the world. Workers said they scrambled over the counter
and ran when they heard the explosion in the kitchen.

Fire chief Pieter Heere said no one was injured, but a police statement said one person was treated for smoke inhalation. "We closed the airport just to make sure it wasn't more dangerous,'' said Heere.

The explosion sent a burst of flame through the ventilation shaft to the roof where it was visible from outside, prompting an erroneous report on Dutch television that the building had caught fire.

Police spokesman Ruud Wever said the same fryer had given off sparks earlier in the day, but was ignored.

Incoming and outgoing flights were delayed, but the airport said the flight schedule would return to normal by the end of the day. Passengers were evacuated from one of the airport's three terminals.

Immediately after the blast, dozens of ambulances and police vehicles screamed into the airport, one of Europe's busiest.

Traffic was halted from highways leading to the airport, and all entrances were blocked. Police turned away passengers at roadblocks who pleaded that they would miss their flights.

The Schiphol train terminal, below the airport's arrival area, was also closed.

Eli van Goudoever said he was serving customers at the counter when he heard a horrific noise from the kitchen. "We had the feeling that the roof was caving in,'' he said. "I jumped over the counter. Everyone was in a panic at first.''

In January, an explosion in a restaurant restroom left three people injured. That incident was originally blamed on youths from the Maluku islands in Indonesia, a former Dutch colony, but a homeless man later admitted setting off the explosion. He had no political motive.