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17th Oct 2010, 02:24
Job advertisement today on SEEK for a Chairperson for a new Australian Airline: Gold Airways.

Anyone know anything about this mob? Does Australia need another carrier?

From SEEK:

Gold Airways is a sweat-equity development of Pacific Southwest Engineering Pty Ltd ACN 103 257 996 aka "PSE", a transport logistics developer and engineering consultancy based in Australia.

PSE and its Director, beneficially own shares in RMA Gold Airways Pty Ltd ACN 107 563 806 aka "Gold Airways", the company that will operate the airline venture. The name "Gold Airways" is a registered trademark of PSE and may be subject of a licensing agreement with the airline.

PSE's venture consultants developed the AUD100m Gold Airways business plan on a sweat-equity basis and, as result, hold Founders Shares in Gold Airways. These consultants were drawn from a range of aviation experts who were passionate about building the best airline in Australia.

PSE is currently building the management team for Gold Airways and has secured the commitment of a prominent and former airline CEO to spearhead the airline's Australian debut.

Due to the high level of interest from potential investors, PSE is proposing that Gold Airways resume its role as an Australian Public Company in early 2011 and that an Interim Public Offering be conducted during that year to raise the funds necessary to apply for an Australian Air Operator Certificate and commence operations utilising state of the art Fly By Wire aircraft.

The role of Independent Chairman of the Board (designate) is a corporate governance initiative supported by the Australian Stock Exchange and the Australian Institute of Directors.

Expressions of interest are invited from suitably experienced astute men or women of notoriety and good standing in the community, with an above normal command of the English language, willing to participate in the initial disposition of the Gold Airways Prospectus to oversee a balanced Board of Directors.

The role involves high public exposure and a need to exercise a high level of good judgement and independence throughout the airline's growth phase and ensure investor's interests are protected and the highest level of corporate governance is adhered to.

No Agency Applications Accepted.

The Green Goblin
17th Oct 2010, 02:42

It's a phoenix out of the Ansett carcass.

Perhaps If Tiger were not around and Virgin were not teetering on a full service type model it may have a chance.

Perhaps they can buy out Tiger?

Mach E Avelli
17th Oct 2010, 07:47
Wankerrrs have been beating this one around for about 10 years already. It surfaces every few years with monotonous regularity, in the hopes that someone out there will get sucked in and invest. 'Sweat equity' = work for nothing = slavery by another name.

Jethro Gibbs
17th Oct 2010, 09:27
Independent Chairman of What ? they have NO $ , no planes no equipment and no friggin idea its all a huge Load of Crap.:eek:
'Sweat equity' = work for nothing = slavery by another name.

18th Oct 2010, 17:34
I've actually met the person behind this.:mad: Some people really shouldn't be allowed out to play with others.:ugh: This will go away soon, again.

1st Sep 2011, 04:11
Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor Jethro :}

Ansett memories turned into Gold
Scott Rochfort
August 31, 2011

Any sentimental former Ansett shareholders or creditors desperate to revive their memories of the fallen carrier could soon be offered a new investment opportunity.

A former Ansett employee who has been working on plans to launch his airline RMA Gold Airways for the past seven years, has signalled his intentions to raise $600 million on the heels of the 10th anniversary of the Ansett collapse. This would make the listing bigger than Virgin Blue's $439 million IPO in 2003.

''We are currently targeting an IPO [initial public offer] as early as September 13,'' Gold's founder Jens Buche told CBD.

Buche said it was purely coincidental the airline (headquartered in the Melbourne suburb of Ascot Vale) wanted to kick off its public offer the day after the 10th anniversary of Ansett going into administration.

With the RMA in Gold Airways standing for the Australian airline pioneer Reg Miles Ansett, Buche said his airline was not trying to capitalise on Ansett's history. He said it was trying to ''indicate that what we're doing is that we're trying to move on and provide the general public with an airline that they can relate to with the good product that Ansett had out there''.

''There is an affinity with what Reg Ansett stood for,'' Buche said. ''I think plenty was said about Ansett that used to be negative but I think you can also write about all the good things Ansett did for this country.''

Despite Gold not having any planes in its fleet nor an air operator certificate, Buche was upbeat about the planned IPO. Even with Qantas shares recently hitting a record low, he said: ''I don't think there are too many clever people around that know exactly when airline shares will take off.''

Asked if any investment banks were advising on the listing, Buche said: ''That I can't just explain at the moment. I am not in a position to actually make a public statement about that at the moment.

''There may not be enough money in Australia for this airline,'' he said, hinting that there could be plenty of offshore interest.


One positive that could help Gold attract investors is its low operating cost. The airline's accounts for the year to June 30 show it broke even for the period. This was helped by Gold having no borrowing costs, no employee expenses and no other costs. Revenues for the period were also flat at zilch.

1st Sep 2011, 04:23
Sounds more brown than gold.

Mach E Avelli
1st Sep 2011, 04:54
In the same vein, did anyone see the advert in the Aircraft Trader paper by Vibe Airlines? Seems they gunna operate everything from ag to airline.
They didn't mention hang gliders, so that counts me out.

Jethro Gibbs
1st Sep 2011, 06:18

2nd Sep 2011, 02:23
Gee time flies, April 1 already!

2nd Sep 2011, 03:24
Jens Buche,

Now theres a name that comes with credibility LOL

2nd Sep 2011, 04:46
Jens Buche,

Now theres a name that comes with credibility LOL

That's true NOT QF LAME. Yet when one visits the QF training school in Tulla (formerly TAA training school obviously) there sits on a wall a plaque with the names of the outstanding apprentice of the year dating way back into the 1960's.

Next to outstanding apprentice of the year 1973 is the name Jens Buche.

Perhaps another "smartest guy in the room" with dilusions of granduer? Not unlike the current CEO of Qantas?

One can only hope that he can lure Alan Joyce to go and front this new venture, and leave Qantas to be run by somebody with an actual interest into the long term future of the the company and its staff.:ok: