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7th Sep 2010, 16:15
Hi guys, I know this is funny question but was a cause of a huge discussion in the SIM. Please give me concise and clear answer.

Scenario: One engine inop approach with 3 Flap. NOT overweight. What is the flap position to be selected at GA?

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7th Sep 2010, 16:24
select GA flap which is one step up and in this case config 2 :)

7th Sep 2010, 16:45
Gearpins, thank you for your answer, I also consider so, as mentioned partly in FCTM.
However I am looking more replies from other collegues, I will slam these posts to someones's face.

7th Sep 2010, 17:54
I can understand the confusion.
Airbus don't make it crystal clear in the FCOMs as far as I can see.

Good ole Mr.Boeing had concise 'Patterns' in the 737/747 Ops Manuals of my youth, along with BIG diagrams. No confusion.

Airbus? It might be written down in Franglaise someplace in the FCTM.
The QRH wording is totally confusing.

I don't own an FCTM.

7th Sep 2010, 22:04
if its not overwt, flap full or flap 3, 1 step up.... but if its overwt, if flap full, 1 step up, if flap 3 or 2, straight to 1..... confused??:8

7th Sep 2010, 22:05
Simple question, simple answer:

A one engine inoperative go-around is similar to that flown with all engines.

If A/C is overweight, that's another story.

7th Sep 2010, 22:15
Dear Syedo and Shortfuel,

The guy who I am discussing is a pure dumb.
He cannot comment on English Language. Please write me simple numbers as SE GA flap settings.


7th Sep 2010, 22:26
i dont know how much simpler u want it to be...

Single Engine : For Approach, use Flap 3. in case of a Go Around, retract 1 step/ retract to flap 2.:ok:

7th Sep 2010, 23:20
Single engine (Not overweight) Flaps 3 for the approach, Flaps 2 on the go-around. Flaps retracted on schedule.

Trent 972
8th Sep 2010, 00:17
FCOM 3.05.35 page 1 - In Flight Performance Go Around
".....If the approach is interrupted, retract the flaps by one step during the go-around."
Back of that same page, FCOM 3.05.35 page 2, is a performance chart for Go Around - One Engine Out - Conf 2.

I find it incredible that any endorsed A330 pilot wouldn't know this stuff!

8th Sep 2010, 01:05
I seem to recall at an early stage of transition to all things Airbus that it was incumbent to remember that the manuals we used were English translated by a German from French. They certainly appeared to be such.

8th Sep 2010, 09:53
I find it incredible that any endorsed A330 pilot wouldn't know this stuff!

me too.

Anyway, thank you all for replies.

8th Sep 2010, 16:21
That's not incredible.

Incredible is having an A320 rated pilot ask what the many circles (in nav mode) and arcs (in arc mode) represent!

Incredible is having an A320 rated pilot ask what the green (vsi arrow) represents!

Incredible is.... (I'll stop there)

Money, connections, anybody can become a pilot really :ouch:

9th Sep 2010, 01:23
I'll be short as I'm only writing to agree with the posts above: except in the case of an overweight GA, you always retract the flaps by one step. So if doing a F3 landing (with an engine out or not), you would retract to F2.

Part of the reason is that before retracting the flaps by one step up, you have to make sure that the speed is above Vls and not reducing, which means you'll still be below F speed, which is the speed you accelerate to prior to selecting F1.

An overweight GA is another story, as you may have to retract all the way to F1 in order to achieve the required climb performance. But that's not always the case, as described in the QRH.

Adrian Cronauer
13th Sep 2010, 06:33
Money, connections, anybody can become a pilot really Yep, most anywhere in Asia is proof of that!