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Saab Dastard
10th Oct 2010, 22:04
Time to start a new thread - the old one is locked here:



11th Oct 2010, 01:38
Hi everyone

Anyone from Hobart who can give a rough estimate of people who turn up for the OD? I'm considering flying down from Brisbane (have family in Tassie so wouldn't be a complete waste of a flight if I didn't get through...) It just seems so hard to even get noticed at the OD's for major cities, there are so many people and everyone I've talked to at the Brisbane open days are often on their 3rd or 4th try...I've only been to 2 so far. Maybe persistance is the key...would appreciate if anyone has been to a hobart OD before!

Samantha in Sydney
11th Oct 2010, 01:48
Hi MissB,

Not sure if this will help but I have numbers for the Sydney OD that was on Saturday 9/10/10. There were 125 of us to start, 55 came back the next day for AD and now there are 24 of us going through to FI today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I was surprised that there are so many of us going through to FI but I guess there is a chance that we won't all get hired.

Good luck,


11th Oct 2010, 02:47
i am really happy to see you getting through the whole process
i have been sending you,,iam from alexandria too
and waiting for my GC
i have some friends got thier call from cairo,,
and i think will be joining at the same time as yours
can we contact more to see if we can add any thing to help for you guys
and again ,,iam really happy for you
and good luck

11th Oct 2010, 03:56

I dont know if you remember me, but on page 96 on last thread you give an advise about the resignation letter, and I want to say Thank you. You were right, I just went to my last company and almost got on my knees to convince them to do the letter as Emirates wants, and finally work it out they did it. I sent it to emirates and hopefully this step will be done soon.

Thanks a lot.

And taking the opportunity to say good lucky for everyone who is passing through the interviews. :ok:

See ya.

11th Oct 2010, 04:44
Hi missB,

I went to the OD in Hobart back in late July this year (I'm from Melbourne). About 45 people attended and only around 15 people got through for a final interview. Everything was done on the same day and interviews were arranged for the next 2 days. Pretty lengthy process as I was there from 8:30am through to 6:30pm. It's definitely easier in Hobart compared to attending OD's in popular cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane where there are hundreds of applicants. Makes it harder to stand out in such huge crowds.

Oh and a lot of the applicants flew in from other states. Mostly from Melb and Syd. Recruiters seemed unimpressed with the amount of people who flew in for the OD - they suggested more than once that people should wait for days in their own cities etc. BUT if you have family in Hobart, it's worth giving it a try. At least you can stay for a short visit, free accommodation and all :)

Anyway, I'll be joining Emirates at the end of November so if there's anything else you would like to know, I'm happy to share my experience. Good luck! :)

11th Oct 2010, 04:49
Thank you so much! 45...wow that is a lot less than Brisbane (I think the last Brisbane OD I went to had about 150 people...possibly even more) They did say that at the last OD I went to that people should just stay in their own cities, but it's so hard not to get down when I haven't got a call back, I'm starting to think that maybe it's just me and that I'm not what they're looking for. I'll have a think about it, it's a few months away...definitely sounds easier than trying to get in one of the cities. Thanks so much for your help, and all the best for your training!!

11th Oct 2010, 07:16
Hi everybody I'm about to leave to Dubai in a few hours!!! I wish everyone the best of luck and remember stay patient haha

Goodluck everybody and see you in Dubai very soon!!! Xx

11th Oct 2010, 08:49
missB - no problems, you're very welcome :) i think you should definitely give it a go and in between this time you can prepare yourself. i was hesitant to go too but took it as a short getaway from home and stayed with a close friend who lives in Hobart. It was all worth the effort. I'm here for support and help in anyway I can. Just give me a yell out whenever you want ;)

AmandaUC - good luck and have a safe flight!!! can't wait to hear from you when you're finally in Dubai for training. Keep in touch and see you soon :)

11th Oct 2010, 19:26
Hi everyone
In from Mexico City and I did my FI on August and i was succesfull now im having troubles downloading the pre employement medical forms and I would really thank if somebody could email them to me.

Everybody I wish you all the luck if you're waiting for the GC it took a while for me
best of luck!!!!

11th Oct 2010, 19:40
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

11th Oct 2010, 19:46
hello guys just to let you know
this weekend in zurich the recruiters asked everybody to fill in a form if they went to a previous interview before and also the exact date. so for the ones trying to apply faster then 6 months after failing i dont think is possible anymore

12th Oct 2010, 15:18
Does anybody have that word document that 1 of the users sent around. with the 135 questions that might come up?
i emailed her but no reply as of yet. my email address is [email protected]<hidden> :)

12th Oct 2010, 19:18
Hey guys, just to announce that my status changed to Not Succesful and i received the Rejection email. I dont feel that bad, it was worse when i was waiting wthout knowing what was gonna happen, though at least i had hopes at that moment.

I'll have to move on with my life, at least for a year. If in a year i have space in my life to try it again, ill do it.

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.

12th Oct 2010, 21:53
i am sorry Dear for that
but i can feel how is it waiting for a long time
how long have you been waiting?
but you can apply again
and again ,,til you go through,,in 6 months

13th Oct 2010, 05:02
Hey Everyone. Got my GC last sunday and waiting for the medical forms. I want to start it already so could someone send it to me please? Thanks a bunch!

13th Oct 2010, 05:52
Thank you for your words.

The good thing about my process is that i didnt have to wait too much. Exactly two weeks after my final interview, my status changed from Applied to Not Succesful. It was never under review or any other status, so i wasnt really expecting any kind of answer for the several next weeks. My wait period was really short and im thankful for that.

Now i have to wait one year, cause i made it all the way through the Final Interview. Maybe if in a year im not too buzzy and i have space in my life, i may try it again.

13th Oct 2010, 13:58
Dear ,,
it is ok then after 2 weeks,,i have been waiting for two and half months up to now ,,and iam biting my nails already
but the thing i want to tell you,,dont waste a whole year waiting
go to apply for EtIHAD and QATAR AIRWAYS,,,both are great on the same level as EMIRATES
they held alot of open days all over the world,,and many times,,just keep yourself updated all the time with thier site
and i really wish you the greatest luck ever as you have the ambitioun
and wish to hear from you

13th Oct 2010, 14:12
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience since I found the info on the forum very, very helpful and would like to give something back. At the OD showed up about 250 people, we had 2 very nice ladies, Christine and Laura, from Greece and Argentina respectively, presenting us the company, the jos, Q/A session, as most of you probably already know. Then CV drop, and back home waiting for a call in the afternoon. I received a call inviting me the next day at 9 AM and receiving a reference number.
We were 50 people in this group and were split into 4 groups. We were given a piece of paper with our first names on it to stick it to our jacket/shirt. The day before we were also told the dress code: girls - business attire, long sleeve shirt,knee length skirt, skin coloured stockings, court shoes with heels but no anckle chain, hair tied back in a bun if longer than shoulder length; boys - business suit, long sleeve shirt also, tie, jacket, freshly shaved.
Then, the first and the second group entered the room and the others waited outside, then the 2 groups came out and the other 2 groups went inside and had the following things to do: we were 10 in a group and the ladies told us that they would like us to ask the person on our right their name and which was their favourite subject at school and why and then present it to the group when they told us. The ladies were calling us one by one to do the reach test and asked us some questions like if we were working at the moment, I was asked the same and if I came all the way from my country only for the OD (of course I said yes - because it's the truth). Anyway, after that topic, we had a group discussion: we were asked to do the following - keep an item of the emirates uniform and change two both for men and women, then they choose a boy and a girl to present the ideas. We said we would keep the hat for women since it's linked to tradition and change the suit into a dress (with jacket) and have the jacket border with the colours of the UAE flag; for men we agreed to keep the tie and to put the emirates symbol on it and change the shirt colour into a light green. The boy presenting the ideas was very funny, he forgot about the item we agreed to keep and said that we would keep the trousers...everybody laughed, of course..but well, we had many ideas and maybe he could not remember.
All four groups were called inside to receive the piece of paper that told us if we were successful to the next stage or not. I passed it. After that at 11:30 a second group of 50 people showed up. We were asked to come back at 13:30. They did the same with the second group. The topic were changed, obviously.
After that, we had an English test and at that stage half of us were left, so about 50 people took the English test (easy one - multiple choice, match words with definition,text comprehension and an essay with the topic "Three aspects of your personality you want to improve."). We had 60 minutes, I finished it in 35-40 minutes. Again, I received the congratulations paper. I was not surprised since the test was easy. About 10-15 people failed and they told them they should work on their English. After that followed another group discussion we were again split in 4 groups. Mine had 10 people, I guess each had 10, so we were like 40 people left. The topic: we had 2 wealthy investors and we were supposed to create a sitcom - we had to say what kind of sitcom, storyline, actors and the name of the sitcom. Each person was asked to read loud a sentence of the instruction paper given. We had 10 minutes to talk, they said we were to speak one at a time. I was looking to the paper and I was stuck...nobody said anything, then seeing that, I asked: What is a sitcom? I didn't know if it is an advertisement, a type of movie..what was that? Some said "good question", but well we were all kind of stucked, then we figured out what a sitcom is (situational comedy - tv series like "Friends"), and some came with ideas, I listened and memorized, I was sure I will be asked to present something since I did not talk too much, only agreed with others ideas. And I was asked to say what kind of actors we would choose.
I passed this stage also meaning I was chosen for the final interview. 22 people were chosen for the FI. There are 3 days for the FI. Started On monday and it ends today. My final interview was yesterday, I would like to think it was ok, we'll see if I receive the GC.
Some FI questions:
Tell me about your favourite course at the university and why (since I haven't worked before the most questions were focused on situations encountered at the university, or on the relation with my close friends and relatives).
Tell me about one time you saw somebody was in need and what did you do about it.
The famous question: why do you want to become a cabin crew?
People you dislike talking to.
A situation when somebody didn't follow the procedures. What did you do about it?
A time when you had to make a decision, waht were the consequences?
When you followed somebody's advice. Have you had results?
When you surprised somebody making them a better day.
Why do you think people don't follow procedures?
And a lot more, but these came to my mind now. I hope this will help, I know it's long, but I tried not to miss anything important. If you have questions you are free to ask. Good luck to all!!!

13th Oct 2010, 22:33
Maybe i will apply for Etihad or Qatar, if they come to my country, they dont come here too often so thats why every chance is very important and it's not easy for me to travel to another country just to apply and that maybe they kick me out.

I had plans to move to London for a while before this whole Emirates thing, so maybe thats what i'm gonna do, and being there, there are more Open and Assestment days and i will try it there again.

I am sorry you have been waiting waiting for so long, but maybe thats is a good sign, but kep in mind they still can say no so you dont get too dissapointed in case that happens. That worked for me, i feel ok now and excited to have new plans.

But good luck anyway, i think they will call you!!

13th Oct 2010, 23:39
long time, Ghana again fellas, trying again. anyone out there? There is a saying that never give up until your bones are written. Lets hook up.

13th Oct 2010, 23:52
Anyone planing to go to Ljubljana or Zagreb?

14th Oct 2010, 03:56

Does anyone know what NOT SHORTLISTED means on the website? does that mean unsuccessful 100% can't apply again for another 6 months? Also, what is the difference between a global assessment day and an Open day? can you just attend without an invite.

THankkyou :)

14th Oct 2010, 05:36
Hey guys, congrats on everyone who got their GC and good luck to everyone on the waiting pool.

This is Ed from México, I will attend the AD in México City in December, I've been told I gotta drop the extra pounds first, omg it is hard to get away from the taco fiesta!! but whatever it takes to make my dream come true.

Nobody from méxico has posted their experience, I would really appreciate it if someone did!!

Has anybody been to an AD in Sofia?? I'm moving out there next year around march, and I was thinking, if I dont make it through the AD in mexico this year, I would attend the ones held in Bulgaria, I haven't seen anyone share their experience in Sofia, I'd really appreciate it too! I think I might have a greater chance to be succesful there loll

keep it up! kudos to Mari, she's my idol!

14th Oct 2010, 11:00
i am really happy to know that you still have the chance to appy again in LONDON ,,and i know this would be an awesome experience
i really wish you the best of luck,,you deserve it
and i know too QATAR and ETIHAD both held there open days,,you go for them ,dear
and keep in touch ,,who knows may be we can meet in one of those countries,,,one day

14th Oct 2010, 13:57
I just had my final interview....
Came through an open day with about 140 people which i got through, then the screening day after that and was culled down to be one of the final 3 males left... very intense
All done and all relevant paperwork/documents have been submitted, let the waiting begin.
Do you know of you recieve an initial offer (ie successful), do they notify you by phone or email?
I know if unsuccessful its by email, but just double checking, as ill be overseas and wont have access to my Mobile.

Does anyone have any idea of the percentage of final interviews they normally end up recruiting? (I had my OD in Australia)

14th Oct 2010, 14:16
Anouk- I have training commencing the 2nd of December as well so as long as my medicals clear maybe I'll see you over there? Good luck with your medicals, I had a few issues with uploading due to file sizes but haven't encountered difficulties removing them..it could be your browser? AmandaUC-Good luck for your first few weeks in Dubai, hopefully I'll be joining you soon!

14th Oct 2010, 15:00
hi guys, i just have one question - if i pass everything with QA and just waitin for may clearance, can i go to EK Open day?

14th Oct 2010, 16:37

Someone knows if after sent to Emirates our resignation letter they send us an email confirming that is OK, or we do not receive anything and we just need to wait for our e-ticket and visa??????I sent sent my letter almost one week ago, and no answer yet..:hmm:

Thanks in advance guys!!!!

15th Oct 2010, 06:14
Hey, my resigntion letter is uploaded since 29th July, my date of joining is 1st November and it is still "in progress"... I was so worried I called them and the lady on the phone said: no worries we will check one week prior to your date of joining!!!! So I am actually joining in a bit more than two weeks, but I have no approved resignation letter, no visa, no e-ticket. I am soooo nervous, but I guess that's just the way it is!? Anyone else with the same experience?

Don Pablo
15th Oct 2010, 11:23
So I've finally finished applying for the Nairobi AD. All factors taken into consideration including smiling photos. I hope I get the invite as we have no open days here and its not funny missing out on the invite. I think this is the last ship for me as I'll have to consider other life options if I miss out on this AD and once I start my Masters and get to settle down that will be it for my cabin dream. Here's to hoping you are all succesful at your AD's, FI's and those waiting for their GC's. Cheers

15th Oct 2010, 15:10
Hi MLiz,

Congratulations on making it all the way through.:D

I am attending OD in Trinidad on 27 Nov.

One question. Did you attach a covering letter to your CV?


15th Oct 2010, 19:47
Hi Seja,
At least you could upload your resignation letter, every time I tried it give me an error message. I had to nag HR untill they finally answered back telling me to email my resignation instead.
The people I know who are leaving on the 18th (this monday) got their ticket and visa 1 week prior to departure, but have not gotten their acomodation yet, at least up until 2 days ago whe I last spoke to one of them.
So yes, you should be getting everything you need 1 week before you leave, I hope this helps.

15th Oct 2010, 21:26
I applied online but not for any OD because they are not currently visiting my country and all other current available options listed on their site were not suitable. If my application is shortlisted would they themselves inform me of the nearest AD option or would they wait till they visit my country to invite me to an AD since I did not register for any OD or Assessment center? Please let me now.
Im asking this because it can take them months to come to my country, they might not come at all, so what should I do as I have applied generally and not for any specific OD or Assessment center?

16th Oct 2010, 08:55
Dont worry, it is normal to get your final approval 1 week prior to joining and then your accomodation details about 5 days prior and your ticket / visa around 2 days prior. I know its all very last minute but it will come :-). One thing you can do is send a e-mail on the portal explaining you would like acknowledgement of your resignation letter and to recieve final approval before your give notice to your current position, thats what i did and they replied with in 2 days with my final approval !

16th Oct 2010, 14:42
Hi Seja,

Don't worry about the resignation letter. I'm leaving in 9 days and my resignation letter is still "in progress". It'll be fine :-)

16th Oct 2010, 17:07
Quick bit of info from the Dublin OD today. About 85 people attended. Roughly even with boys and girls, if anything there were more guys than girls there! After the CV drop off they cut about 70 people leaving roughly 2 guys and maybe 13 girls. My figures are not 100% accurate, just roughly guessing. I didnt make it through, surprised and disappointed but there you go! I was surprised that the first cut was so big but I guess you never know with these things!!

Good luck to everyone with their applications!

17th Oct 2010, 09:11
Hello ppruners,

I have a doubt here and hopefully someone will be able to clarify my doubt.

In Asia (Singapore and Malaysia), both of the Emirates Open Day and Assessment day, the preliminary selection will be done in conjunction with Emirates' appointed agency which is Sass Atlantic. I have a doubt here. From what i know, we have to apply online via Emirates carees website in order to be short listed and invited for the Asssessment Day. However, when it comes to this case ( preliminary selection by appointed agency), do we still need to apply online? Or we have to approach the mentioned agency?

If anyone of you from the countries where Emirates conducts the Assessment Day of which the preliminary selcection conducted by the appointed agency, please let us know how is the process? Do you apply online and get short listed? or Do you approach the appointed agency directly?

Thank you very much. I would appreaciate if anyone of you can help me to clarify my doubt.

To those who are still in the waiting pool and those who are going to attend OD or AD, i wish you the very best and pray for your success. Chin up cheer up boys and girls out there:ok:

17th Oct 2010, 13:02
Emirates does not waste any time they are going through applications on the careers website,friend of mine female applied for the Entebbe AD and checked her status today and it read........NOT SHORTLISTED,am in shock ,this girl was invited to the last AD but she did not attend,so am thinking the 6months wait does not apply to her or does it...??? Any how my status hasnot yet changed from applied even with the other applications that i submitted and i was not invited,am wondering is mine even read:ugh: any way will keep you posted.

DOn Pablo
Welcome buddy.......

17th Oct 2010, 13:23
Hello everyone, if you're interested, here are the number for the last open day in Paris: OD:210 AD: 86 FI: 28 GC: 5 that I know of (including me, yihaaaaaaa) Who is joining on Nov 8th?

17th Oct 2010, 17:01
Finally, after 2 weeks of trying to upload my resignation letter, I was able to do so. All I did was upload it as a DOC instead of PDF and up it went. I'm leaving in a week and I was starting to get worried :sad:

17th Oct 2010, 18:59
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

18th Oct 2010, 10:25
Hey Sori84, it is very grat to find somebody else who is going in the same time))). How are your medicals going? Did you upload everything already? Where are you from?

Hey Lisa22, what about you? When is your DOJ?

18th Oct 2010, 13:25
Hi everyone!
Does anyone know how often the Emirates recruiting team scout in a city? I would like to attend an open day/assessment day in Cape Town, but there are no open days listed on the site at all. The last time they were there was in January.... waiting sooooo patiently

18th Oct 2010, 14:21
In my country the pre-selection is also made by an appointed agency. I only applied to their website. They shortlisted me for first preliminary interview which luckyly I passed, and after that I received an invitation to Emirates AD :) So basically no need to apply on Emirates website. Good luck!

18th Oct 2010, 16:06
Hi everyone! I just want to tell you that after being waiting for more than 3 weeks my status changed to you will be contacted..... so excited!!
hope to receive the gc soon!!!
Congrats to everyone who made it, and to those who are still waiting for thweir gc as I am :)

18th Oct 2010, 19:52
@<hidden>: My DOJ is november 8th

18th Oct 2010, 23:51




Have a nice week!


19th Oct 2010, 00:58
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

19th Oct 2010, 02:46
Hi there

At the last OD I attended, the girls said they get around every 3 to 6 months. It may vary from city to city and depending on whether they do OD or AD's...keep you eye on the website, it gets updated every month or so!

Good luck!

19th Oct 2010, 03:06
hi dear,
i have Q...
i had final interview in hk last june,
i was waiting for golden call, unfortunatly i got a holding email(3months) from ek after waiting for 5weeks,,
i have been waiting 3months ,,,they mentioned that holding 3months and they will contact me in due time.,,
however there is no calling emailing from them .
guys do i need to call them and ask them??
or just waiting for them... im sososo worried.
do you have any idea???
PLEASE give me some advise,
(what they said before the reason why they hold me is due to the limited number of current vacancies and specific language & operational requirements, we need to place your application temporarily on hold for three months... but there is interview in korea(im korean) right now, they just finished final interview yesterday,,, im so worried..; )

19th Oct 2010, 09:53
Call them. It won't hurt.

19th Oct 2010, 10:53
Hi TriniEK,

Thank you! No, I did not attach a cover letter. I think my "cover letter" was going to Greece for the OD :) Good luck at the OD!

19th Oct 2010, 11:24
got my call this morning..Joining 22nd November

Thank you lord for you are faithful..

OD-25/09(Milan Italy
Approval in Progress-10/10
Locked out from my account-18/10

gudluck to those waiting..Have Faith..

19th Oct 2010, 12:09
can anyone give me an idea of how many GUYS they usually put through each open day?

I just had my FI in Australia... was one of three guys left

This waiting game is killing me ha ha!


19th Oct 2010, 16:29
It varies depening on the quality of candidates. Be patient.

19th Oct 2010, 18:37
Thank you very much Ally,

However, they changed the Assessment day to Open day 2 days ago.

I am not sure if i should go for the Open day. If i go, this will be my third times going for an OD. The first and second OD that i went, they took only female applicants. Thus, i am really not sure if the same thing will happen again for the third time. This is really not fair when they have the pre-selection done by the appointed agency.

19th Oct 2010, 20:30
OD July 31st
FI August 1st
August 10 aproval in process
August 16 a recruiter will contact you
August 21 Got my Golden call!
Sep 6 Medicals were aproved
Sep 9 Security docs aproved
Oct 17 Resignation aproved
Oct 19 E-ticket and visa

Good luck to all of you!

19th Oct 2010, 22:36
congratulation that you get your visa AND ticket :) You must be very exciting now:D

May I ask you, what kind of medical did you need to do and how long did it take?
When is your date of departure to DXB? :)

20th Oct 2010, 00:37

We have the same DoJ! My eticket and visa arent loaded up yet either and my accommodation is still in progress. Dont stress, they will have it all sorted by the time we have to fly :rolleyes:

20th Oct 2010, 11:21
I don't know your circumstances....if you travel a long way, spend a lot of money or have to skip work to attend this OD. But even if you have to do all this, just feel confident and do your best to achieve your goal.

If you really want this then you should go for it... Decide what would worth most for you and if doing your best to become EK Cabin Crew and going to this OD is that, then this is the answer to your question!!!

Best of luck and remember to share your experience so that others could learn from it :)

20th Oct 2010, 11:51
Malaysia, Kuala LumpurRef No: CC/BB/16164
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Function Room 1 & 2

Walk in anytime from 9am to 4pm

Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Sass Atlantic

hello guys im new here i just wanted to asked to anyone who attended EK's OD in KUL before. Im from another country and would like to attend this OD in KUL since still have to travel and incur a lot of expenses i might as well make sure im making the most out of it.

is this OD open for all or i still have to through the agency SASS before attending?

are they accepting male's for this OD?

what is the usual process? i have attended AD/OD/FI of QR but unable to pass the FI i just want to know if the recruitment process is the similar.

thank you guys.

20th Oct 2010, 15:00
Well Ally,

I had actually attended twice the OD in Kuala Lumpur.

For male applicants, the agency just collected our resume and photos then we were asked to leave the place.

But for female applicants, it was another scenario, they were invited to enter another room and that was the place where they started the pre-selection. That is why i said it is really unfair for male applicants as we didn't even have the chance to go through the pre-selection stage.

Hello Loloy,

Since you are a male applicant, then i suggest that you don't waste your money and time to come to Malaysia. You should go to other countries where they don't have the appointed agency. Read my previous post and you will know why it is not advisable to attend the OD in Malaysia.

21st Oct 2010, 00:40
I'm new here. I just wanted to ask a question that everyone seems to know except me :O. I'm waiting for my GC but all of you talk about your online status (applied, approval in progress...) How can I know mine? They didn't tell me nothing about that in my FI. :confused:
Thanks very much in advance.

21st Oct 2010, 00:59
Thank you.
Apparently mostly is Asia...KUL,SIN,MNL, has an appointed agency.

So sad. -):

21st Oct 2010, 01:53
hey there
i know what you are talkin about
it is the same as mine
that was the case when you have to register online before the open day
in some other countries after they pass for the open day ,they as the candidates to register online and track thier status
but for me i just went through the open day ,,dont have any online application

Good Luck

21st Oct 2010, 12:26
Is there anyone who will be starting on the 13 DEC2010 get in touch!
Also just wondering what If I turn my offer down this time, do you think/do you know if EK will accept me next time say in a couple of years..Thanks heaps people!:}

21st Oct 2010, 14:26
Hi ViaMarconi... congrats! I can imagine how excited you are...
Don`t worry for your medicals, it`s not complicated. If they `ve sent you the e-mail to log into your account so wait for some hours that maybe thay are delayed updating the portals.
Good luck...!!! :ok:
and see you in dubai soon!!!


(you are not able to receive private messages so I answered you here!!)

21st Oct 2010, 14:35
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

21st Oct 2010, 15:13
Do you know if the documents translated in english by an authorised translator are ok or do they need to be signed by a public notary ?

Thank you!

21st Oct 2010, 15:22
Hi guys, I know I've been Missing in Action for quite a while now. Busy schedules is what it is. Now, I asked a friend of mine to apply for the upcoming Nairobi AD. Problem is, she has slight deformity on her left hand in that her hand got burnt when she was little, and the skin was burnt and formed scar tissue, and the hand itself is bent at an angle. She can use her hand - it doesn't hinder her from carrying out day-to-day activities. Mari, do you think she is eligible for EK?

21st Oct 2010, 18:38
hi guys!

i will be flying to the sandpit on monday. is there anyone else on here that is flying on the 25th at 2300hr from JFK? if so, hit me up and we can meet at the airport.

i have lots of questions:

so my housing info just came in and i am placed at Al Faltat Building, Al Mankool Area. who knows anything about this building/area? i am kinda glad i am not on Sheikh Zayed Road. it just seems too industrial for me. but what do i know:-)

i have been studying for a few weeks now........any insider info on what i should know for sure before i get there would be helpful........any insider info on ANYTHING would be great.

i know that we get an advance on our first pay check when we arrive.....when is the next pay day? just asking b/c i have had an unexpected $1000 misshap so i will not be traveling with as much money as i had planned on. SUCKS!!!

this might sound silly, but we dont have to dress in "business attire" for the flight over do we?

if anyone can answer any of these question i would be greatful



21st Oct 2010, 20:08
Thank you so much! I'm leaving on Monday and I already got my location it's Al Bannai Building in Al Nahda II, anyoe know about this place?

The medicals included a dental revision, blood tests, vaccines, chest X-ray, oftalmological revision. It took me a little bit over a week because I worked and I couldn't do it all in one go, but in any case, they give you 2 weeks to complete them all.

21st Oct 2010, 20:34
Hey Alltheravens!

HAHA LOL, actually I just came back from Al Bannai Building (was visiting a friend) I also live in Al Nahda, and that building is the same as mine... it's nice, 2 bedroom apartment, each own bathroom, visitors bathroom, living and dining room with nice (not old) furniture. Kitchen. Room to hang clothes, etc..
I actually like mine a lot, each building has a pool and a gym in the roof.

Al Nahda is further away from the "city" BUT the apartments are bigger, and we are close to training collage/headquarters/airport, so my point of view: if we just want to go out, we can take the Emirates bus and go! :D

Hope you have a nice flight! (don't stress about the pre course workbook, they don't even check it here... :ugh:)

Jessica nickname: jjohns

Hey I imagine your very excited!!! Don't worry about silly questions, there are no silly questions!!!!

I have no idea what area or building is that, sorry..
FORGET the studying..I studied soooo much of the pre course workbook, been here a month now.. do you think they even ask for it? :ugh:
And they teach you everything you need to know in class, it's A LOT of information in a VERY SHORT period of time..so quit studying and say goodbye to your friends and family with all the time you have left!
Advice: Oh my gosh...I forgot so many things that I really needed, sunglasses, hair dryer, etc... :( so a tip that I would recomend you to do is do a list of everything you use daily at home so you dont forget it! Trust me, all of my friends forgot stuff they needed back home. lol

You will be given 2500DHS, 2000 are deducted from first two salaries and the 500 are a "gift". Next pay check will be a month later.
$1000 US dollars is very good to bring, more than enough. (obviously depends on the amount of money you spend... be careful with that).

Your question is not silly at all (I also wondered that lol) nope, you do not have to wear buisness attire when you get here, ONLY on the first day of induction, after that you will be wearing training uniform.

Tip: bring pictures of family, friends, etc. Download skype before coming to your computer and make a username etc. It's blocked here and there is no way to install it if you dont have it already. :rolleyes:

Best of luck!!!!!!!;)

Don Pablo
21st Oct 2010, 22:39
Hey good people. One week since I applied for Nairobi AD, no reply yet. Should I start getting pessimistic? I really want to get the invite and see how it goes but it sucks not even getting thee chance to know if you can make it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

22nd Oct 2010, 09:31
Just a quick question to those who already received their ticket/already joined...

Can we really take only 30 kg in our hold luggage??? That is soooo not enough for me :eek: hahahaha

22nd Oct 2010, 10:46

why do you think it's 30 kg? Its 50kg for BOTH (2) suitcases. You can take a carry on, respecting the maximum airline weight.

22nd Oct 2010, 12:37
so the sum of all our baggage is 50Kg, right?

thans. Lui

22nd Oct 2010, 13:03
The sum of the CHECKED baggage is 50kg, total kg for 2 suitcases (25 kg each).

Besides this you can take a carry on, respective the maximum weight of the airline. Good luck.

22nd Oct 2010, 13:16
Well I thought it was only 30 kg as this is what my ticket says.. I did read about the 50 kg but I couldn't find it anywhere on te official papers so I thought I might better ask...

But thanks anyway, I'll be packing till I have 50 :ok:

22nd Oct 2010, 18:50

However, I cannot be sure. She can try and she will see. If you want to hear my honest opinion: no Middle-Eastern airline would take her. I'm sorry to say that...

All the best to your friend!

22nd Oct 2010, 19:17
Thanks for the honest answer. Let's see how it goes. Enjoy your weekend :ok:

22nd Oct 2010, 19:25
Been awhile since I posted here. Sorry, I think your friend will find they will not take her. Why? Not because she can't use her hand- you said that she can, but the bare fact is, with so many applying why would they take one who has this problem when they can choose others who don't?

Of course, my personal feeling is that I hope her personality & skills shows through, because that is the more important thing; but having lived here now I can tell you that things are not always fair as if we would want them to be.

Perhaps she will get the perfect recruiter on the day who is wiling to give her a chance, but then, it is also up to GCAA to approve the medical checks.

Try Google GCAA and see if you can find anything about it. If it doesn't mention, then go for it

22nd Oct 2010, 22:19
micheline, hey! the contract is where it states the 50kg thing.. I THINK! not sure where I read it... it's weird that your ticket says that, If I were you I would submit them a question in the portal as soon as possible!

23rd Oct 2010, 02:26
Yay! That sounds awesome! I actually looked it up online and saw they have a pool on the roof, but it makes me happy to know that I get a gym too, plus a nice 2 bedroom apartment. Only 2 more days left!

23rd Oct 2010, 03:37
Hi there, Im currently a university student and a few years from now, Ill be applying for EK (when I reach the minimum age requirement). What things do you think I should prepare for? Currently, I know 3 languages and 1 native dialect. Would that count as an advantage? Also, What else should I be preparing for?

23rd Oct 2010, 06:39
hello Nathan,

My friend rejected the offer last year. Emirates told him, once he rejected the offer, they are not going to take him anymore in the future. You better take the offer Nathan. If you don't want it, then give it to me. Haha:)

23rd Oct 2010, 10:45
thanks for the response, I'll have a look at the site and see what it says. Cheers xx

23rd Oct 2010, 14:15
Hi,am so happy,my application is under review on the website,i applied for the AD in Entebbe on 27th November.fingers crossed

23rd Oct 2010, 17:24
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

23rd Oct 2010, 21:39
Hello everyone..

I did my FI last June 29th and now, finally, after almost 4 months I got my GC today!

DOJ Dec 06th! :D

Anyone same date?

23rd Oct 2010, 23:27
hey DANI
great to have your call ...i know
i had been waitin for 3 months til now
hope to get mine too..i know how to wait for a long time
really happy for you
wish to see you there soon

Samantha in Sydney
24th Oct 2010, 12:53
Hi guys!

I had my final interview on Wednesday 13 October 2010 and since then my status on the portal has been 'Under Review'. Today it changed to 'Approval in Progess'! Hopefully I get a GC soon! I'm so excited but don't want to get my hopes up until they call me!

Goodnight :)

24th Oct 2010, 13:30
Wow that's a very large number for FI. Your recruiters must have been in a good mood that day! I wish you all the best. Try not to think about how many of you applied, and focus on what YOU need to do to get the job.

Good luck :)

24th Oct 2010, 13:47
Congrates in advance!!
you'll receive a call soon enough !!
let us know your DOJ

My DOJ is Jan 24th, is there someone here who has the same DOJ??

25th Oct 2010, 01:57
Samantha, I was in the same group (my FI on the 12th tues)
my status changed to "APPROVAL IN PROGRESS" on the 20th... Hopefully this is good news for us both !!!!

25th Oct 2010, 03:41
At the beginning of this year, around 130 candidiates got FI in Korea.
In fainal, the number of people joinning EK was around 50-55.

No worries.
They will select 100% if they are satisfied with every cadidiate.
Focus on your FI and I hope you will grap this chance!! :ok:

25th Oct 2010, 04:29
Good day guys!

Noob here. I want to ask about the recruitment process of EK. Hope you guys know and will share. :)

1.) Do I need to register and submit CV (application) to EK website? Because my friend told me that EK would never hold an OD, only AD, and they will just invite for AD those who have submitted applications. Hence, on AD, no walk-in applicants are allowed. Is this true?

2.) Is it true that EK will have an AD in the Philippines in January 2011? ...so that we can prepare. :}

Thankies. :ok:

25th Oct 2010, 05:07
Hi Everyone

I am from Sydney and my DOJ is the 29th of November. I uploaded all my medicals a while ago but still havn't heard back with my final approval. I have sent multiple emails but no reply I might try and call them.

Has anyone else had problems or has the same DOJ but is still waiting for approval? I am very worried :eek:

also is the DOJ the day we are supposed to leave our country or the day we need to be in Dubai? If anyone has answers that would be a big help :)

25th Oct 2010, 07:13
Hi Ele87,

My DOJ is also on 29th November and I'm still waiting for my medicals to be approved. I've uploaded them more than a month ago. Two weeks ago I received an email saying my medicals are overdue. I emailed to explain that everything has been done and waiting for approval, HR replied and asked me to ignore the overdue notification and will revert at the earliest. I guess it's just waiting now. I emailed again last week to ask if HR can review my medicals asap as I need to allow sufficient time for resignation from my current job. Still no response.

Oh and DOJ is the day you check in from your country to leave for Dubai.
Hope my reply helps. Let me know when you get your meds approved. We just got to hang in there for now :)

25th Oct 2010, 08:50
Hi Ele87 and AnneeBubbles,

My DOJ is Nov 29 as well. If all goes as plan,I will see you there ladies :)

25th Oct 2010, 08:55
Hi there from Portugal

I´m also joining on the 29th Nov... And I am also waiting for the result of my medicals, I uploaded them 2 months ago so I think it is normal to wait for an answer :) I think we have much in common:)
I also sent them an email to ask how my status is, because I need to know when I should resign from my current employment. Meet you all there! Greetings.

25th Oct 2010, 09:52
Could someone explain me what chocks-on and chocks-off means? I am not an English native and as much as I have searched I don't completely understand what is means.

Here is the original frase from EKG site "Flying pay on an hourly basis - AED53.50 paid between chocks off and chocks on. Flying pay is paid in the month following accrual."

25th Oct 2010, 11:00
Hey everyone

To all those aussies out there, now that the australian $$$ is much stronger how does that affect our pay in aus dollars as it appears we now get less per hour? anybody know?

Samantha in Sydney
25th Oct 2010, 11:03
Hi Ally,

A chock is kind of like a wedge that is put in front of the plane's wheels to stop it from moving. Chock-off is when they remove the chock, that's when we start to get paid (before takeoff). Once we have landed and the chock is put back on, then we stop getting paid. I hope this makes sense! You can google it to get a clearer explanation.

Good luck!

25th Oct 2010, 11:04
Hey thanks for the reply!

Im so relieved to see a couple more people with the same DOJ as me, where in Australia are you? I just tried calling them but got cut off, Ill try again. I am very worried as i have to give notice as well. Let me know if you hear back from them. Who knows maybe we'll see eachother in Dubai :D

Samantha in Sydney
25th Oct 2010, 11:06
Hi there,

At my AD the recruiter told us that the AED is tied to the USD at a rate of 3.7. I think she said to us that the fluctuation in the AUD or USD shouldn't affect our pay in AED.

I confused you didn't I? Hahaha.

Sam :)

25th Oct 2010, 12:19
The pay in AED is the same but if you're sending money or paying bills back in Oz it bites you big time... basically your dirhams are worth less so you're paying more of them for the same bill that you would have paid 3 or 4 months ago.

If you're not spending dirhams in Oz then it's fine.

AED to USD is 3.6 fixed.

25th Oct 2010, 13:07
Hi All,

Does anyone know if you have to be 21 to apply or just at the time of joining?


25th Oct 2010, 13:21
Anouk- Great to hear back, I am in Australia and have had my medicals approved for about a week now. Hopefully all goes well for yours! I'm starting to get pretty excited about leaving, only 28 days away!!

For those waiting on approval for their medicals joining late November, I would suggest posting a question on your online portal and explain your situation. I had to give 4 weeks notice at my job so I posted a question explaining this as soon as I had uploaded my medicals and that ensured a shorter wait for approval.

Looks like a lot of people starting training at the end of this year, hopefully I see you all over there!!

25th Oct 2010, 18:09

You have to be 21 at the time of joining the company. You can apply before, a girl from my country was 20 when she applied and they put her DOJ 4 days after her 21st birthday. :) good luck

25th Oct 2010, 18:45
Hello everybody, congrats on getting your GC's :)

Mari, I have not heard from you in a while, I hope you're doing great.

And I would like to ask about the Reserva Month when you're on the A380 fleet, does it get busy?

25th Oct 2010, 19:14
Hello guys!
i need help concerning my medicals!
i had my HIV, Hepatitis C and B today, but in one report.
on the candidate portal i'm required to upload the three of them seperately.
do i have to upload the same report ( which contains the results of the three tests ) 3 times on the portal??
also the ophthlamic report ( it says that only people who requires corrective lenses or glasses have to complete it)
i don't need any of that. does it mean that i have nothing to do with that report?

appreciate feed back!!

25th Oct 2010, 19:32
purelife - Thank you :) I met up with a couple of crew this evening for drinks (as i'm in Dubai at the moment) and all my questions are more were answered - looking forward to applying, even if it will be in 2 years :ugh:

25th Oct 2010, 21:03

You need to upload each report SEPARATELY. for example: HIV: One report only. Hemoglobin: one report. (not all of them in one report) they have to be all different reports, one for each. Sorry, go back to the place you did it and ask them to do them separately.
No, you don't have to upload the opthalmic report if you don't need contacts or lenses.

best of luck.

25th Oct 2010, 22:17
Thanks alot dear!
i'll go back to the hospital to arrange seperate reports.
but i have a little concern!
the report doesn't include any details!! it says only NEGATIVE !!
is that normal?

25th Oct 2010, 23:49
Good day guys!

Noob here. I want to ask about the recruitment process of EK. Hope you guys know and will share. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/smile.gif

1.) Do I need to register and submit CV (application) to EK website? Because my friend told me that EK would never hold an OD, only AD, and they will just invite for AD those who have submitted applications. Hence, on AD, no walk-in applicants are allowed. Is this true?

2.) Is it true that EK will have an AD in the Philippines in January 2011? ...so that we can prepare. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/badteeth.gif

Thankies. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

26th Oct 2010, 05:50
Hi, just wondering if someone could please tell me when the next Cabin Crew Open Day is in Hobart, Australia? The page doesn't seem to want to load on my computer! Many thanks:)

Samantha in Sydney
26th Oct 2010, 06:06

This is a message for you guys that are already over in Dubai. Did anyone have ALL of their vaccinations done in Dubai? I don't think I will have time to get ANY of them done here in Australia because I'm going on holidays. I understand that they just deduct it from your salary.

Thank you,

Sam :)

26th Oct 2010, 08:48
Hi frequentflyer11,

Next Open Day in Hobart, Australia is on 27 November 2010 @<hidden> 9am.

Rydges Hobart
Cnr Argyle Street & Lewis Street
Hobart, Tas 7000

Good luck!

26th Oct 2010, 09:04
Hello everyone!
I recieved my Golden call yesterday, im estatic :)
My DOJ is Dec 27th- if anyone else has the same DOJ i would love to hear from you!

I havent receieved my link to the candidate portal yet :confused:, is anyone able to help me out by sending me the medical forms, as i understand we only have 2 weeks to complete these and i would love to make a start!

Thank you!

26th Oct 2010, 10:49

if I were you I would try to get as many done in Australia as you can (or at least, what you can get for free/refunded using Medicare)

If you get them done here, they will charge you and you will not have much money AT ALL in the first salary after the advance. The first salary you get is quite low (even though you get the advance you need to save it over a month or two) and if you try get nearly all done in your own country they usually don't charge for one or two

(I missed yellow fever as it was about $80 aus and couldn't get an appointment at the travel clinic but EK gave it to me for free as I did everything else.)

Up to you but you'll be poor enough the first few months without deductions for vaccines.

26th Oct 2010, 16:56
You don't need to upload the documents separately! You can upload the same page for each test, even hemoglobin count. It worked for me, they accepted it.

26th Oct 2010, 19:02
Miyako and Lisa 22,

well for a friend it didnt work that way, they asked for one report in each separate paper. Anyway get used to it, they will accept something from someone but not the same thing for someone else. It happens here too...
good luck miyako

26th Oct 2010, 19:15
Did somebody already heard something about the medical docs? I tried to pressure a little with a query explaining I need 30 days to resign from my current job but I´m still waiting:ooh:... Please let me know when you hear something!

26th Oct 2010, 21:50
Thank you for the info!
both of you are right!
one of the guys i know said that he had to upload them seperately!
i asked EK also and they said i can upload the report which contains the three tests one time only!

27th Oct 2010, 00:28
My join date is the 29th of November i also need 1 months notice and its getting pretty close to that cut off, I emailed them and got a reply the same as all the other replies over the last 2 months "someone will revert to you at the earliest" let me know if you hear anything.

Samantha in Sydney
27th Oct 2010, 02:14
Thanks so much for your info! I'm going to try and do as many as I can here! And I found a travel clinic too which is great!

Love your blog by the way, keep writing!

Medical Form

Can someone who has received a Medical Form in the last 3 months please forward it to me? I have a copy of one but I think it's quite old.

Please PM me for my email address.

Many thanks!

Sam :)

27th Oct 2010, 03:23
hi guys, goodluck to all of you

27th Oct 2010, 06:36
Hi girls,
who need medical forms please e-mail me at [email protected]<hidden>, i will send it to you :O

27th Oct 2010, 13:12
hi guys

im really considering going to the next open day near me (i decided last minute not to attend the vienna one that was on the 23rd because i wasn't feeling 100% ready). so im doing all the research i can possibly find online, and i stumbled upon a blog where the girl is talking about developing really dark veins on the back of her legs, even though she's only been flying for a very short time!! so this freaked me out of trombosis, blood clots and all that, plus im taking pills. so i was wondering if any of you know more about this? can you take while being a flight attendant?? i'd figure it increases the risk significantly. thanks guys :)

27th Oct 2010, 15:41
Hi everybody,

I've recently attended an OD and to my surprise I wasn't shortlisted. I was convinced I have what it takes but unfortunately I have messed up somehow. :ugh:The positive side is that I can work on myself and try again in 6 months. I've been pondering over all thing so much, grooming, behaviour, even my personality. :confused:Honestly, I realised how much I want it.
I work for low-cost airline. Do you know anybody who's been taken who'd worked for a low cost. (maybe a silly question but..)
Also, do you actually know any people who reapplied after six months and actually got the job?
And then, it's perhaps just a rumour but even though the web site says the minimum education requirement is a high school, emirates prefer university ?
Any replies will be much appreciated because it will give some relief to my poor nerves..Thanks;)

PS: All the best to those who got the job !!!

27th Oct 2010, 15:44
Well I also got that answer. Anxiety is killing me!!!:)
At least I found a difference in my portal:
In the medical docs I am not able anymore to remove items like I could one week ago( only view them ), maybe it means they are already checking them... Did it happen with yours too, ele87?


27th Oct 2010, 15:50
A girl has just left easyJet for Emirates - don't worry about working for low cost.

27th Oct 2010, 16:41
I don't have an uni degree, and I am flying to Dubai in 5 days to become a flight attendant yeeeyyyyy :-) No worries! You can make it without Uni!

27th Oct 2010, 17:31
Hey! I wanted to ask if there has been many people attending the OD in Norway?
Does anyone have any information about it? Thinking of attending in November...would it be statistically good place to attend since I have to travel to a foreign country anyways to attend...

Thanks in advance!:)

27th Oct 2010, 23:15
Hey guys!
did not upload my medicals yet! but started to be worried because of what i saw here as people wait so long before they get their medicals approved!!
my DOJ is still Jan 24th but i wanna get them approved quickly so i can quit my current job which i really hate !!

28th Oct 2010, 03:19

google "cabin crew health problems" and stuff like that. I'm sure you will find many useful and 'scary' info.

Flying is VERY VERY VERY unhealthy.

Here is a short list from a ppruner:

Hearing problems..tinnitus
Lower back problems
Skin problems..dryness,acne
Eye problems ...tirigeum(spelling?)
Cancers..colon,breast,skin,brain tumours
Cosmic radiation..chromosomal damage
Feet problems..corns
Fatigue and associted injuries..shoulder,hand neck
Short memory loss
Depression of the immune system
Negative effects on the endocrine cascade
Poor diet and associated problems
Oven burns
Bleeding nose

Veins? Very common problem. A friend of mine (boy) ,who has been flying for 5 years, had 2 operations already.

My biggest problem in Dubai is that I'm losing my hair big time. Everyone... All the girls are complaining about it... I have no idea why, I tried everything but nothing really works...

You will have plenty of spider veins FOR SURE, more and more will appear with time and with age. The painful dark veins will rather affect those who have history in the family. It's genetics: there is NOTHING to do against them. That girl should stop flying immadiately.

Don't worry, some people can do it long term. A lady, Barbara Beckett has just finished her 50th year at American Airlines and she still works...

Good luck with the open days!


Guys, I got my life back!

I had constant shoulder and lower back pain. I had these problems for many years since I was a child. (By the way I'm perfectly healthy, there is nothing wrong with my spine or with my muscles according to the doctors. It must be simply the stess, I should't worry that much.) The pain got stronger in the last couple of months due to stess and the heavy containers and flying 120 hours a month...

I just bought MBT shoes. I was wearing them for 1-2 hours a day for 3 days in a row. Imagine: ALL THE PAIN IS GONE! TOTALLY!!! It's just unbelievable! It's good for the veins as well. (I bought sandals for Dubai and closed shoes for the layovers.)

Try them if you don't believe me and you tried everything else...

I feel like another person, honestly. I spread the word now because I feel so different. Better than yoga.

I swim a lot but it's not enough, I should do much more sports. If you are in a good shape (some of the crew are!), you won't have these problems. If you are 'average' like me, there is a good chance that you will experience these problems.

The weight issues are also very common after joining Emirates. That's one of the reasons you will get a bit bigger uniform... Girls and boys, you MUST watch your weight and control yourself.

All the above will be mentioned during your training. It's part of the training programme.

28th Oct 2010, 09:10
It has been such a sweet journey. After uploading the last paperwork for my medicals last tuesday, I got the final approval today and the advise to resign but since I am not working I don't have to worry about that. Praise the Lord!

Sep 18: OD and AD
Sep 19: Final Interview
Oct 10: Golden call (GC)
Oct 13: Contract acceptance
Oct 28: Final Approval (FA)
Nov 29: DOJ

To those who have been waiting for their GC and FA,keep waiting and keep your heads up.

28th Oct 2010, 10:22
Hugo Sousa, Ele87 & Coco05,

Just received my final approval! If you guys haven't got yours yet, I'm sure it's on it's way soon :)

28th Oct 2010, 11:07
Hello everyone, I attend Emirates open day in Prague. There were about 100 people. And about 60 were invited for AD. Everything went as usual. First group discussion. We had to find out three the most interesting people from this century and said something about person sitting in the right. They said we should have said his or her name, and from where he was and what famous person he would like to be and why. Some people said lots of details but I better not. After that was English test. There were an article about rude girl. There were words like ticking off, take it or leave it, reliable, consider or inadequate and found from second column what it meant. And of course we had also essay and the topic was Our biggest mistake and what we learned from that. After English was group activity and discussion. We were separated to three small groups and had to make the biggest building in Prague. After that we had discussion in these small group. Our topic was found five places in Czech we would recommend to tourists and two we wouldnt recommend. It was last elimination before FI. Those who stayed had to fill papers about themselves. And finally we could go home. FI were on Mo-Wed. I had mine was on Monday and didnt went very well so I dont make any hopes they would hire me.
Anyway I will try Qatar although Im scared what I read about that.
If you have question feel free to ask me. Good luck everyone!!!

28th Oct 2010, 14:00
this makes it sound kind of scary, but i guess it cant be that bad since so many are doing it. another silly question, can you take oral contraceptives when youre a FA? you know, to keep the skin under control :D

Now im waiting for the EK site to upload like everyday with new locations for open days, any ideas if they upload it on a monthly basis or just whenever they feel up to it??

28th Oct 2010, 14:28
Hi everyone.... I have just received my final approval.... This is great... we are much closer now... :D:D
See you in dubai on November 29th!!!!!!

28th Oct 2010, 16:15
Hey EKgirl,

My DOJ is also on December 27! I am excited. We should exhange facebook info.

Just a question does DOJ mean we fly out on that particular day or we already will be in Dubai?

28th Oct 2010, 16:43
just a quick question - do i have to apply online for the OD?
thank you very much in advance!

28th Oct 2010, 17:03
Hello Everybody!!!

Today I received my accomodation informations, I will stay at Al Garhoud Bldg, Block A, Garhoud. Somebody knows or have any idea if this building and place is nice??? im so curious..heheh..

Thanks to all.

28th Oct 2010, 18:59
My DOJ is nov 15
hows your medicals going !
check your inbox we can keep intouch and exchange facebook profiles

28th Oct 2010, 19:18
Hi everyone, I have just received my accommodation details. Does anyone know anything about the Obaidullah Building 6, Al Qusais? I have tried to google it but not much is coming up about it. Only 4 days to go yayyy!!! :)

29th Oct 2010, 07:04
i just did my medicals here with EK. there were people in my group that had not had vaccines. its no problem. they are super cheap here so dont worry about that. i wish i had waited to get them here, as i spent a lot of money on them back in the states. yellowfever is the most expensive at about $45 USD. in the states it is $120 USD.

29th Oct 2010, 07:41
In my batch there are 3 people who worked for "low cost airlines".
There is a girl who actually applied 4 times, and in Emirates they told us of his amazing case of a girl who applied 17 times (she started when she was 20 and got the job at 31). Si yes, they can hire you after the 6 months, just be sure to let 6 months pass.
Minimum education is high schoold indeed, no university required, dont worry.

Best of luck! :D

29th Oct 2010, 09:05
Guys thanks a lot for the info. Great to know that there is a good chance anyway :O, but 6 months....oh dear....I am sure the time will pass very very slowly for me...

29th Oct 2010, 16:24
To all that received the final approval, CONGRATS!


Only you and me are still remaining or did you already received your final approval? Please let me know when you receive it...

Getting everyday more anxious!! Hope We meet all there!

29th Oct 2010, 17:31
i live in al garhoud E. there are 7 bldgs A-G. it is walking distance from the training college which in great. also super duper close to airport. the location is ok. there are some things to do out here (google "irish village" and other bars, restaurants) but dubai is not that big and taxis are super cheap and abundant. also the metro is in walking distance. the building itself is "old" in emirates standards as it is the original employee housing. the kitchens could use some updating for sure but i dont cook so i dont care. also, no balcony:* your building has a pool and a gym- i have to go to building next door for that. supermarket, gas station, etc all around the corner.

just be glad you are placed here as some people in my class are out in nevernever land. you are granted 1 free move within the first year. so i am gonna check out all the other locations/neighborhoods and see which one i like best before i decide i dont like this one

here is my number in dubai 2865180- call me when you arrive as you are going to have tons of questions. also, my email if any questions before you get here [email protected]<hidden>

congrats on being hired!


29th Oct 2010, 19:40
Abbi 240

We have the same accomodation :D .Did you find out something about it?

29th Oct 2010, 20:39
Thank you for updated info.
Some girl applied 17 times, hmmmm, we will see if I am better (I have scored only 4 times for now).:) I think I have a lot of work ahead of me.
Since I am on 6 month ban with all the airlines in ME, I turned my interest into some airlines in the US in between.

Thank you for sharing with us. My hope is alive if they still hire 30 something people.

Thank you for sharing your experiece. You made it to the FI and it counts whether you will pass it or not. Are you still with Ser....s? Many girls from Ser..... have joined EK lately. It seems like there will be csa colony in DXB soon.

to all
Congrats to all of you guys who made it and stay in touch with us.

29th Oct 2010, 23:34
Garhoud is the best accomodation! I loved it!!!!! You are lucky!

30th Oct 2010, 00:02
JJohns and Mari

Thanks for these informations, Im really happy I was located in such nice neighborhood, really close to everything, Im already feeling very lucky to have this place to live. does not matter for me if is the building is old, I just wish I could have my own bath, but if dont I will survive..hehehehe..

JJonhs thanks for being so friendly, I already note your number and email, hope we can meet there, my DOJ is Nov 02, and besides we are going to share the same neighbor, company, we already share the same name:O..

MARI..Thanks for always helping..I bet everybody in this forum is really thankfull..

kind regards!!!!!!!:ok:

30th Oct 2010, 11:58
Hello ;-) I have the same building but no. 5, according to my colleague in Dubai it's a bad location, but I hope the appartement will be nice! Does anyone know if there are balconies? I am so excited, flying out in 3 days!!!

Samantha in Sydney
30th Oct 2010, 14:18
Thanks for your help! I will definitely consider getting my vaccinations done in Dubai since it's already going to cost a fortune to do blood tests and dentist here in Aus!

Thank you,

Sam :)

30th Oct 2010, 17:23
i am not quite sure how to take your last comment- i will try not to look at it negatively:-) cheers

30th Oct 2010, 18:22
Hi everyone!!!!
My DOJ is december 2nd, who has the same DOJ??:D

30th Oct 2010, 18:24
Just to tell you that even here in the UAE it is so expensive!!!! I have done all my medical stuff it cost me a lotttttttttttttt

31st Oct 2010, 00:17
I was running for a flight so I couldn't write the details I wanted. I add some beside Jjohns notes.



Garhoud is a great place to live!!!

You are lucky with "A" block: the mosk is at the end of the street, it means you will not hear it.

No balconies in this building but who cares?

Only 2-bedroom-apartments. I believe you WILL have your own bathroom and only 1 flatmate. (There are 3-bedroom-apartments in "F" block.)

Apartments are HUGE! Living rooms are big and usually light. Bedrooms are bigger than the new ones (Qusais, Al Nahda, Tecom, Millenium etc.), you will see. Storage place (built-in wardrobes) in the rooms vary, though. (I used to stay in "B" and I had 4 big wardrobes, my flatmate only had 1.)

There should be a storage room in the flat as well.

Kitchen is big: fridge, washing- and drying machine, oven. (No dishwasher.) Yes, they are old but they work.

This building has 3 floors only: it's like a small family. You can open the window! It's great: nice during the winter and no problem for smokers or when there is a party. (Many people smoke, even some Australians and other Westerners who don't smoke at home: cigarette is very cheap, only 6 dhs a pack.)

Security knows you by name! They are very nice, so be friendly and polite with them!!! (Try to learn their names.) If you have friends visiting (male or female) put down "cousin" and "cousin's wife/husband" on the form: it will be fine. You need to drop the Visitor Forms 10 days ahead but it should be fine if you drop them later... (My flatmate had given them the forms 2 hours before her brother arrived.)

I've never seen the gym or the pool in "A". I like the pool in "C" and "G" block. The gym is fine in "C", very basic but fine for a quick workout.

Air-conditioning is old, so it might be a bit noisy. Temperature control is for the 2 bedrooms together which might lead to conflicts. Seperate A/C for the living room. Water heaters tend to leak (very common problem!), make sure you switch it off when you go for a flight. Maintanance is good: you sign the problem and they come and fix everything. Tip them, it's nice. They will fix anything for you if you give them some money. You can paint your room if you want. They don't speak a very good English but they can fix the problem. (It's nice to offer drinks for them as well.)

- As the A/C or the traffic might be noisy and rooms are light, you might need to learn using eyeshade and earplugs. That's why I can sleep any time of the day. I have no problem with sleeping, many crew do. -

You will have satelite in your room. (These idiots - sorry - fixed the satelite in the bedrooms, not in the living room. It's extra money if your flatmate hasn't done it yet.) Anyways, there should be a TV working in the living room as well.

You can share the cost of internet and TV (orbit, showtime, whatever) with the flatmate.

The airport is 10 minutes by crew bus. It takes 15 minutes to get home from work using the crew bus. If you take a taxi, it takes 5 minutes and costs you 10 dhs. YOU WILL NEVER BE LATE! Buses show up every 15 minutes. They are punctual. Don't worry about the noice of the planes: you won't hear them usually.

No waiting area in the building, so you have to wait in front of the house in the heat. It's OK for a couple of minutes: there is no point to show up early, leave your flat 5 minutes before your pick-up time.

The College is next door. If you want to walk, it takes 15 minutes because you need to go around the buildings and walk to the new college building. It's great weather now: it's not a problem.

There are plenty of restaurants and clubs. The Alpha Club is in the Le Meridien Village. There are many restaurants as well. Warehouse has a 40% discount (for alcohol as well!) for crew, it's one of my favourite places. Service is great! (They know me and my husband by name: it's amazing!) Many home deliveries: Sumo sushi, Noodle Planet, lebanese restaurant, Chillis, pizza hut etc. There is the Irish Village, there are parties and concerts sometimes. (It can be loud.)

Are you a tennis player? You can play tennis, many courts. There is squash in Aviation Club.

Life Pharmacy is at "G" block. Lifko supermaket is at "F" block (free home delivery). More Cafe is in "F" block (20% discount), it's an internet café. Many spas around. I love the Nail Spa (25% discound from Sun-Wed): try the everlasting manicure, this job is killing the nails. There is a great Thai Massage place in "G" block and a 24/7 supermarket. You can withraw money in HSBC at the corner or in the 24/7. There is a gas station next to your building: you can buy stuff at night if you only want to walk 2 minutes.

Big shopping malls are close: Deira City Centre and Festival City. It takes 10 minutes by taxi, around 15 dhs. Dubai Mall (Burj Khalifa) is 15 minutes by taxi, around 25 dhs, or you can take the metro. Jumeirah Beach Park (entrance fee is only 5 dhs) is 20 minutes maybe, around 35 dhs.

After you get your ID, you will be able to use the crew bus for transportation as well. It's very easy to visit your friends who live far from you: it's free and you won't get lost. You CAN stay over at your friend's place (male or female) but don't forget your crew ID.

There is a metro station in Garhoud. It's around 10-minute-walk because you need to go around the buildings. It's worth to take it if you go to the Habtour Beach Resort for beach as it's very far, the taxi would cost you a fortune.

Free access to Le Meridien gym: it's an amazing gym! (There is a steam room as well: good for your skin.) Free use of pool: excellent for swimming. 50% discount on food and beverage at the pool. It's across the road, you can walk there. You can go for classes there or in the Aviation Club: one class (yoga, body pumb, spinning etc.) costs you 50 dhs.

Do NOT buy things together with your flatmate: make it clear who owns the microwave and who owns the DVD player. People resign and move.

Be considerate: don't slam the doors when your flatmate is at home!!! Indicate when you are at home: my flatmate switched on the light above the entrance door outside when she was there, I always left my key in the lock (half out) when I was there. Indicate when your lover is there, so she won't be walking naked in the apartment: leave his shoes out or send an sms. Do not let your boy-friend "move in" and hang around when you are not there. Print out your rosters and put both on the fridge. Inform your flatmate if you wish to organize a party or a dinner with friends in the apartment. Take care of the plants! Cleaning is always a big issue, make a schedule. (A cleaning lady costs around 50 dhs for 2 hours.) Always leave the kitchen and living room tidy when going for a flight and empty the washing- and drying machines! If you eat your flatmates stuff from the fridge, replenish it before she comes back from the flight or leave her a note at least. Bring out the trash when it's full and you are leaving for a flight. Put down the volume and close the doors when you are watching TV in the living room and your flatmate is in her room.

I listed most of the reasons of the conflicts between the flatmates and how to avoid them. Respect each other's privacy! If you don't have similar cultural and family background ('the way you were brought up'), you will not match. Young people easily can adapt and intelligent people can learn: you can live in peace together even if you don't really like each other.

You can move free of charge in the first year. (Moving will cost you 1000 dhs after finishing 1 year of service. You can move out but Living-out Allowance is only available for married crew.)

There are single apartments in some of the buildings, so you will see many Pursers and SFSs who live there. It's a really nice place to live.

You really are lucky with Garhoud, it's a very good start. I wish you were as happy in Garhoud as I was during the years I lived there.

All the best for the training!

31st Oct 2010, 01:39
Mari, great post re: flatmates.

They should print that list & put it in the ab initio handbook :p

My flatmate & I have the same arrangement re: leaving a sign we're home and/or boyfriend is over :E

31st Oct 2010, 19:02
thanks for posting all of that. lots of that i did not know. i feel very lucky to be living in garhoud the more i talk to people.

1st Nov 2010, 00:55
Hi everybody!!
Does anybody have information about the EAU visa? I am moving there with my husband so I don`t know what he has to do to get one. He is not planning to stay in a hotel, but to rent a place and he does not have a job yet, he is going to look for it once he is there.
Thank you!!!!!
I hope somebody can give me details about it...
Goog Luck with all the proccess...

1st Nov 2010, 02:27

Thank you so muck for your post, you gave me so great informations, i will take care to follow all the tips always, Im already loving Garhoud..with sure it seems one of the best places to live!!! You cant imagine how happy and excited I am. :O

I really appreciated everything you said, thank you for all.

You are the best!!:D

1st Nov 2010, 12:14
Hey everyone

Got my final approval to resign YAAAAAAAY Im soooo excited yet sooo nervous. I leave on the 29th of November. Anyone else leaving on the 29th from Australia? Also how do you find out where your accommodation is?

To all those still waiting for their final approvals hang in there or do what I did and ring them.

1st Nov 2010, 12:18
Congrats on your final approval, I just got mine too, Im very excited Im on the 29th. You from Sydney? Do you know how we find out our accomodation arrangements. :p

1st Nov 2010, 17:03
Also got my final approval!!!! Congrats to all... See you all there in the 29th november.

1st Nov 2010, 17:43
Hi Ele87 and Hugo Sousa,

Congratulations on the final approval...finally!!! :) Looks like there's a few of us leaving on 29th Nov.

Ele87 - I'm from Melbourne so I'll be leaving from here. We get our e-ticket and visa from the candidate portal a week before we leave - that should be stated on the email regarding advice to resign. As for accommodation, I think we get that around the same time too. I'm wondering about how to find out what fleets we are getting trained on. Much prefer main fleet ... but I guess we'll have to wait and find out later.

1st Nov 2010, 19:14
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

1st Nov 2010, 21:40
Hey all

Have just applied online for an open day in Newcastle, although i live in London.... i dont mind the treck up north...

Tell me though... how long did everyone wait to hear from EK? after initially applying?

Thank you and good luck to all :ok:


1st Nov 2010, 23:37
Hey sweetmissy, I applied online but not for a specific OD/AD. They sent me an e-mail maybe 6 weeks later and invited me for the OD! This was in Switzerland though and they handle it differently in other countries! Good luck to you!

Hey I am flying to Dubai in a couple of hours!!! Very excited! Good luck to everybody out there who is applying or waiting! Fingers crossed :)

2nd Nov 2010, 05:43
Fleets... you will know, if you get an email saying you are A380 before you leave... if you don't, most likely you are Main Fleet.

Not set in stone of course, but usually the case.

Accommodation details come up in the portal just prior to your DOJ. Same with e-ticket, visa. They may only come the day before, DO NOT FREAK OUT, it'll be OK :)

2nd Nov 2010, 07:47
are there any emirates crew out there that may be able to answer some questions.

I heard that sometimes your roster can have you having 4 or 5 days off in a row, doesnt sound right to me, anyone know if this is the case?

Is it possible to swap flights with other crew before your probation is up & how often is it likely to get flights to your own country?

Also I will be taking my laptop with me, can you get a pre paid internet connection while over there? My HR coordinator said I will need to use internet cafes :(

Thanks in advance :)

2nd Nov 2010, 11:54
Hey all,

I dont know what to do... I applied for cabin crew sunday, and selected newcastle as an open day, thuys then applied on the website... Now i live in London and thought this was the only day in the UK they had... i have now seen online they have assessment days in Nov in London.

Sorry to sound confusing... :rolleyes:

But if i have applied, they see i live in london (regardless of putting my name down for open day in newcastle) if i was shortlised i would be asked to attend interview at an assesment day?? thats what the email said.. but i dont wanna blow my chances, and have them think i wann go all the way to newcastle :ugh:

I clicked on 'register' for november 16th assessment day, and submitted my app again... hmmm hope i dont look silly now :rolleyes:

Anyone else done that?

Thank you all xx

2nd Nov 2010, 12:20
After reading this forum for quite a while I just came back from my final interview (Bucharest-Romania) and I want to thank everyone that posted valuable experiences here by posting my own.

16.09.2010 application with Lalsat International, the appointed agency for the pre-screening (6000 aplicants)
04.10.2010 pre-screening interview with Lalsat International (200 selected)
30.10.2010 Assessment day with Emirates (my recruiters were Laura from Argentina and Elena from South Africa)

8:00-arrive at the location
8:30-give in the CV's and entering the room
9:00-presentation of Emirates Company & Question and Answers session
12-group interview I (talk to the person in your right and ask her greatesc achievements and her hobbyes while doing the reach test and after that present the informations to the group)
14:00-english test (4 grammar exercises and an essay: Tell us about one mistake you made and what you learned from it)
17:00-group interview II (2 study cases: (1) you are the manager of a hotel, the head chef left and the assistant chef has no experience in the kitchen, you have ten tables 4 have received the starters, 2 are waiting for the dessert, 2 have received their drinks take a decision; (2) one of the clients waiting is a parliament member, how do you react?)
20:00-briefing, documentation filling
22:00- home (exhausted :p)

2.11.2010 - Final Interview - the questions were as they said will be only about our selves, our experiences and actual facts that we had passed trough

-one time you provided excelent customer care
-one time you implemented something new
-tell us about your job
-one time you made a mistake
-one time you had to deal with a difficult client

Now all I have to do is wait for 5-6 weeks. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as I was every time when I read you were reading your status changed to approval in progress :)

Once again thank you for each and every post in here!!! Emirates people, crew and wannabes are the best people you find on forums :D

Hugs and greetings from Romania, hopefully from Dubai soon,

2nd Nov 2010, 16:40
Is it necessary to apply online and create your profile on their web-page?
thank you! :)

2nd Nov 2010, 18:41
Hey guys
Just did my FI two days ago and at the end of it i did an iq test does anyone know if the results of the test affect the final decision whether to recruit you or not. really worried about it some of it didnt make any sense at all either im too stupid or it was too difficult .
Anyway im just crossing my fingers and praying hard hoping to get the Golden Call soon.

2nd Nov 2010, 19:40
Heey, one quick question please! On my pics for OD do I have to wear a red lipstic?! Or would it be an advantage?!? Thank you

2nd Nov 2010, 19:59
hello everyone, I just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for their contributions of what is to be expected in dubai.

i got my GC 4 days ago. however the portal link has not yet been sent to me. what shall I do? My DOJ is 03/01/2011.. anyone with that date yet.
Can anyone send me the medical form so I could start on my medicals?
I would much appreciate this.. :)

2nd Nov 2010, 21:47

Hey! Our recruiters said after the AD that it is compulsory to apply online in order to further process your application for cabin crew position


I just handed in my photos at my final interview today, and I had 2 different fotos one with red lipstick and one with a pale pink (both passport and full lenght). And the recruiters chose the ones without red lipstick for passport size and took both of the ones full size.

So it is just an advantage :)

Good luck!

3rd Nov 2010, 02:04
i have a question...does EK has a no plastic policy? i mean no plastic surgery/implants on FA's.

3rd Nov 2010, 07:29
Hi all :) I am new to the forum and was hoping I could get some advice from someone!
I am based in Sydney however can't see an OD coming up.. so thinking of attending the OD in Melbourne on the 20th. Does anyone know if there is a Sydney OD scheduled? I can't find the dates on site. Has anyone from sydney been successful recently? I would love to hear your story! Thanks :)

Samantha in Sydney
3rd Nov 2010, 08:30

On the website it said that another OD would be held in Sydney in December but they have removed it, don't know why!

I just attended the last OD in Sydney:

9 Oct- OD
10 Oct- AD
13 Oct- FI
24 Oct- my online status changed from "Under Review" to "Approval In Progress".

Still waiting for the GC though!

Register online because they may send you an invite for Sydney even though it's not on their website yet. Otherwise there's no problem attending the Melbourne one, I met a lovely girl at the OD who travelled from Melbourne.

As far as I know no one who did the FI with me got the GC yet, but its still early days yet because it's only been 3 weeks passed.

Good luck! You can contact me if you have any questions! The whole daunting process is still fresh in my mind haha!

3rd Nov 2010, 12:37
I've received my GC on October 2nd and they said that my DOJ is Jan 24th!
lots of people received their GC after me and they are joining before me!

does anyone know how do determine the date of joining, or which sequence do they follow?

I think i'm the only arabic speaker here now!

3rd Nov 2010, 12:52
hey miako....got my GC end of september and my DOJ is january 17 th :) and i am not an arabic speaker

3rd Nov 2010, 13:53
From what ive heard, it seems that with each weekly batch they take in they need an even spread of different nationalities/speakers. (so that each new graduate group can be easily distributed)

And as for the really early DOJ's im guessing thats because there's been people reject the offer/postpone their DOJ/ not recieve final approval etc whcih opens up spots at the last minute, therefore meaning an earlier DOJ for some of us.

So i dont think we have any control over that other then telling them you can join straight away.

3rd Nov 2010, 14:38
Hey all..

How long did you wait to be contacted by EK, re being called for an assesment day, after applying online??

Very keen to know..

Thank you :)

3rd Nov 2010, 16:03
Hi, I had my FI August 29th and my DOJ is January 17th, I tought it was a lot of time but since I´m graduating from college I think its great, I'm from Mexico and some of my friends had their DOJ on November I really don't know what determines your DOJ but it's not your language or your country, Hope to see you there.

I believe I can Fly
3rd Nov 2010, 16:11
Hey Don Pablo, I also applied for the AD for November 13th 2010, still waiting for a reply, and trying hard not to give up. does anyone else know if Ek can invite you for an interview even with one week to go? am dying of anxiety!

3rd Nov 2010, 16:24
@<hidden> and Leiser182

your DOJ is too close to mine! as most of people here are joining either in november or december!
did you start with your medicals alreday guys or not yet?
i'm just missing dental and vaccines reoprts!!

the lady who called me asked me how much time do i need to join! and i told her that maximum 2 weeks as i can quit easily from my current job! however she said that the only availability she has is Jan 24th, as no training courses are available before that date!!

anyway it's okey as long as i'm gonna join them!!

3rd Nov 2010, 19:59
Ally thank you very much! I've done them already with red lipstick, mouth closed! Hm... I still have 2 days left, so maybe I do them again. But if they are not good I can always send them leter (my friend did that they asked him to do it again). I have everything ready, I will wear red lipstick....and hopefully everything will be ok!
Good luck to everyone else and thank you for great posts! Kisses!!:ok:

4th Nov 2010, 07:41
So after being asked to lose weight for the AD, I will finally attend the AD in México on Dec. 3rd.

I moved out of my hometown to a big city to go to college, worked in the US with many coworkers from all over the work who I still keep in touch with, majored in hospitality/tourism and have worked for legacy airlines, AA & former MX, so I believe I have a good background.

I still have a month to lose all the weight I can loll, I will let you know how it all goes because no mexican ever posts here.


4th Nov 2010, 09:40
Hi! Everybody.

Is there anyone who has received an invitation for AD in Nairobi on Nov, 14th?

4th Nov 2010, 12:17
good day! :) everyone...

just to update you, (I can not believe this is happening to me)
a week prior to departure got my Eticket and Visa
and today (Thursday) got my accommodation details at Major Sedqui Building, Al Nahda II, par hazard any of you happen to be living in there? or have any info you may want to share.... would be fantastic !

for those of you trying more than one time... PLEASE do not give up ! and keep the hopes high

once I check myself in will report other details


4th Nov 2010, 18:17
hey guys im new here too, im from Colombia raised and live in the United states for 10 years, but due to a family emergency im here in Colombia again for the past year. i applied to Emirates in August and i went to the open day on Sep 18 and i qualified for the next step that was the Assessment day , unfortunately i couldnt go because i had to travel to europe and i couldnt change my flight for anything in the world. however i got good news today because they are going to have another Assessment day on December 5 here in Bogota. so i will appreciate if i can receive some tips to do really good. i will appreciate it.

4th Nov 2010, 19:35
i'm already done with my medicals, Have you start them yet?, all i'm missing is the approval but for what i can see they take cute a long time and since my DOJ is in January I think its gonna take a while. When a talked to the lady she just told me if I was currently working and ask me if I could join them on janury 17th, but the same here I'm glad to join them anytime.

4th Nov 2010, 20:04
So do i....just in the wait about final approval...but really excited to join nearly EK on january

5th Nov 2010, 01:05
I'm getting ready for Trinidad's OD.....anyone else out there attending on Nov 27th?

5th Nov 2010, 04:15
its been 3 and a half weeks since my final interview,

several of us have all just been sent the image and uniform standards form to fill out and email back to them...
It said in the email "Please note that the form that you had given to the Recruitment Officer is incomplete."
Which is funny becuase none of us recieved this document to fill out in the first place??

anyway, from reading past posts etc it seems that this is one of the last steps before they call you with the good news... so fingers crossed

Samantha in Sydney
5th Nov 2010, 04:32

I received that Image & Uniform Standards Form aswell! But my email didn't say "Please note that the form that you had given to the Recruitment Officer is incomplete"?

I was so lucky that May (did you meet her? Lovely Thai girl) texted me and asked on my progress otherwise I wouldn't have thought to check my JUNK MAIL!That's where the email was!

Anyway... FINGERS CROSSED! I'll be watching my phone 24/7!!


5th Nov 2010, 07:16
Hi y'all! Can someone tell me if I could access witopia.net for blocked websites in Dubai or do I have to subscribe to it while I'm still here in the US? Thanks :)

5th Nov 2010, 08:10
You need to subscribe when you are out of Dubai or you can sign up on a computer which already has witopia.

5th Nov 2010, 09:00

Could anyone give me an example of what to write in the online application at: why work for us? I have already developed a personal response, but i want to see different opinions. I would really appreciate your help! Thanx

5th Nov 2010, 09:33
Thanks Mari! You always have an answer to share. Bless your heart :)

5th Nov 2010, 14:42
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

EK salma AC
5th Nov 2010, 14:43
I have a piercing on the left side of my nose and I normally wear a small stud.Most questions and answers I have seen here are on tatoos, how about the nose stud do I have to remove it? If I do remove it I will have a small hole left..Feedback is very much appreciated.:)

5th Nov 2010, 15:01

My opinion is to try remove your stud and try to put as much make up - as necessary to cover the mark :)

5th Nov 2010, 16:00
Do not worry about the stud and small hole, you can always say that is a scarf from acne. It is not visible at all with a foundation on it. My OD is 2morrow, so fingers crossed. Congrats to everyone else and good luck! XX

EK salma AC
5th Nov 2010, 16:03

Thank you for your response and all the best wishes as you await your GC.:)

6th Nov 2010, 18:21
Hi everyone one new here too, this thread is amazing it's great to take a sneak peak at the interview questions, I'm very very nervuos I'm currently doing a 6 months course in college for Cabin Crew which is great. I wanted to apply for the open day in London on the 20th but I dont know what to answer to the first question "why do you want to join our airline"
is there a right or wrong?
And isit better if i chose an earlier assessment day rather than later?

Please feed back urgently...Thanks in advance


EK salma AC
6th Nov 2010, 18:38
I believe I can fly & Don Pablo

The invitations for the upcoming AD were sent a month earlier I don't know If they are still inviting people........all the best.:)
Do you know of anyone who is going for the AD?

Anyone know if it is okay for girls to go with braided hair held in a bun?

6th Nov 2010, 21:14
Just short update! 25 applicants showed up, after Emirates presentation and Q&A, you have to tell to the person on your right side about the time when your life was unfair to you and how did the situation finished, and 2nd was 5 new destinations for Emirates to open and why. After that I got cut off, only 6 people left for English exam. I was fully prepared, groomed, nice, smiley, polite, cabin crew exp., lived in UK for 3 years...etc.) 4girls and 2boys passed. One girl had few kilos extra,old blue shirt,flat shoes,no make up at all - she passed. And than one had white sweater and white winter scarf,black pants and look-a-like trainers-she passed. One guy was 10min late for OD, came into the hall with big suitcase,running, wrote CV by hand, no pics at all - he passed as well. Everyone had an average level of English. We had to write down about our privious OD or AD attendance, and where we heard about EK. And in the end, I am a bit sad, not so much. More luck next time, so I am just wondering, do they have my file now? I did not applied on line through web, so do I really need to wait for 6months, or I can go again soon?

6th Nov 2010, 23:03
i'll finish up my medicals tomorrow then i'll uplaod them!
then wait again for the final approval!
hopefully we won't wait so long as i wanna quit my current job as soon as possible!!
keep me updated guys with any news!!

7th Nov 2010, 01:53
Hi guys, my DOJ is in a few days and I received an email saying: '' ... I am very pleased to confirm that not only have you made it through a stretching recruitment process to join Emirates Cabin Crew, you have furthermore been selected to join our flagship team on the A380. ... You will join a team of high performing Cabin Crew who have been specially selected from the existing fleet. A380 Cabin Crew operate as a separate unit from the main fleet. ... '' It sounds great but is it really? I've never heard about this before on forums.

7th Nov 2010, 03:48
I don't work for EK but my sister does.

A380 means less destinations but more days off. Good destinations and usually long-haul flights.

Personally I would like to be on main fleet first so I can see more destinations. Then maybe join A380 later when I've seen most places.

It's a personal choice I guess. A380s are the premiere aircraft so it would sound impressive when you say you work as Emirates A380 cabin crew.

I'm sure the current CC can add more info :)

7th Nov 2010, 09:03
That's what I was afraid of. Can I turn this offer down? I want to be on the main fleet!!!

7th Nov 2010, 09:09
You can send them an email, as well as give them a call requesting to be put on main fleet.. They may consider it.. no guarantees though.
(you can say that you would be willing to change your DOJ if need be - since they may only be having an a380 training school for your particular start date...)

Samantha in Sydney
7th Nov 2010, 09:57
Hi guys,

Just an update on my progress for you lovelies out there who have been encouraging me:

1/11/10 - I received an email asking me to sign and send back a Uniform Standards Declaration form
5/11/2010 - I emailed that form back to them (It was 2 days late so I was freaking out!)
7/11/2010 - I have been locked out of my account and a message comes up saying "You will be contacted by your Recruitment coordinator at the earliest"

Hopefully my phone will ring soon!

Good luck everyone!

Sam :)

PS - A question for those of you already working at CC in Dubai. I was wondering if it is possible to stay in a relationship? I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we have discussed this whole Emirates situation and have decided to break up if I get the job. This upsets me of course so I'm wondering if any of you know anyone that has successfully maintained a long-distance relationship while working as CC, while the partner is back at home? I'm kinda hoping that I will be so busy and overwhelmed once I get to Dubai that I won't have time to get too upset about it.

7th Nov 2010, 10:17
Yes, I know a girl from London who has been from her boyfriend apart for 4 years and recently got engaged. 90% of the distance relationships end up with break-up sooner or later. However, lots of Philippinos and Thai girls are having husbands and kids at home. You can try and you will see how it goes.

7th Nov 2010, 11:04
HEllo Every body

Is there anybody here was waiting or still waiting for the GC more than 3 months? no rejection also:confused:
it kills me,,and i dont know what to do
i was trying to call them but no enough answer,,
and got no email for them
plus they are coming back to Egypt for OD,,is it okay to go and meet them and ask bout my status?:{

7th Nov 2010, 14:55
Hi all
today i've uploaded my medicals but i have alittle concern!!
i've done only 5 vaccines out of 10, the other 5 are not available!!
is this okey? or it would be a problem??

7th Nov 2010, 19:27
Miyaco don't worry, I'm actually missing two of them, but they will charge you for those that you missed with your first salary or maybe since you're just missing some they will give it to you for free.

Still waiting final approval keep me updated best of luck

Don Pablo
7th Nov 2010, 19:31
Well after three applications to attend AD's in 2010 and no success so far in getting invites, I'm done applying Emirates from Nairobi. I don't know whether its the lack of prior work expirience, photo's, letter of application or a combination of all three but its so deflating not to even get a chance to see if you are good enough for the job. I'm guessing the only way is to attend an open day but unfortunately none are offered in Nairobi. Its my dream to fly and see the world and whether its Emirates, Qatar, etihad, Qantas or whichever airline, I will fly even if it means flying to other destinations to attend OD's . Wish you all better luck than mine. Cheers

7th Nov 2010, 22:40
[Text speak]

Read the first sticky thread at the top of the forum.

8th Nov 2010, 12:56
I am also leaving my boyfriend behind, as much as it saddens me, he understands and knows this is a great opportunity for me I know a couple who were working for differnet airlines and were apart 3 years, a girl I spoke to at work tonight lived in Saudi Arabia for 2 years while her husband and baby lived in South Africa, I hope it works out for you. :)

Also does anyone know what this Image & Uniform Standards Form is? I never got one. My DOJ is the 29th of November but I am worried they will send me away earlier to be in Dubai on the 29th

8th Nov 2010, 13:26
Good to know that!
i don't to worry about it then! i'll be waiting for the final approval too!
do they send an email or they call again?

8th Nov 2010, 16:04
I think they call you again, I'm not sure lol, but I hope to get it soon. Best of luck

Samantha in Sydney
8th Nov 2010, 22:34
Thank you so much for you replies. It has given me a lot to think about. It's nice to know that some couples can survive the long distance! Whatever is meant to be will be!

Sam :)

9th Nov 2010, 01:39
help help? who works for emirates??
do you have to be really tall and healthy? I'm only 5ft4 i pass the required level but am i still considered short?

isit easy to be called into an opend day
and finally on my first application do i have to submit a passport photograph? or can i send one just smart dressed but sitting down?

I'm desperate for answers, any response will be highly appreciated

Kind Regards,

Duckling/ Su

P.s I already Broke up with Mine :(

This is all i ever wanted to do....

oh do i have to have pearl white teeth?

9th Nov 2010, 05:36
I have just been invited for an AD taking place in Entebbe on the 27th of nov. Is there anyone else attending the same AD?

9th Nov 2010, 08:50
Well done for being invited to the AD :ok:

When did you initially apply online? how long did you wait to hear from EK?

I have also applied to Etihad, and waited less than 24hrs to be invited for an AD :)

I applied to EK on the 2nd November :ok:

Good Luck for your AD

9th Nov 2010, 10:48

you don't seem to be a serious candidate. Did you take the time and spend at least an afternoon to read through the information on the Emirates homepage and on this forum?!

You are totally lost, no doubt. Give it a try, though.

9th Nov 2010, 11:08
Hi Youito, Thank you very much for your kind reply.
Actually in the UK we attach pictures for jobs relating to entertainment and things like that, so I've never had to submit a picture.
I have many standing up and things but I'm going to go and get my pictures taken, I'm doing a full tim ecourse "Introduction to air cabin crew"
Its six months long and so far we covered first aid and defib, airfares and ticketing, customer service, numeracy etc

im also working part time and im 22 years old. I am 5 ft 4 and weight 7.5 stones :) Thank you :)

On regard to the message left by Mari of Not interested Candidtaes:
I do apologise Mary , I fail to come through cv's or in writing that is the reason to why I'm stressed I feel i do not come out on paper.
Yourfeed back will also be taken into consideration, i would like to know why though you thought im not interested.
I have read the Emirates recruitment page, infact I did a full presentation in college from the history of Emirates up until theire present moment in time.
many of my insecurities have actually arised from this forum where people have mentioned things like white teeth etc etc, not that it matters Mashallah i do fine teeth if nto brilliant white, and happy to say im told i have a beautiful smile too :)

annnyyyyway i'm more concerned i may not be called to the open day thats my only worry,
I'll sumit the photographs and give it a try Mari :0)

9th Nov 2010, 11:54
hey sweetie
look ,,as long as you pass the required tall on your foot toes,,it is fine
about the open day ,,they will check your online application and send you the invitation on the day they will held OD at your country

about white teeth,,,not required,,just have a nice smile,,i know people has no sign of beauty and been accepted

just smile,,and make them feel like you are a welcoming person and for you making that effort msha allah ,,,keep going every new single information will help ,,
keep going and hold on with your dream,

if you want it you will find the way

9th Nov 2010, 12:04
hey funnnky girl, your soo sweet!!!

They have an open day on 11th Dec in Birmingham, I live in wales but im happy to travel up

one more question, our online pics can it have a white background?
and does it have to be formal wear? Am i allowed to wear my college uniform which is a white shirt, black long knee length skirt and simple heels?
and should i wear red lipstick lol :)

9th Nov 2010, 12:08
hi mickeEK, did yuo send them professional picstures of just normal ones?
and do woman need to tie hair back?
Qatar has special restrictions with the pictures, isit the same with emirates?

9th Nov 2010, 12:24
GOOD LUck sweetie in the Open day ,you will make it
yea,,the formal picture you have to submit,,it is okay as long as it is formal,,
but no scarfs on neck ,,
try to be in fromal suit not another uniform ,,:=
put a lip stick as ling as it will make you look nice:O
and go for the heels...it makes you more feminine
by the way ,,iam not workin at EK yet,,,iam just waiting for my GC,,
wish me luck
Best OF Luck honey

9th Nov 2010, 12:42
OMG thank you soo much for telling me!!
I was going to wear a scarf on my neck!!!

How about a black shirt long sleves?? and a simple plan black pencil skirt,
too much hells or a little heel im very petite i dont want my legs to look too skinny!
Do you have fb??

Im soo worried im panicking i hate it when i panick, im just adding the last education information and then to add pictures. Should i wear a blazer or just keep long sleeve shirt?
Oh do i have to wera hair up high?

are ethihad recruiting? I couldnt find anything on their website :( :ugh:

9th Nov 2010, 12:52
Yes Etihad are recruiting, i have an AD in 2 weeks!!

Go to there main page and click on Careers :ok:

Home (http://careers.etihadairways.com/ehire/English/)

There you go duckling :ok:


9th Nov 2010, 12:53
hey sweetie calm down ,,,
i know you will make it
i prefer to be in whole formal suit ,,chemise and jacket and the skirt is more than fine
skin colored female socks
high heel ,,they asked us in the final interview to look like this,to be more feminine..
it is okay to look skinny as long as your body looks perfect
a little girl with us made it to the final interview she was short but in heels
your hair yes,,up ,,and neat..simple earings with no accessories

9th Nov 2010, 12:57
thanks guys, one more thing, whats and open day and whats an assesment day?

9th Nov 2010, 13:01
the open day is when every body comes to apply having theie CVs they heared about the recruitment may be from news,,with no online applications and with no invitations
but the assessment day is the day after selecting certain people form the OD to come and start the whole process,,from exams and group discussions

9th Nov 2010, 13:01
Open Day: Anyone can go to

Assessment Day: Invitation only

If you go to an Open Day, and are successful, you with then be invited to an assessment day :)

Hope that helps!

Did you click on the link ok?

9th Nov 2010, 13:04
no ill get my pictures done today then ill submit emirates then apply for ethihad.
Do you i may aswell apply for the assesment day if im applying online?

9th Nov 2010, 13:08
if you applied online it is better to have your ref number
and you will be invited by them directly
it is better to go for the assessment day directly
got my FB on your inbox?

9th Nov 2010, 13:13
yes but i theres two of them,
Im under Donaldess Duckling you can find me.
I need an idea, i can have any background right? Qatar said it cant be white thats all.
Ill take it at work later lol

9th Nov 2010, 13:20
yes,,white background but tell the man who is goin to take the picture
makes you look like standing not flying,,cause this stupid mistake they usualy make it here in EGYPT and pretend themslevies as professional
the lady in EK warned us about it
he will make you look like flying not standing on the ground

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