View Full Version : New meaning to the term "cattle class" seating

VH-Cheer Up
12th Oct 2010, 03:13
Gosh, these look comfy... The world's tiniest airline seat the 'Skyrider' | News.com.au (http://bit.ly/amEXaM)

Imagine sitting in these for 15 hours?

psycho joe
12th Oct 2010, 04:04
“The seat is like a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in it,”

I'd suggest that 'comfort' is a subjective term when mustering cattle all day. I'm sure it's more comfortable to be on the horse than, lets say, being dragged to death behind it. But only mildly so.

stubby jumbo
12th Oct 2010, 22:39
Strewth !.....what next??

Riding bare back:rolleyes:,bringing your own feedbag,getting branded at checkin,drinks via a drench gun.......then herded on and off the aircraft using a cattle prod.

Hey....'hope no one at JQ reads this and gets ideas:=

13th Oct 2010, 22:35
Was on tv a few weeks ago. Not for long haul and not good for anyone over 6 foot tall.

13th Oct 2010, 23:06
Doesn't matter how many seats they can get in. It won't change the length of the average thigh bone and the space it needs to fit with the seat in front of it.

14th Oct 2010, 04:55
Can't wait to see the "crew rest" seats-----pineapples come to mind' :ooh::{

Dick N. Cider
16th Oct 2010, 03:41
It was once suggested in my workplace that one-legged stools would be an excellent way to stop controllers from falling asleep on night shifts.