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9th Sep 2010, 14:21
I am working on updating our aircraft characteristics files, which our simulation software uses to tell each type of aircraft how to perform in our simulation runs. Empirical fuel burn data is sacred and virtually impossible to obtain. We use BADA data supplied by Eurocontrol, but it has numerous anomolies so we are trying to tighten things up a bit to lend added accuracy to our efforts.

So, can anyone provide links to some good sources of data? As well, can anyone offer fuel burn numbers based on their own experience/observations for the following:

A332/A333 at cruise. or climb.
B744/B742 at cruise or climb.
MD11 at cruise or climb.
B762/3 climb or cruise.
B772/77W climb or cruise.

All data requested in kg/hr if possible, as that's the units our system uses and would save me having to convert. If not no problem; I'll gladly accept anything.

Thanks much for any assistance. Anything is helpful and greatly appreciated.

9th Sep 2010, 18:56
B742 Cruise: from around 13,000 Kg/hr total at max weight (FL280-290) to around 8500 Kg/hr at 180 Tonnes (FL410).

B744 cruise: around 11,000 (FL310-320) to 7000 Kg/hr