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14th Sep 2010, 18:04
At least one of my colleagues claims that he saw a pilot inserting a waypoint with a turn, but cannot remember how it was done.

Anyone here knowing about this? Some of the published SID's or STAR's do show the direction of the turn when passing certain waypoints, quite useful especially when the next waypoint is 180 degrees from the active one. It is displayed with a little arrow on the MCDU (-> or <-).

If there is a way, then, I haven't read it anywhere yet.

Any help welcome,


14th Sep 2010, 18:24
There is no way to create a waypoint with a turn to a heading as in a manual leg. You can create an overfly, enter a hold, proceed to another waypoint, or head off into a discontinuity and that's it. You cannot for instance input a left turn from a heading north to a waypoint the long way around to 090 track toward another one. It will always turn in the shortest direction.

14th Sep 2010, 18:38
say, there are 3 waypoints, A, B, C on a straight line from south to north. then u decided not to fly overhead B, instead u wanna fly a heading of 060 from A for 10 miles, before going direct to C.
so, u type A/060/10 and put it on waypoint A on the MCDU. then u clear the discontinuity between the new waypoint and waypoint C.... :p

14th Sep 2010, 18:44
ah, thanks syedo, that's how most of us do it. I was looking for a specific coding from one waypoint to the next. This method adds an extra wpt in the process, and I am looking to reproduce the same format/result as per a published example.

I did not really think otherwise until this "trick", if real at all, got my attention.

I have come across some other tips that may be of use in specific circumstances, i.e. the time waypoint, but this one I've yet to see with my own eyes...

14th Sep 2010, 19:17
hmm...maybe he knew some secrets most normal Airbus pilots dont know of....;) tell me when u get the answer as well..:)

15th Sep 2010, 09:07
With the R1A Mod on the box you can fly STARs with turns of pre determined radius and length but you are not able to insert manually afaik

15th Sep 2010, 09:18
In the old days, we could do all those tricks using heading select for a Left or Right turn, and fly a DME Arc using a DME and keeping the VOR needle at right angles to our track.


15th Sep 2010, 12:08
Hi, well the only way to create a waipoint with turn or any kind is using the pilot interface by the pilot waypoints like place/bearing/distance or any other kind depend of your need.


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