View Full Version : 737-800 holding speed?

12th Sep 2010, 04:53
140,000 lbs, at FL350.

Curious what speeds you guys use. We have three different speeds ("fly whatever you want"). :confused:

12th Sep 2010, 08:38
Why would you hold at FL350?

12th Sep 2010, 08:44
I've held at FL350 over ENE (Kennebunk) inbound to JFK in a B747-400 before.

12th Sep 2010, 08:50
Ok... well in that case I think I would hold at M .76 in the 738 at FL350.
However when I look it up in the Lido route manual, it says >FL340, holding speed normal condititons: M .83, which will be above Mmo..

FCS Explorer
12th Sep 2010, 14:26
from the book
perf inflight
65 tons, 35.000ft
228 KIAS, FF/ENG 1110KG
60 tons
219 KIAS, 1020KG

Callsign Kilo
12th Sep 2010, 17:24
FMS...CDU...Hold Page...Best Hold Speed...Dial it in the MCP speed window

I'm a true pilot, you can tell ;)

Usually equate to somewhere along the lines of best endurance speed, which may be below the speed for minimum drag. They all seem to be fairly close to minimum clean speed, however I'm Unsure to what that would be or even equate to at FL350??