View Full Version : REX in a mess

14th Oct 2010, 01:22
the athmosphere around Baxter street continues to get thicker with the micro meddling of the singaporean owner, word is that quite a few senior managers have had enough and are looking to depart.

14th Oct 2010, 07:18
Well, it probably depends on the type of "Senior Management" gossipgirl. Those few (very few) in the very upper echelons of power are remunerated to an extent that no level of medling would dislodge them from protecting their positions, at any cost! Just read the annual reports, you'll see what I mean.

As for other Managers? They may at one time thought they were in the inner circle, but in reality they are considered as easily replaceable as the rest of us! Like experienced pilots, they grow on trees don't they? :ok:

14th Oct 2010, 09:29
They don't call it "Backstab Road" for nothing!! :E

16th Oct 2010, 10:26
Well, besides that general statement "gossipgirl" is there anything that is reasonably concrete or is that a rumor of the most devious kind???

Well, Rex works on the "self competing model" then it must mean that eventually after raping the engineers , pilots and F/A's EBA's then the next step is reduction in managment salary!!!? (HAHAHHA we can only hope!!?)

16th Oct 2010, 21:50
Singapore HQ medling in day to day operations....well who would have thunk it. Nah cant believe it, cant be true..............said tongue in cheek.

Hm, now what about the pilots award, oh anual leave loading is "optional". The award is only a "guide", if they dont want to pay it they dont do so. So is paying salary on time. Oh sorry, it going to be a week late cause the boss is on holidays.

Wait till you get non-pilot singapore managers questioning your operational decisions. It will come.

17th Oct 2010, 18:35
Has REX ever been any different?:cool: