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28th Sep 2010, 23:53
Is it true that QF boeing Pilots can go as Direct entry Captains(MOU) into JQ while JQ has ex Boeing Captains in the right seat who were required to do 6 months in the right seat minimum before upgrade.
Also the QF guys dont have to stump up the 37K for a rating.
Also heard they will always have right of passage back to QF mainline if they want.
And the Jetstar guys think AIPA is looking after them HA.................

Going Boeing
29th Sep 2010, 00:15
Try getting all the facts before you start slagging people. :ugh:

29th Sep 2010, 00:27
Nope, it is not true.:mad:

The facts are out there, try reading the MOU for a start, then see how many are using it!:ugh:

The MOU is not in use. While you are doing that try to explain why Jetstar requires "Jetstar group" Airbus experience - Qantas Airbus experience not good enough?:eek:

Unity is the only way to deal with these clowns.

29th Sep 2010, 00:27
Not an AIPA fan Tube?

MOU is only available to Pilots employed prior to 2004 when the MOU was signed. Is also available to a Jetstar pilot to come over to mainline (I gather most J* would have a command so wouldn't bother).

In regard to DEC's, mainline must meet the same requirements as J* pilots, hours wise and employment requirements (interview etc) And yes the endorsement costs apply, that is why it hasnt been that popular in the past, and of course the T&C's at J*.

It is termed as LWOP from Mainline, so yes, after 2-3 years (cant remember) the guys can go back where there seniority would have them or stay at Jetstar and resign from Qantas.

Your nuts if you believe AIPA isnt looking after the Jetstar pilots? Who is?? AFAP? Look at the spate of legal cases for Jetstar Pilots that AIPA has been involved in, in the recent meetings, the list goes on. If you think the subs of the Jetstar guys at AIPA is covering this, its not, but who cares, this action is for the good of our profession.

Instead of going on about a pretty ordinary MOU, maybe you should be venting over how we got to the point of 200hr F/O's and nosediving conditions.:ugh:

29th Sep 2010, 06:26
You are pretty wrong on everything you've said...

Muff Hunter
29th Sep 2010, 22:46
Please do not take any notice of Alloyboobtube.

he is obviously JQ management with affiliations to an ever increasingly irerelavant union and is trying to undermine the AIPA movement within Jetstar just like the CP telling us that "possibly" 6 MOU command postions are going to be taken.

Please, what QF pilot would want to come and work for a "cockrag outfit" like JQ..

29th Sep 2010, 22:55
Look at the spate of legal cases for Jetstar Pilots that AIPA has been involved in

Yes - and let's not overlook the success rate. :ugh:

30th Sep 2010, 04:13
Success can be measured in more than one way therefore as far as I am concerned AIPA has been very successful:ok:

Going Boeing
30th Sep 2010, 04:48
So Arctaurus, what do you recommend that AIPA do - Kow-Tow and let a ruthless management keep shafting every pilot in this country.

As Jetstar pilots become more industrially aware, more are joining AIPA as it is the only professional industrial organisation that has pilot interests at heart, irrespective of employer.

30th Sep 2010, 10:36
toolish -

The name says it all.

I would love to be enlightened as to what 'other successes' have been achieved.

Gen. Anaesthetic
1st Oct 2010, 01:46
It has been quoted by Jetstar management that AIPA have never won a case against them and I think the same can be said of Qantas management. However what is not mentioned is the number of out of court settlements that occur that neatly allow these guys to make such a claim. I am lead to believe that such settlements are numerous.

1st Oct 2010, 06:03

Impressive:ugh: and yet another clown emerges from the pack.

Capt Kremin
1st Oct 2010, 07:37
Indeed, the use of the term, "never won a court case against us" is dissembling at its best. Many of the court cases have been settled as part of bargaining processes. So true, AIPA didn't "win" in court, but neither did it lose.

All the use of the term really means is that it illustrates that the press never seem to want to ask rather obvious questions. Arctaurus, you seem to fall for the same trick.

Des Dimona
1st Oct 2010, 12:59

200 hr F/O's are a fact of life where I work.

Must admit I was VERY skeptical initially , but the training these guys go through is extremely specific and relevant to multi crew operations.

The only thing they don't have is experience and that only comes with time.

I guess what I am saying is that these F/O's are as good as what I was as a GA pilot joining an airline years ago. I had more hours, but not the intense training they have.

It's swings and roundabouts and we have lots of these guys who have progressed to be excellent Captains.

Like it or not, it's the way of the future.

1st Oct 2010, 14:57
Not in the USA, they wont be.

1st Oct 2010, 21:09
Des, its not the use of 200hrs F/O operationally that is my the problem, its recruiting these pilots on pathetic wages to bring down the T&C's of everyone else that is the problem here. In a way its "de-skilling" our profession and in Australia especially where there is always a pool of more experienced pilots I see it as just way for companies like Jetstar to reduce costs.

There are two sides to everything, i have friends flying out of the UK that say operating (especially initially) with very low hour F/O's is like flying single pilot. These kids are great at using FMC's and radio calls, but most of their situational awareness and flying skills are abysmal. Sure they get better with experience, but should they be getting their experience with 180 pax on board? I think its a mute argument anyway, i think 200hrs F/O's will dissappear here due to regulation anyway.

Sorry for the thread drift! Have any of the MOU positions been filled recently?

Artificial Horizon
1st Oct 2010, 22:36
I read somewhere recently that 6 of the new command slots were to be filled with Qantas pilots under the MOU.

2nd Oct 2010, 02:57
Bet none will go to NZ.........(On the current NZ conditions that is)

2nd Oct 2010, 06:24
I totally agree, my statement was directed at ALLOYBOOBTUBE.

This reeks of people not knowing the extent of AIPA's commitment - which is a lot.