View Full Version : Mexican Citation 501SP crashes into Gulf of Mexico

7th Oct 2010, 18:14
A Citation operated by Aviones Taxi AIFE, disappeared from radar shortly after departing
Minatitlán/Coatzacoalcos National Airport (http://www.ourairports.com/airports/MMMT/#lat=18.1033992767,lon=-94.5807037354,zoom=16,type=Satellite,airport=MMMT) en route to Veracruz. Citation reportedly crashed in bad weather in a mountainous/jungle region with the loss of all 8 on board. (Oct 6/10).

On board was 2 crew, and 6 employees of retailer The Coppel company, executives were on a visit business premises damaged by the overflowing of rivers in Veracruz.

News link in Spanish. debate.com.mx - Avioneta con 6 empleados de Coppel desaparece en Veracruz (http://www.debate.com.mx/eldebate/Articulos/ArticuloPrimera.asp?IdArt=10266599&IdCat=6087)

8th Oct 2010, 02:41
XA-TKY a Citation 501SP is missing after departing the City of Minatitlan, South of Veracruz. Aircraft departed at 07:45 Oct 6/10 with 8 persons on board. Aircraft went off the radar within minutes of departing.

Pieces of the aircraft have been washing up on the shore today, in the Port City of Coatzacoalcos.

In Spanish; Encuentran presuntos restos de avioneta accidentada en Veracruz | Milenio.com (http://www.milenio.com/node/548192)

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