View Full Version : DJ 737 severely damage during pushback ?

my oleo is extended
23rd Sep 2010, 11:19
Heard a rumour today that a DJ 737 was damaged during pushback procedure in Melbourne yesterday ?

I also heard that there was significant damage to the aircraft as the damage occurred while it was being towed and it ran over the tug, to the point that Boeing reps are flying out to examine the aircraft ?

Sounds a bit like a story that has been blown out of proportion but maybe somebody can share some light ?

If the rumour is true, was it during maintenance with engineers driving the tug, or was it during a turnaround with pax onboard ?

Finally I also heard that the likely cause was the new towbars recently purchased, which have been described as complete crap,and they did have not have a risk assessment performed prior to introduction ?

23rd Sep 2010, 12:38
Someone mentioned something about an aircraft being damaged in MEL today, not sure of the circumstances though, um Im not sure there are any new pushbak bars in MEL:confused:

my oleo is extended
23rd Sep 2010, 12:44
Perhaps some light will be shed on this after all, thanks VBPCGUY.
I know the new bars are being used at least in Brisbane and injuries have apparently been reported already.

How about Capt Fathom and Zoomy, you boys seen any interesting 'bars' in the galley's up in BNE, I am sure you have while you were comparing pringles and getting all excited over the latest Voyeur magazine advertisements for manscaping and boy brazillian's !

23rd Sep 2010, 14:21
I also heard that a Virgin aircraft was damaged at the maintenance base. No other details.

24th Sep 2010, 00:56
please don't tell me they bought the Kwik-Loc towbars, they were a disaster for the roo.

imperial shifter
24th Sep 2010, 00:58
VH-VUM will spend the next 2 or 3 months at JHAS. Looks as though the shear pin went on the towbar and the A/C tried to overtake it!
I've also heard a rumour that a DJ 73 came of its jacks at an NZ maintenance facility during the earthquake and has some nasty damage.

24th Sep 2010, 03:36
Have been told the 737 in NZ came off jacks by a VB pilot. So that could have some truth to it.

He did mention it would be a very expensive fix.....or a write off :\. Suprised there are no pics anywhere here by now though.

The Green Goblin
24th Sep 2010, 03:45

imperial shifter
24th Sep 2010, 03:58
G.G. I don't have any on hand but I'll see what I can do.

24th Sep 2010, 08:46
It looks pretty ordinary. Seen the pics. Will be out of action for some time. Boeing AOG on the way.

my oleo is extended
24th Sep 2010, 10:01
Zoomy, old man, buy some eyewear.

A) My initial post was based upon a rumour I heard, and I asked straight forward unbiased questions.
B) In return, you and Fathom responded with jokes and general crap. No probs, I responded with equally lighthearted banter and crap of equal unintelligence.
C) Obviously none of our comments were thought of very highly by the mods I assume as somebody removed the comments, and it wasn't me.
D) Zoomy you say 'Oleo, grow up Junior'. Your comment is based upon what ? My original post ? You are truly a tosspot old man !

Back to the thread, I too have heard today that the aircraft that impacted the tug is being assessed by Boeing as it may be write-off. Looking forward to the pictures.

24th Sep 2010, 11:21
Spoke to a friend in NZ, a/c was damaged by a jack during the earth quake, hardly a write off in fact aircraft was out 1 or 2 days late.
It didn't fall off the jack rather the jack rolled into sect 48(non pressurized). Patch repair c/o aircraft back in service.

24th Sep 2010, 11:31
Well there ya go.........Rumours are often bigger than the truth! :ouch:

VBA Engineer
24th Sep 2010, 11:41
Yep definately a write off.

Some skin and frame damage, so yep, definately a write off.

Geeeez, give us a break!

24th Sep 2010, 20:20
Does anyone know if it was one of the new Towbars ? As per earlier post ,being used in Bris !

2nd Feb 2011, 05:58
Well it's flying again.

I bet they wished they had got the Boeing AOG team after the disaster of a repair it went through.

Returned to service just before Australia Day.