View Full Version : Katekavia crash AN24 at Igarka on Aug 3rd 2010

10th Oct 2010, 14:41
Could not find the previous thread, but the final report is out in record time, unofficially translated by Avherald

Crash: Katekavia AN24 at Igarka on Aug 3rd 2010, impacted ground short of runway (http://avherald.com/h?article=42f1b7df/0000&opt=0)

an approach to the airfield in weather conditions below required minima, the failure of the crew to timely take the decision to go-around and the descent below minimum descent altitude despite absence of reliable visual contact with the approach lights and runway lights, which led to the collision of the airplane with trees and ground in controlled flight.

Contributing factors were:
- unjustified weather forecasts regarding cloud ceiling, visibility and severe weather (fog)
- inaccurate weather observation reports passed to the crew 40 minutes prior to impact