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3rd Sep 2010, 09:09
Meatballs, common to most cultures

Regardless of the time zone problems, we begin to make them together, to be served with rice or fresh pasta with a perfect sauce and a nice salad on side. (important)

I begin with trip to butchers for 200 grams minced pork and 200 grams minced lean beef, although is currently 0209. you have to extend a bit in the mind.

Goal, the perfect recipe

3rd Sep 2010, 11:35
Well you've solved tonight's dinner problem for me. I await with interest, salivating.:ok:

3rd Sep 2010, 13:24
I begin with trip to butchers for 200 grams minced pork and 200 grams minced lean beef

grams? I didn't think the cousins did metric. Hubble space telescope springs to mind!

Sorry, cant help with meatballs, only experience I have of them is seeing Mafia types cooking them in American films/tv.

3rd Sep 2010, 15:04
Mafia types cooking them in American films/tv. Good suggestion, here's a mobster recipe for meatballs from the Sopranos, bada bing!

Soprano's Sunday Gravy (spaghetti sauce) - The Secret Recipe Forum (http://www.recipesecrets.net/forums/recipe-exchange/15465-sopranos-sunday-gravy-spaghetti-sauce.html)

Or here, this is a recipe you can't refuse:

Gumba Recipes (http://www.fanabala.com/Gumba_Recipes.html)

And from Goodfellas,

A Recipe You Can't Refuse | Movies | EW.com (http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,318942,00.html)

3rd Sep 2010, 16:43
400gms?? One each then??

3rd Sep 2010, 18:44
Shit, you want a recipe?

The nearest I get to that is using egg to bind it and after that it depends on the shaky hand with what comes first including paprika, garlic and cayenne. Pasta is boiled with some beef stock, rice gets the same, and a good tomato and basil sauce is simple to do no matter how much alcohol is consumed in the process.

Oh, finely chopped onions mixed with the meat is mandatory

3rd Sep 2010, 19:18
......Put the meats in a biggish bowl together with some finely chopped onion,grated nutmeg,a small amount of Parmesan cheese, finely chopped parsley, an egg and some bread which has been mashed into some warm milk. Mix it all together by hand until you have a firmish mixture which you then roll into small balls. Shallow fry them in some oil until they're browned. Keep them warm on some paper kitchen towel while you make a simple sauce of tomatoes,scrap of onion and garlic and some marjoram or origano.

Don't get too precious about it - this is peasant food, so don't go tarting it up with a million exotic (and expensive) ingredients. Serve it with plain pasta, penne or rigatoni will do nicely.

Finally nod in the direction of the wonderful Marcella Hazan the doyenne of Italian cookbook writing.

The Ancient Mariner

3rd Sep 2010, 19:59
Thanks everyone..(from an onlooker) for some of the cut-to-the chase advice here :ok:

flying lid
3rd Sep 2010, 20:29
I get mine from IKEA !!!!!!!!!!!!


3rd Sep 2010, 20:33
Try ALDI or LIDL . . .

3rd Sep 2010, 23:00
RT, absolutely nothing to do with meatballs, but how many gallons of paint were required for a 747?

3rd Sep 2010, 23:25
I cheated and went to Divilly's, the craft butcher. But the meatballs were divine. With a very nice Italian wine of course.

Now I'm off to execute the traitor, bada bing!