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Miles Magister
17th Oct 2010, 18:33

I would be grateful if any of you A321 drivers would help me with a simple question.

What is the TODR / TORR for an A321 at MTOW in ISA SL still air?

Thank you in anticipation


18th Oct 2010, 21:28
I'm only a driver not a performance specialist, but taking an average from our regular destinations, 7500 ft seems to be about the minimum you'd need assuming ISA SL, a dry runway and no obstacles to get an 89 tonne aeroplane airborne. It would almost certainly require a config 3 departure.We use balanced field calculations which is more restricting and I have no idea whether this is an industry-wide policy.

Hope this relatively vague answer might be of some help, but the A320/321 performance is very complex and usually makes extensive use of improved climb techniques.

18th Oct 2010, 21:58
Yes, came up with 2560m 89tonnes/ISA/SL/Still air.

Miles Magister
19th Oct 2010, 10:46
Thank you guys

19th Oct 2010, 14:11
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