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28th Sep 2010, 23:23
The success in getting large numbers of guys and gals from all companies under the one roof to discuss career-threatening issues has now been proven in SYD and MEL.

Is it time now to continue this positive momentum and roll out the next 'ALL PILOT INDUSTRY MEETING' in South East Queensland?



29th Sep 2010, 02:19
C'mon Lurkers,

Viewed 133 times now but no one has anything to say?

Don't be a bystander...Participate!


29th Sep 2010, 02:47
Have you emailed AIPA or AFAP with the suggestion?

29th Sep 2010, 03:40
Yes, AIPA has been emailed with this suggestion. I will follow up with an email to AFAP.


30th Sep 2010, 11:28
Bring it on. I will be there.
On a serious note, it should be held in NQ, in Katter country. I know Bob is a loose cannon at times, but rest assured that if the Thunderbird look-a-like teamed up with Nick and backed the Driver's in AUS it would be in the very least a hell of a lot of fun. I would pay good money to see a decent senate inquiry in which people like Joyce, Boston Bruce, even Fort Fumble's plethora of bumbling ninny's were brought under the spotlight. Throw in a decent reporter or two who understand the declining standards within AUS aviation and some actual good may come out of this exercise.

30th Sep 2010, 20:30
Bring a meeting north, advertise it WELL and you'll get some good results I suggest.

Going Boeing
30th Sep 2010, 20:49
Popgun, I'll be there (roster permitting). The more that turn up, the bigger the statement made to management. GB

30th Sep 2010, 21:35
Where do you think the best place to advertise/publicise a meeting would be?

Advertising is expensive so AIPA would want to get good 'bang for buck' in trying to publicise as widely as possible.


Going Boeing
1st Oct 2010, 01:46
Management House (Australian Institute of Management) at the corner of Boundary & Rosa Streets Spring Hill have a number of rooms of different sizes available for meetings. Otherwise, I think the Breaky Creek pub has rooms at the back for meetings - the pub wins from these groups as many people stay for lunch and a few drinks. GB

1st Oct 2010, 03:21
I've been following this whole issue with interest and agree with the need for united action. However a large (read most of) majority of GA and regional pilots do not live near a major city where you have the meeting.:ugh: Surely in this era of Skype etc it would be possible to set up a internet feed of the meeting so we could attend it and support it without having to be bodily represented!

All the guys in the NW of WA, Arnehm land, FNQ, Red Centre (Perth, Darwin, Adelaide)etc could attend and feel included and would be a fantastic boost to the issues we are trying to raise.

Over to someone clever on the computer...

2nd Oct 2010, 21:09
AIPA does have the ability to send out an email to its members. Get one of your QF mates to post some info on their pilot forum. JQ,QF,and Qlink guys/gals get to read that if they are registered.

4th Oct 2010, 01:18
As was acknowledged at the MEL meeting, AIPA are willing to put on another 'All Pilots' meeting in BNE if there is enough interest demonstrated.

All who care about our industry need to confirm that there is MORE than enough interest.

I recommend everyone email AIPA (or AFAP if you prefer - or both if you are not a member of either) and confirm their interest in attending (or watching via webcast) a proposed next meeting in BNE.

Lets continue to increase this momentum. Participate!


PS. If you're not gonna be able to get to BNE then email them and let them know you would like to watch/listen to a webcast on the internet. AIPA and AFAP email addresses are found easily on their websites.