View Full Version : Skycare ground staff smashes radio jock in N.Z.

Its the Pleats
13th Oct 2010, 02:49
I thought this may have made it on here by now...

Funny stuff, "F*ck off to Air New Zealand!" Love it!

Radio star Iain Stables 'punched' in Jetstar row | News.com.au (http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/jetstar-employee-punched-radio-star/story-e6frfq80-1225937647481)

13th Oct 2010, 05:48
....and AirNZ's internet adverts..."Get flights, not into fights!" GOLD!:D:}

13th Oct 2010, 06:39
Shock jock sure got a shock, no doubt. A bit different than insulting people on radio :-) Still a bit OTT though, if Jetstar cabin crew punched people out every time they were insulted, they'd have no passengers left!

13th Oct 2010, 09:49
SkyCare being, if am not mistaken, Air National or a subsidiary thereof.

Can't seem to keep themselves out of the news recently, can they...

conflict alert
13th Oct 2010, 09:58
....and AirNZ's internet adverts..."Get flights, not into fights!"

where was that then? I checked Blackboard Specials, GrabaSeat, Email Specials and their Home page today and didn't see that??

Inverted Flat Spin
14th Oct 2010, 00:16
It was up on the grabaseat site on tuesday, appears to be gone now.

14th Oct 2010, 00:31
The guy looks like an absolute douche and deserved it. Not such a big man without a microphone and station security are you? Can we get someone in Aus to do this to Kyle Sandliands?


Jethro Gibbs
14th Oct 2010, 01:05
Dealing with the public @ large what a pleasure it is there really are some pigs out there.:D well done.

The Green Goblin
14th Oct 2010, 01:18
When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys :{

14th Oct 2010, 05:13
Doesn't matter how much you pay, assaulting pax is not acceptable... well maybe in Oz... ;)

You have to wonder though, at the quality of recruitment in SkyCare/Air National... :rolleyes:

14th Oct 2010, 06:47
A few month's back, a certain media celebrity/tart called a Jetstar check-in chick every name under the sun because she dared to charge him for excess baggage.

This individual prides himself on being a big tough guy, but when it suits he likes to have a little temper tantrum and let fly with verbal abuse and abusive language when dealing with members of the opposite sex.

Perhaps large egos are very fragile things!!!

14th Oct 2010, 06:55
Dealing with the public @ large what a pleasure it is there really are some pigs out there. well done.

Perhaps large egos are very fragile things!!!

You guys have got to be kidding right. You are saying "well done" to a customer service person for punching a customer in the head as they walked away from the desk!!!

I do hope you guys are not in the front of an aeroplane with attitudes like that.

Yes the GP are pains in the butt and they are we, we are they!

There is NO EXCUSE for punching someone in the head as retaliation.

14th Oct 2010, 07:14
Whats the Jetstar slogan 'it's all about choices'. Clearly he did not choose the 'does not wish to get smacked in the head option'. Jetstar now offering for $29 plus GST a checked bag and not getting a smack in the head.

Definately advantages about using contractors for your ground handling !

14th Oct 2010, 07:21
Personally I have always found a pleasant smile and showing the over person common courtesy always gets me a long way, that includes numerous airline upgrades over the years, waiving of bank fees, waiving of excess bagagge charges etc.

But in society today we seem to have a lot of people that like to beliitle the worker for their own gratification, ego or just pure rudeness.

Artificial Horizon
14th Oct 2010, 08:56
Don't jump to conclusions here, witnesses that I have spoken too have raised doubt over whether it was just 'verbal' abuse that the groundstaff were subjected too. Obviously being a current investigation no more can be said except for the fact that one has the right to defend yourself or a co-worker if they are being physically assaulted. Is it acceptable to punch a passenger....no, and in this case the person in question has lost his job and been arrested. Should customers be able to subject workers to verbal and physical abuse.....no. I suspect the 'civil action' and police investigation will amount to nothing once the real story starts to come out.

14th Oct 2010, 09:40
one has the right to defend yourself or a co-worker if they are being physically assaulted.

Please explain how beating up on a guy that is walking away from you can be classified as "defence"... :ugh::rolleyes:

BTW he hasn't lost his job (yet), he may well take SkyCare to a tribunal and win, and in any case Air National/Skycare seem to like to retain people who screw up... it's the modern way, dontcha know... :D:D

14th Oct 2010, 20:15
The fact that a witness reported seeing the radio jock push a female member of ground staff... nope he deserved a smack in the head.

14th Oct 2010, 20:58
Just in case Green Goblin drops in....... He was a Kiwi so he deserved it (:mad: wait a minute, I'm a kiwi :O )

This shock jock got shocked alright. He was the loser because he arrived late for checkin. When will they learn to get there early enough so this doesn't happen. Oh I forgot the rule don't apply to cell eb raties. :rolleyes:

14th Oct 2010, 23:27
It's a shame for Jetstar to get a bad rap from any employee's actions. I happen to like what they do as far as economic efficiency goes.

It's also a shame that 'Stables' gets given a celebrity status. He's one of those "celebrities" who could walk down any street, anywhere, and go entirely unnoticed. He's that famous.

big buddah
15th Oct 2010, 01:13
Stables is an idiot,

Many years ago he verbally assaulted a ground staff member at an airline I was flying for, all because he was late to the gate and the doors were shut on the aircraft and being prepared to taxi. He lost his temper and made a royal dick of himself! Abused the CSO at the gate. He was running around yelling "do you know who I am! I am Ian Stables!"

Looks like nothing has changed for the guy.

15th Oct 2010, 01:23
Yeah so that totally justifies smacking him over the back of the head. :ugh:

15th Oct 2010, 12:51
Typical behaviour from bullies & cowards! Rant & rave, swear, throw things & act in a threatening manner. Then get the the PR machine in top gear for the press & act all innocent as though they are the victims.

Perhaps the female staff member should make a complaint against him for assualt, since he threw objects at her, verbally abused her & then took a swipe at her. Then they could at least arrest this low-life as well. Sounds as though he needs some time in the slammer, even if he would be out on bail very quickly.

Old 'Un
18th Oct 2010, 22:13
It was my pleasure, over a couple of decades, to interact with some of the top names in the entertainment industry. No name-dropping, but those who are REALLY famous (a household name) are generally the most unobtrusive people you could possibly meet.

Conversely, the real ratbags are those who THINK they are famous (or are going to be) and demand that rules, procedures, whatever, are waived for them because, in their eyes, they are SO important.

Noone has a right to threaten or abuse any staffer in any line of work for just doing their job to the best of their ability, let alone physically attack or throw things at the staffer.

This guy has worked for 16 radio stations and been fired from 4 of them, according to Wikipedia. I had to Google him to find that out because I had never heard of him, and I am still closely associated with that part of the "entertainment" industry.

Let natural justice prevail, through the courts, whatever. He's rapidly running out of radio stations to work for in this country, so watch out Aus, you might be next.

There are always going to be boils like him on the backside of humanity.

Le Vieux

ai pai
19th Oct 2010, 22:22
Check in staff or any human being can take so much verbal abuse from anyone and to come from a complete stranger for that matter you are just asking for it:ouch: everyone is different reacts differently and no one is ever the perfect person...customer sevice with a bang!!:)

Cpt Link Hog
20th Oct 2010, 01:14
Stable has always had a gripe about Airline's, Airports, Pilots ect ect
made countless prank calls to ANZ,QF and Auckland Int Airport if he's such an "A" lister what's he doing flying down to welly on a J*

Shuttle to the Airport $30
Flights to wellington on J* $29

Smack in the head from counter staff for being a Tool.... Priceless:D

What he thinks of Pilots (is funny tho)

YouTube - ZM Stables Drunken Pilot Coma (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUjyVizm9Zs)