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31st Aug 2010, 22:35
There was a clip done by some guy pretending to a cold-caller that he had reached the scene of a murder and was speaking to the detective in charge so that he was now the prime suspect, telling him not to hang up because the call had been traced, asking what his relationship to the deceased was, was he his boyfriend... It was a very, very funny wind-up.

Does anyone here remember it so that they could tell me where to find it again?

31st Aug 2010, 22:39
It was probably the spoof by Tom Mabe. It was on YouTube but it's been pulled. :)

31st Aug 2010, 22:40

31st Aug 2010, 22:41
'll need to see your library card sir - bring it back within a fortnight.:)
YouTube - Greatest Prank Call Ever! TomMabe.com Murder Scene (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7OgWcwgB50)

1st Sep 2010, 02:11
That was it! Thank you so much for your trouble and good night from Marlboro, Vermont.