View Full Version : Takeoff Weight Limited By Noise Restrictions

15th Oct 2010, 00:00

The noise restrictions may necessitate special approach or departure procedures for noise abatment and in some instances will restrict the allowable takeoff weight

It will be nice if someone can name the airports and the aircraft that may restrict the allowable takeoff weight because of the noise.

Feedback appreciated


15th Oct 2010, 00:30
Nearly all european airports? SIDs and STARs are nearly allways constructed with noice concerns in mind and the required minimum gradients quite often have an impact on performance.

However, a flat restriction on weight is something i haven't seen yet.

Mad (Flt) Scientist
15th Oct 2010, 04:11
I doubt anyone would proceed with a design that was so affected, but I can conceive of a case where to get just under an ICAO noise threshold you need to get just a bit further from the ground faster, since the takeoff profile does affect the noise levels. So, conceivable, you might find that the last 1000lbs of TOGW dropped you into the worse noise category, and so you';d rather take the hit on TOGW and keep a "clean" noise qualification?

In such circumstances you might have a placarded TOGW that wasn't driven by anything other than the technical cert, and maybe it'd be an option, just as some business jets have placarded MOGW Limitations purely to allow operations into certain airports, and some airlines use placarded TOGW restrictions - again, actual optional placards - to get lower landing fees.

But, as i said, you wouldn't plan to be there for a new sheet design, it sounds more like a "curses, we didnt expect that result and its too late in the programme to redesign" situation to me.

15th Oct 2010, 04:25
Many airports have minimum climb gradients to ensure that the aircraft is high enough by the time it reaches residential areas so it's quiet enough. A light aircraft may be able to acheive this gradient, a heavy one may not. Therefore the pilots must check, on the day, that they are not WAT limited.