View Full Version : NDB unserviceable. ATPL viva question ?

12th Sep 2010, 17:10
what happens if we have Notam for NDB unserviceable for OM ( outer marker ) , Can we get OM indication warning like Blue light & 2 dash/sec ...

Question asked to me for my ATPL oral ,
they said NDB is unserviceable but marker is serviceable so you get OM indication in cockpit.. Is it true ?

12th Sep 2010, 18:05
There can be an NDB co-located with the outer marker, if this is the case (check on the approach plate), if this is the case, and the Outer Marker is not notammed as U/S, then the marker ident should still be functional in the cockpit.


Piltdown Man
12th Sep 2010, 19:34
An NDB and marker systems are two entirely different systems. The failure of one won't result in the failure of the other, unless of course a truck hit the buildings they were in.