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20th Sep 2010, 00:01
sleep apnea causes the windpipe to collapse and shut from breathing in.
very loud snoring, choking and periods with no breathing are common, they often throw thair arms and legs about in sleep
to stop the noise realisticly all you can do is wake them and ask that they try to stay awake

the condition often takes years to get diagnosed so many would be flying on long flights at night, undiagnosed

best treatment is to use a CPAP machine which forces air into nose as they breathe in, some airlines allow these to be used and plugged into the planes electrical system

if you have a pax who behaves this way in sleep he may be unaware of his problem, especially if he sleeps alone, so maybe you have a duty to politely tell him

sleep apnea eventually causes severe mental and physical fatigue, due obviously to the lack of oxygen during sleep

any thoughts or comments?:confused:

20th Sep 2010, 07:16
Try this thread :


Or just search : Sleep Apnea


20th Sep 2010, 10:09
maybe you have a duty to politely tell him
You absolutely do not have a duty to tell him - You may choose to tell him if you wish (frankly I wouldn't recommend it).

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