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13th Oct 2010, 01:09
Interesting way of getting the message across . . .

Sydney Airport backs AirAsia X's flying rights push

Geoffrey Thomas - Airline Transport World - 13th October 2010

Sydney Airport is backing AirAsia X in its vocal campaign to be allowed to fly to Sydney. The carrier has painted the side of one of its A330s with the slogan "Liberate Sydney-End the Monopoly" to promote the issue but has yet to receive approval from the Malaysian government.

SYD CEO Russell Balding said Tuesday that "flights by AirAsia X would benefit passengers in both Malaysia and Australia and build tourism and cultural and commercial links in the two countries."

He continued, "Fundamentally, airlines should be able to fly where passengers want them to go. This is an important principle that Sydney Airport supports. Consumer preference should guide the development of the international aviation market and airlines should be able to operate services in line with passenger demand."

In the past year, AirAsia X has lifted passenger numbers by over 60% on its Perth-Kuala Lumpur route.

See Sydney Airport backs AirAsia X's flying rights push | ATW Online (http://atwonline.com/airports-routes/news/sydney-airport-backs-airasia-xs-flying-rights-push-1012?cid=nl_atw_dn)

13th Oct 2010, 01:51
Russell Balding should be concentrating on how he is going to solve the gridlock at SYD airport rather than introducing yet another airline operating SYD-London. The fact that there is not enough parking at one of the busiest airports in the world is slightly more important.

Horatio Leafblower
13th Oct 2010, 02:07
Ending the monopoly at Sydney Airport sounds like a great idea and should start with terminating the leases of MAp and BAL. Who cares who is flying in/out?

That Russell Balding is supporting a campaign aimed at "ending the monopoly" has to be a joke...?

ramble on
13th Oct 2010, 02:07
Now that is funny.

13th Oct 2010, 04:07
By pax numbers it is 28th

Jack Ranga
13th Oct 2010, 05:28
Which correctly means it is one of the busiest in the world, would it not?

As HL states, the thieves that run the airport should fix their own back yard eh, eh?